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New Maltipoo Momma Here! I have a few ??s

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by miss_chelle33, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. miss_chelle33

    miss_chelle33 New Member

    Hello all! I am new to this site and I have a new Maltipoo his name is Bentley and he will be 3 months old on Christmas eve :) He is amazing! However I had a few things I needed answered or at least help with :)

    1.) I cannot get him to walk-! omg he is a little stinker about this-he will not walk-i feel like I drag him along! :( I have tried treats but that barely does the trick...I dont know what else to try!

    2.) I have been worried cause he whines alll the time. He never stops! Hes very babied...however I am trying to break him of that! When I leave he cries-when I walk away from him he cries ect...I dont want him sad!

    3.) Also hes a little doggie dreamer- :lol: he cries, growls, and makes all sorts of puppy noises in his sleep...is this normal? :)

    4.) he pants a lot while he sleeps- does your pup do this? like he wakes up and gets resettled all the time and its pant pant pant-sleep-pant pant pant-sleep :) thats the best way I can explain it....does this happen to you?

    5.) He has picked up sit really well and really quick-however, hes just not getting anything else-like lay down-shake ect...and I`m teaching him the same way-so I am not sure what to do-hes smart tho bc I talk to him and he gets what i`m saying...I say go get your baby and he gets the right toy-his baby. I say go get your toy out of the bathroom and he gets it. so im not sure why hes not picking up the other stuff as well?

    Anyways thanks for the help! :)

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