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New Member

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by Kona-Blue, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. Kona-Blue

    Kona-Blue New Member

    Hey folks,
    Just registered. Just wanted to say hello to all. I am the proud father of a 2 1/2 yr. old Amstaff. He is by far the best dog I have ever owned. He is absolutely great with kids and with other dogs. My wife and I recently purchased a home with a built-in swimming pool and we can't keep him out of it. My boy loves to swim. Although, he sinks like a stone when he stops paddling due to the fact that he's a solid piece of muscle. He is actually too much on the mushy side (due to my wife babying him) I wish he would be a little more aggresive, but I'd rather have him this way than the other way around. Anyway, just wanted to say "Hi" to all.

    "Good owners raise good dogs!!"
  2. Kona-Blue

    Kona-Blue New Member

    Quick question.. How do I go about posting a picture of him in this thread ?
  3. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Why would you want your dog to be more aggressive? Babying them or not they'll be aggressive if thats how they are going to be, but I don't understand why you'd want an aggressive dog if yours wasn't.

    To post a picture you need to have the pics hosted some where. like picturetrail or photobucket, ect

    Once you've created an account and uploaded pics you press the IMG button thats unto the subject heading and you paste the url of where you pic is located then you press the bottom again. To get the URL where the pic is located you will need to right click on the pic choose properties copy the URL and then paste it between the tags.
  4. Kona-Blue

    Kona-Blue New Member

    Thanks for the info on posting pics. I'm not saying I wish he would maul people or other dogs. I meant just be more of a watch dog. When someone knocks at the door, it's all he can do to lift his head off the floor to see who's coming in. In general, do dogs become more territorial as they get older ?
  5. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    It's not in a pit bull's nature to be human agressive at all. It has been my experience that they will be agressive towards anyone who is trying to harm you, but not someone trying to break into your home. They may be territorial towards other dogs, but not humans. No offense, but if you wanted a watchdog, you should have gotten a Dobbie or Rottie or another watchdog breed. Had you read up on pitbulls, you'd know that they are not a good watchdog. In fact, they are all too easily stolen because they are so friendly towards humans, even strangers.
  6. Kona-Blue

    Kona-Blue New Member

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! And by the way I waited for over a year before I choose to purchase my dog. I read everybook there is out there. So I consider myself quite knowledgeable when it comes to the breed. I was mearly making a comment about his disposition.
  7. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    I didn't mean any offense, it's just not in their nature to be human aggressive. I'm surprised the books you read didn't outline their general disposition better. It's great that you read books and tried to learn all you could before purchasing an APBT. I'm sure you will continue to learn lots on the forum - I know I have.
  8. Kona-Blue

    Kona-Blue New Member

    Non taken. I knew about their disposition, that's why I installed an alarm system.. :D
  9. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    Good idea. I'll be honest, you should be thankful that he is so laid back. It seems that males are more laid back than females in general. One of my girls, she barks every time there is a noise that she can't see what is causing it (ie: knocking on the door, talking outside the door, when we lived in an apartment anytime the neighbors vacuumed). It gets really old. On the other hand, my only adult male is just like your boy. Yet, neither one of them care once the person (if the noise is knocking, for instance) is inside the door. So, neither of them is aggressive, but that female barks at almost everything.
  10. Kona-Blue

    Kona-Blue New Member

    Trust me kona barks.. We think he has OCD. If he walks into the dining room and the is a chair out of place or missing he goes nuts. It's really freaky. He knows where things are supposed to be. My family thinks we're crazy, but have recently experienced it first hand. We have a coffe table in the living room show to show them I moved it across the room. Kona came strolling in a took one look and went nuts.
  11. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    So true! My male is so overly friendly its not even funny. My females are friendly too, but don't act like excited nuts like he does when he meets people. They also bark if they hear a noise. My house pit will lay on my in bed if their is a noise, like a tree scratching the side of the house. Lays on me and growls and keeps her ears up. But she's really friendly and not aggressive to people at all. I was very surprised when my male protected me because he is so friendly. I know its their nature to protect you when needed, but its still a little startelling.
    Its not in their breed to be any type of guard dog and some can be decent watch dogs just because they bark even out of friendliness because people are scared of them. For the most part if they bark or if they even see you own a Pit Bull they won't mess with your home.

    He may become dog aggressive as he gets older, thats just a natural part of the breed. My male is my most serious dog, although he's my most friendly and the biggest baby on earth, he is very dangerous to other dogs.
  12. Killerbee2

    Killerbee2 New Member

    Thanks For The PIcture Info! 8) Does It Work?

  13. Suz

    Suz New Member

    Pit bulls for protection

    Hey, I keep laughing as I read various posts. This is much better than television! I am a woman, nearing 60, and my hubby of 37 years and I have had a plethora of animals of all sorts. My favorite, absolutely, are pit bulls. I have had them lie next to our newborns on a blanket on the floor, let the children's pet birds walk on them and peck their ears, and have children pile on them as thought they were pillows. They are actually very people and child friendly, and 'very long suffering'. Doesn't anyone remember the pit bull on Little Rascal's? Or that the Pit Bull was the mascot of WW II? I will say you should 'raise your pit up' with your babies and children, because if you don't they can be jealous..BUT so will all other breeds. I have found the smaller breeds have a nastier nature with children..my hubby calls them 'nasty little ankle biters' :? . My sweetie now is a 10 month old pit, who was abused until she was almost four months old. Took a little over a week to housebreak her but longer to stop her from urinating when someone (male) bent over to pet her. Praise God she is pretty much past that now. If someone comes to the door, or rings the bell she goes into her attack mode...and as soon as the door is open she is 'hiding behind mama or papa', still 'putting on her show'! We have five acres and I still do not turn her loose except very rarely. For her OWN safety as we live near a major highway. Would you let your child run loose??? When she gets better with her COME I may do so on occasion, IF I am out there right with her. As to dog temperments: My brother raised Rotties..I went to his home at 4 a.m. one morning and he had left the door unlocked. FIVE Rotties sleeping..a couple looked up and then relaxed. My brother came out of his room and I said 'I thought those were supposed to be attack dogs'? He said NOPE, I am the pack leader so I am here to protect THEM! I was rarely able to visit him, he usually came to see me, so the dogs didn't know me. In order to have at least some control over your dog, ANY dog, you have to be the 'pack leader'. SOMEONE has to be the pack and it better not be the human member of the bunch! Just in closing..a friend has pits..she named them Swatch, Timex, and Rolex...because they are WATCH dogs, not attack dogs :) . It breaks my heart that such smart, sensitive and loving creatures have such a bad reputation because of HUMANS!

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