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New Pics Of Bolo & Sasha

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by MandysPits16, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. MandysPits16

    MandysPits16 New Member

    Hi Everyone, Just thought i would post some new pictures of my babies for you guys to see.. :D
    Here we are sleeping on the couch lol
  2. Walt

    Walt New Member

    Great pics,

    But it looks like you guy's need a bigger couch :D
  3. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    Great looking dogs! I do have one question though, why is Bolo's tail docked? That is not common practice on APBTs and some say can have ill effects on their ballance. I'm not bashing you, or anything at all like that - just curious.
  4. MandysPits16

    MandysPits16 New Member

    well here is it, the story of Bolo's tail.
    My father and i studded out his male to an approved female.in which we had the pick of the litter....the guy gave us a call when they was about 4wks old to come and look at them. as soon as we got their all h#!! broke lose b/c they had docked the whole litters tails. the guy tried to apologized, but I didn't want to hear it nor did my father.he said that him and his friends was drunk the night they was born, and in an act of stupidness they done it to all the poor pup's. i was outraged, but i finally calmed down enough b/c this one pup had my eye no matter if he had a tail or not. so i stood there looking at the pup's and my eye's keep going back to the same pup, in which at that time i said OK i don't care about his tail , i want that pup,after looking him over [etc.etc.] then i tied the string around his neck so, so i would know which was which.here is why it didn't matter at that time.here he is at 6wks. :idea: i would not take or give anything for bolo now.tail or no tail lol
  5. jao_apbt

    jao_apbt New Member

    Great looking dogs, it's a shame about bolo's tail but what are you gonna do. He is beautiful none the less. And I really like sasha.

  6. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    OMG how beautiful are your dogs they look really sweet like the one asleep on the sofa i guess they are spoilt lol

  7. MandysPits16

    MandysPits16 New Member

    ohh hunny the are to darn spoild. thxs for all the sweet and kinda words from all of you. thxs. :eek:

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