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New Shorkie Puppies HELP PLEASE !

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by ReseMason, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. ReseMason

    ReseMason New Member

    i have 4 shorkie puppie left from the litter. the mother wont feed or care for the litter. i bought some puppy milk from walmart and began feeding every 2 hours then after a day we tryed to get the mother to feed and care for them , she began to chew her pup , i tryed everything to revive the pup and stop the bleeding but i couldnt save him. Yesterday i awaoke to find 1 of my puppies unresponsive after i nudged him a few times , i picked him up and rubbed his back only to find out he died in my hands and now another 1 of my pups are in trouble , he wont eat i thought i lost him lastnight, im sooooo scared i dont know what to do all i feel like doing is crying can someone please help me !!!!
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi sorry this is happening to you.
    Can i ask how old is the mother and is this her first litter?.
    How old are the pups?

    My advice is contact you vet and see about getting them tube fed new born pups will fade quickly if not fed and kept warm.
    Hand feeding yourself if you have never done it before can lead to serious problems or worse death.

    Ifyou know someone whose dog has give birth that could foster the pups for you until they are old enough to be weaned that would also help.

    She sounds like a very young bitch or a maiden and does not know what she is doing.
    Most bitches know what to do, but some are just not good at it and should never be bred from.
    Also the mother will usually ignore the litter if they are ill as she will sence something is wrong and she knows that there is no chance of saving them.
    Its a natural instinct, as in the wild a dog would either kill or abandon their litter if they were sick or injured, that way any predators around will not go after the mother.

  3. ReseMason

    ReseMason New Member

    Ok. First I want to thankyou mike.tryed almost Everything you sugested but it didnt work so I tryed vet and 1 of 6 ups lived we named her NyLee. I never want to go through that torment again , I hated myself for months because I couldnt save them all but I am happy at lease 1 survived and I am very greatfull for the help.thankyou very much
  4. jeffseele

    jeffseele New Member

    im sorry to know this things, you have to be aware next time. :roll:
  5. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    I am so sorry things did not work out, this is a risk with breeding sometimes mother nature does what she thinks is best even though it may be wrong.

    On a side note it was nice to hear 1 survived hope she is still doing well.

    Keep smiling and next time you will be more prepared for what could go wrong.

    Again i am sorry for the loss :cry:

  6. Isolate the pups if ever the mother has pups again. Some mothers are sometimes insensitive to their babies.

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