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Nothing like a little discrimination to make your day right

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by goob, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. goob

    goob New Member

    And if I didn't get a healthy dose today... I've heard most of the "dangerous pit bull" lines before, but today heard one I've never gotten before. I was watching my nephews (ages 8 and 10 yrs) tonight, and after they helped me exercise the other dogs in the yard, we decided to take advantage of the good weather and head up to the local elementary school to play with Haley. First we went off into the field and the kids played and wrestled around with her (she was on a long lead) a bit, then they said they wanted to go play on the playground, so over we went. There was a girl maybe in her early teens there with a boy about my nephews' age, along with a woman with a horde of kids, 4 or 5 of them, sitting towards the far end of the playground. I've had Haley at the playground before with other people there, and just keep her close to me, no problems ever, and most people are relatively friendly towards her or at least neutral. I reeled her in as we approached the playground, and sat on one end, where we wouldn't interfere with anyone else, and where we could avoid a small fursnack min-pin that was barking and growling through the fence of the basketball court everytime someone passed by. The woman stood up and called her children over, but given that I do that frequently when I take kids up there, I didn't think much of it. By then, my nephews (little savages that they are :lol:) had moved to another section of the playground, and I couldn't see them from where I was, so I got up and moved to a bench set between two of the areas, but far enough from each that we wouldn't be in the way still, and Haley plopped down at my feet, tired from the romp in the field.

    I'd been sitting there for maybe 5 minutes, Haley still sprawled across my feet, when the woman called across, "Miss, I'm concerned about that dog being around these children". I wasn't sure at first what she meant, so called back, "Ma'am, this dog is friendly, and I have her on a leash anyway", to which she responded, "That dog is a pit bull". Talk about stunned.... I didn't even know what to say right then. I managed to gather my witts about me and answered back, "A dog of any breed can be aggressive, this dog is friendly, and not bothering anyone". She then said, "well, I don't think it should be around children". As politely as possible (and at that point, I was still too shocked to even be angry or upset by her comments), I replied back that I was there with children that I was watching, and would not make them leave just because she didn't approve of my dog. She then called her kids back over and told them loudly to stay away from "that pit bull", at which point they of course all wanted to gawk at the spectacle, one telling her, "I won't go close, I just want to see it".

    We stayed around for another 40 minutes or so, as my two charges ran all around (tiring themselves out and making my job easier :mrgreen: ). The woman gathered up her kids about 20 minutes after we got there and walked them to a house bordering the field.... just what I want to worry about everytime I walk one of the dogs up there.

    The ironic part of the whole situation was that as she was carrying on about MY pit bull (who was too tired to do much of anything at the moment, nevermind such a task as eating children :wink: ), the min pin was carrying on at the fence not 15 ft behind her everytime someone came within 10 ft of him. Not to mention that Haley, in true bully nature, was wagging her tail all around when the woman walked past (giving a wide berth, of course), completely oblivious to the woman's not so nice opinion of her.

    On a better note, yesterday we brought Hale along to pick up my nephews at their school, and I walked her up to the buidling to meet them. She spent much of our wait mobbed by children who had to see the 3 legged dog and were captivated by her personality, and a few adults as well, we actually had to shoo some people away to get back to the car
  2. Walt

    Walt New Member

    WOW Goob,

    You certainly handled that allot better then I would have...Good for you!

    I guess I’m pretty lucky to have an actual dog park to go to. We get the occasional snobbish look every now and then but that’s all.
    Of course these are dog people and most are regulars. But I think most dog people no that aggression is not breed specific. Once they see my boys running & playing with the other dogs they usual chill out.

    But you handled your situation well; I most likely would have had some choice words for that uninformed snob you ran into.
  3. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    Tell me about it. I was at my dad's visiting yesterday and his buddy came over with his little yappy dog. I think its soem kind of poodle and my dad has a chiuaua (sp?) anyways, it was too weird, they are both sitting there like old hens trying to show up each others dogs with tricks. It was kinda funny actually. Then my dad (who likes Harley) made a comment like look at us with our 4 lb. dogs, while my daughter has this huge dog (she wasn't with me). His buddy asked me what kind of dog I had,and I told him. He then proceeded to go on and on about Pit Bulls and turning on thier owner. Blah, Blah, and how he
    "knew a guy a guy who had a Pit Bull for 15 years and never abused it and they were the best of friends and one day the dog turned on him and almost took off his whole face."
    Oh, okay buddy. Then I tried to explain to him the dog could've been in pain and reacted, the owner may have triggered the dog...but he said, it doesn't matter, if my dog were to bite me, I would survive, if a Pit Bull did I would not. I just laughed, (True_pits, I thought maybe he was Dragon for a sec.) Anyways, when I told him that Harley doesn't bite, she doesn't nip, in fact no mouthplay is ever allowed, he didn't believe me and told me it was impossible! I said just because you can't control your 4 lb. dog and I can control my 50lb. dog doesn't mean its impossible. Anyways, I got fed upwith the conversation and went home.
    God visiting them is like going out with the Griswalds, they all have some nuts loose. ;)
  4. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    LOL If not they would make good friends.

    Is your dad the one who wanted to start breeding Chis with hig girlfriend?
  5. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    ya, with his wife. Geez, I got so much info and am presenting it to them. They're not going to do it for like 5 or 6 years, but still, they are not going to be prepared. Anyone who wants to breed dogs to make an extra buck is not doing it for the right reason, at least my dad isn't . I am not sure how much those dogs go for, but he's convinced he can sell them for $1200 each with papers. I don't know. Small dogs freak me out esp. chi's. They look like hairy rats. ;)
  6. fawnbrindle

    fawnbrindle New Member

    I too am not a big fan of the smaller breeds especially Chihuahuas. My Mother had a Chihuahua and that M.F. was as mean and aggressive as any "killer" Pit Bull I've ever heard about.

    As far as the original topic, I was bombarded in the beauty salon last week with nasty commentary about why on earth I would ever want to own a PIT BULL. It kills me how people can be so flip when they're simply broadcasting their ignorance. One woman said "Oh God I don't like Pit Bulls!" I said "That's fine, my dog doesn't like you either". All this bullshit already and I don't even have my puppy home yet.
  7. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    When you have any kind of a Bull Terrior, you have to have really "thick skin" because I find that all kinds of people who go on nothing but what they've read in the papers and heard on T.V.,that our dogs are nothing more than a product from "Hell." They are misinformed and maybe they should do some research before they pass judgement. The best thing we can do is let our dogs be "Ambassadors" to all the P.B.T. out there, who need to be recognized as good pets and not dogs who "eat people"!
  8. Shady_Babygurl

    Shady_Babygurl New Member

    The line that made me pop off once was when someone said "You have Pit bulls and 3 kids! I cant believe you trust that breed with SMALL children" ha ha I popped back lol If you knew my dogs and children then you would say I cant believe you trust your Children with your Pit Bulls" lolol I continued to tell them my children were more dangerous than any Pit Bull could be. lolol Can you trust other breeds NOT to bite a nagging, pulling ears, biting, 3 yr old rugrat? lolol I dout it but Foolish KNOWS to be easy when playing with the kids. He KNOWS he has to be super gentle with the 3 yr old and fast to escape the 5 yr old and patient when the 8 yr old pretends to be a vet and prod him lolol

    BTW I have a 1 lb Chihuahua. He is pretty quiet, unlike most yappy ones Ive seen. He is fine with people but men tend to want to POKE him when I take him in public. The only time he has bite at someone was my father who pointed his finger at him very close to his head and asked if he was real lolol Jack freaked out with all the peple previously POKING him and latched onto my fathers finger in which my dad replied WHILE he was still holding on "I guess he it" lolol He doesnt bring blood and he cant even eat a vienna weeny his teeth are SO small so I dont see him as a threat.

    If I was 1 lb and everyone around me was 100 lbs or more and poking at me Id bite them too lolol Other than that he is GREAT with my 3 small children, playing and chasing them. He loves running them into the kitchen where he stopped where the carpet ends and the linolium (SP) begins. He will chase them there and bark and then he freaks out on slick floors so he wont go in there. It is cute to watch them TRY to sneak through the living room with him CHASING them back into the kitchen lol...Foolish isnt allowed to play with Jack because Foolish has toys and bones bigger than him. Luna, my VERY LARGE 2 month old Husky does but supervised of course. They are buddies and play gentle with each other. If Luna gets too rough she gets a chocolate ear ring named Jack lolol which doesnt bother her. lolol


    PS I think I need a sign that says "Dont mind the Pit Bulls, Beware of Kids!"
  9. goob

    goob New Member

    This is true, and normally comments about the dogs don't bother me much, but for that woman to have been sitting there as Haley played out in the field with my nephews, and to have sat there after we got to the playground and watched her wagging her tail (hey, she may have been too wiped out to get up and play with them, but she wasn't going to let them go ungreeted :wink: ) everytime a kid passed within 20 feet of her, then to make comments like that was just beyond words for me. Usually people at least realize that Haley is a friendly beastie, and though they may have reservations about the breed itself (which I do try to put to rest by explaining to them that the majority of pit bulls are like Haley, not what they hear about on the news), they acknowledge that SHE is not a threat to anyone. You're absolutely right about the dogs speaking for themselves and being the best myth killer there is, it's harder for people to deny the truth when they're staring it in the face.
  10. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    you will get used to the comments in time, and mostly come to expect them from people. I have an Amstaff and I never tell people what she is. The funny thing is, most people that HATE Pit Bulls, don't even know what one LOOKS like. They have just heard so much media hype. When people see Harley they always tell me how beautiful she is and how great she is with people. Then when they ask what breed she is and I tell them, they don't even know. I will sometimes say its a Pit breed. Some are really surprised that they have lived through the experience of petting me PET BULL and feel silly for believing all the hype, while others recoil in horror and chastise me for putting their lives in danger. :shock: OMG Killer Pit, she'll lick you to death before she'll bite you.

    Good luck with your new edition. WE want pics!
  11. NCwickedone

    NCwickedone New Member

    Isn't it just irritating?????? When Memphis first arrived, I was the most excited person in the world - my co-worker (& my friend, I thought) started first and to this day refuses to look at pictures or allow me to "brag".... My boss saw Memphis' picture on my desktop and said "Isn't that a pit bull?" to which I immediately replied - "Yes it is and he is my pride and joy and I thank you for not saying anything negative about him" - but oh no, he had to go on about how terrible they are and how they should be outlawed - well I was quick to inform him that I thought many "humans" needed to be outlawed as well ......... I wonder if he got the idea that I was referring to him???????? so, I don't discuss it at work and when my co-worker starts in about her 2 year old nephew - I get up and walk away - fair is fair - and so far, Memphis has acted better than any 2 year old I've ever had the pleasure of being around...... I've decided that they will be the ones that suffer in the end for not having the pleasure of meeting him..... sucks to be them!!!!
  12. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    Good for you. Its always hard when people criticize your dog, ESPECIALLY when they have never met the dog before.
    Their loss.
  13. daddyfs

    daddyfs New Member

    i jus turn away now.. people come up to my pup and pet him.. but when they find out what he is, they want to say somethin slick.. i jus walk away.. jus sick of it
  14. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    Nice to see you. Haven't seen any posts from you in a while. Hows the pups doin'? Got any pics?

    I love pictures!!
  15. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    When I took Sammy to the vet last year, there was an older woman just loving all over him. Petting him, scratching his back, talking 'baby talk' to him, etc. Then she asked me what kind of dog he is. When I told her he's a pit bull, she didn't get rude or anything, but I found it amusing when she replied "But he's so nice!" I just thought that was too funny. She'd obviously heard too many media stories. But she was open-minded enough to realize that he was no danger to anyone, and she actually listened when I told her that every pit I've been around was just as friendly as him. I've been pretty fortunate to not have to deal with too much negativity about my pits. Unfortunately, the only discrimination I really ever get is from my own family. My grandmother is constantly telling me that they could turn on us, and about pack behavior, etc. We finally agreed to disagree. She's not going to change her opinion, and I'm not going to change mine. When I do have people make comments about the breed, I first try to educate them. If they aren't open to what I'm saying, then I just give up. No sense in arguing with someone who has their mind made up.
  16. Meg04

    Meg04 New Member

    Goob - Im sorry this happened to you and I can totally relate to this situation. Zoe is a pit/mix and I get all the weird looks and comments. Two days after I adopted her from the sheltor I took her to the vet to get checked out and I could see the looks. One lady pulled her little dog on her lap when I sat beside her. It was great because right after that a little girl about 8 or 9 came out and started petting her. Turns out she was the VETS daughter and she owns a Pit/lab mix. I was so glad that snobby lady was sitting close enough to hear that. :)
  17. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    I took Reese awhile back to the Vet. I'm sitting in the waiting room and this (Just Guessing) 80 yr old woman came out of the exam area with this little dog in a cart. She looked at Reese, grabbed her chest and said :OH MY GOD! IS THAT A PIT BULL!?!? I thought she was going to have a heart attack or something. I said, "YES". Then she proceed to tell me that as a little girl she had a Pit Bull that looked just like Reese. She said her dog was her and her sister's best friend and that he had almost the same "Tiger Stripes" look her dog use to have. Then she asked, if she could pet him?" And I said sure, he loves attention. So she petted him on his head and scratched his ears. Reese really ate up all the attention. Then she looked at me and said "Thank You For Letting Me Pet Him." And it look like she had tears in her eyes. She said"Pit Bulls get such bad attention." I will never forget that. Sometimes when you expect to get a negative reaction, a really pleasent one comes along.
  18. daddyfs

    daddyfs New Member

    i havent been able to post as much, because i got a new base that actually makes me work.. when i get a chance i will post a picture of my pup.. he is beautiful
  19. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    Just another discrimination observation. Today my Husband went to give an estimate for a couple who wanted some wrought iron work done. Well, they had two of the cutest Springer Spaniels puppies. He was really making a fuss over them. Then the lady asked if he had any dogs. He said we had two Pit Bulls. So then he whips out his pictures like any proud parent would do. When he turn to show them they both had this constipated look of their faces. The lady says, "Well, I heard if you get them as puppies, they just MIGHT be all right. Then my Husband says,"I guess that goes for Springer Spaniels and most dogs." Anyway, we didn't pick up the job. Oh Well!!
  20. k9resq

    k9resq New Member

    This is exactly the types of things that I'm going through. Hearing your stories tells me I've got a long way to go! I guess the "thick skin" advice I'll take to heart. I'ts hard!! I feel like a new mother who shows her babies picture only to see wrinkled up noses and hear mumbled comments behind her back. I love having this sight where I can come and everyone thinks at least closely to the way I do, and I can show off my babies and hear how sweet they are!!

    I've posted new pics -just click my www tab and be amazed at their beauty!! (yeah, I'm a proud mom!!) Picsey is our new APBT

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