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Orange Stool - HELP!

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by ACNowell, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. ACNowell

    ACNowell New Member


    I have a unaltered Male cat named Lasair. He is Red Point Siamese and is about 1-2 years old [not 100% sure].
    I got him as a stray found by a lady who knew there was more to him. He was obviously a house pet by his
    temperament and how adoring he is to everyone. I never found his owners.

    He has a problem, Since I have had him he has always pooped a VERY foul smelling orange poop. Its consistency
    changes from rather soft to a cow patty. I have owned cats my whole life and have NEVER seen this before. At
    first I thought maybe it was just his food, but even with gradual changes to food, anywhere from expensive to
    cheap NOTHING has changed. I have always fed my cats 'Purina Cat Chow : Indoor Formula' and never had ANY
    problems until I got Lasair.

    After trying different foods I thought maybe it was just stress from moving a few times since I got him, once
    to my home, then down the street to our new apartment then all the way across the U.S. to were we live now.
    It has been a few months and he is still the same; very happy, loving, loves to play with my other cat, wants to
    play outside, but rather play inside with his toys, BUT still pooping orange.

    I've had to hold off taking him to the vet due to moving, and the expensive of the move, along with working
    odd hours that have me sleeping during the day.

    I asked a few different people at pet stores and they all suggested that i put Pumpkin into his diet, I did so, and
    even added more soft cat food to his diet, but he doesn't like it. Hes not picky by any means, sticks his noes up
    to human food yet, but will eat ANY kind of cat food you put in front of him, soft or hard. I'm not sure what to

    He has GAINED weight since I got him, he was only about 6 lbs about 5 months ago and now is a healthy 9lbs,
    BUT his stomach is constantly 'tough' Not sure if hes also constipated. Note: He drinks PLENTY of water. I use a dog
    bowl for my cat's food, and another for water. I have to fill the water about every 2-4 days. He also drinks out of
    the dog's water bowl and sometimes out of the sink when I run if for my female cat who likes to play in it.

    These are the foods I've tried with him :

    Simply Nourish : Salmon & Seafood Blend ***Current Food***
    Alley Cat : [Not sure the type]
    Purina Cat Chow : Indoor Formula
    Friskies : Surf N' Turf
    Purina One : SmartBlend Salmon & Tuna
    Simply Nourish : Soft Food [Had Pumpkin in it]

    I'm kind of at my wits end and very worried, I don't want to fork up a vet bill if I can possibly fix this with
    a different type of food, or by limiting his diet, or something. I've been thinking about slowly cutting off
    food to specific feeding times twice daily, but my work schedule is very wonky. I'm not sure what to do
    and i hope someone can give me some advice...

    If all your going to say is take him to the vet, please don't respond, I only want to hear suggestions about what
    I should do to AVOID a vet visit.
  2. Amber60

    Amber60 New Member

    My cat had gravy like stools I used BM Tone-up for cats from pet wellbeing and her stools are better now. I had took her to vet nothing they gave her helped. There are 118 comments on this product and all good. Also they have a vet on call there you can ask questions to for free. Just go to Petwellbeing.com and type in their search engine the name of the product. And be sure to check out the comments to see what you think. I spent $41.00 for it. My cat weights only 6 pounds and all I gave her was 3 drops 2 times daily, that is cause she is 17 years old and her diarrhea. You can also put your cats weight in and they will tell you how much to give, and will tell you how long it will last you. 5 drops=.25 ml. It comes in a bottle and it is 2 fluid oz. Hope this helps...

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