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Our Boxer & BYBs

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by True_Pits, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Most of the board members know my Boxer died not too long ago. The link is here http://www.auspet.com/ubb/Forum7/HTML/000788.html
    What this post if really about is BYBs, they don't realize at all what they are doing is harmful to the well being of the breed, even those not greedy and breeding for money they are still hurting with their pups that they breed as pets. Many of us have probably owned a dog from a BYB either by buying it, having it given to us or even through rescuing. Many people, even when they know the breeder is wrong can't resist the pup, they don't know where it will end up and don't want to leave it. My girl was only $75 the last of the litter(they kept a female pup), I didn't know what would happen, where she would have gone, how despate they would get, lower the price until whoever with whatever $$ would take her? She seemed like a normal healthy pup at first, she was so great. Around 1.5-2yrs was a big turning point and from then on down hill most of the way. She was 6 when she died. BYB claim to have healthy pups and such great pets, good temperaments, ect. When asked about genetic probs they claim to have only the most healthy dogs that always go to the vet. My dog had a number of health problems she had severe allergies as a minor(is that not a genetic problem?), skin tumors, and was starting to get cateracts! She had temperament problems, she was nervous, had anxiety, clastrophobic, ect. Guess her sis was a very nervy dog too. Ran into the breeder just a few days ago. Her sis is also now dead. I think I may have mentioned about the breeders plan for the sister. The breeder bought a white male to breed to her. The white male had severe breathing problems, servere seperation anxiety, very dense and possibly deaf in one ear. She tried to breed him but it didn't take she said he couldn't breed, thought he might be sterile(well hmmm should he be bred?). She sold him. She then tried to breed the female to another white male which didnt take. I was beginning to think maybe she was actually the sterile one and this was yet another problem the pups had. Then I lost contact with her basically. Well it turns out she sold the female or gave it away. She was bred and had a litter of 9 pups, but layed on 1/2 of them being nervous like my dog she would have never make a good mother and neither did her sister no surprise. Well then she got an infection (form having the pups) and DIED! I couldn't believe it, but then no surprise. she said it was so hard for them and they really liked her, but really they were just as uneducated and uncaring when breeding her as any other BYB. She was far from breed quality, not a good mom, and died from having those pups after killing 1/2 of them.
    This is what BYBs do, even well meaning ones who think since they love their pets so much they should be allowed to breed. Who think they can make a quick buck. Who think they are doing everything right and have good dogs. Its heart breaking to have lost my dog, even as much trouble as she was I still loved her and she was a good dog just special needs and not something MOST owners would put up with. We know that most owners themselves may mean well and have full intentions of taking care of their dogs, but when it becomes a big issue and such a burdon they dump the dogs off, give them away to whoever, sell them to the 1st person with cash or take them to a shelter. In a responsible breeding situation this would never happen. The breeder makes sure the owner is deticated and breeding quality pups with only the normal problems (potty training, chewing, ect), if they had a pup with special needs they'd take it bad and replace it or provide you with help. If you had a good quality pup it doesn't mean circumstances don't change and you need to rehome it, but a good breeder is always there to take the animal back! This applies to all breeds of dogs, but is a big issue with the American Pit Bull Terrier, it seems this breed has been under so much attack and is so overpopulated. It is being bred completly away from what its meant to be, causing genetic health problems and temperament problems. It is so saddening to see what this breed has been turned into, why it is being bred and the horrible people owning Pit Bulls. mistreating and abusing them, using them for guard purposes, breeding them to make money, some even having a puppy mill set up. The only way to help stop this is to educate all those interested in the breed, either owning or thinking they should attempt breeding themselves. Educating those who don't know the truth about Pit Bulls and letting everyone see what great dogs Pit Bulls really are and also what great responsibility they require.
  2. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    I feel so bad for the loss of your girl. I feel the same about B.Y.B. When they subject their dogs to multiple breedings so the can get a few $$$, not only do they not consider the pups they're allowing to be born, but the generations of pups that will be born from the pups. My Grace came from a B.Y.B. The Vet said she was healthy now, but like you, I wonder what she will be like a year or two or three from now. I feel blessed to have Grace for however long I have her. Hope it's a long long time. Grace has been spayed, so there will be no more pups coming from her. I just hope the people who took the rest of the litter does the same. Nice thought anyway. HAPPY EASTER!!!
  3. Shady_Babygurl

    Shady_Babygurl New Member

    I feel for you True_Pits. I have lost 2 animals recently one was a stray I had found and had advanced Feline Aids (Immune Defeicancy Virus) and had already developed MAJOR problems depleating the quality of life. I found him one week and had to put him down the next. The other of course is Molly the AKC Staff that I purchased as a show dog from a reputable breeder that was not the breeder but sold me her. Her litter did not have the Demo and I wasnt notified of any other problems in the litter but Molly had such severe Demo in the last stages, that I could NOT let her suffer anymore. I went though EVERY option of treating her and it KILLED me to put her down.

    I just with when people try to educate the public about breedings etc they use alittle common decency and manners. I see so often people asking questions about breeding etc with people SNAPPING at them, degrading them for NOT KNOWING, and just being right out RUDE! I had planned on showing and breeding one day. I was clueless at first as well. Some people were nice, some werent but the ones that changed my mind about breeding etc were the ones who answered my questions and helped me along the right path. I know do all breed rescue as I have for a few years now but I am DEDICATED to saving, not producing. What people dont understand though is when you are MEAN to people sometimes they STILL breed out of spite. You can change a persons motives if you give them the chance to decide instead of FORCING them to see things your way.

  4. goob

    goob New Member

    Good post true_pits, it's nice that you're willing to share the story of your girl to help other people understand the problems that can arise with poorly bred dogs, even though it must be hard for you having lost her so recently. And yes, allergies are in many cases a genetic problem, just like in people.

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