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Paper Training? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by Prncess, May 7, 2004.

  1. Prncess

    Prncess New Member

    I am trying to Paper Train my baby pom in a Litter box, It works in the mornings and i know she knows where to go but i am home the entire day but she doesn't go in the right spot she continuously goes on the carpet. I tried everything,
    i tried taking her to the spot where she is supposed to go right after she does it on the carpet to show her then letting her go play.

    I also tried being mean to her and showing her poop on the floor and saying "No". and then taking her to the litter box to tell her to poop there and then letting her go play.

    I also tried being mean to her and showing her poop and saying "No" and spanking herbut this time i take her to the litter box and then i take confine her to an area with no toys so that she knows she only gets freedom if she poops in the right spot recommended by someone.
    it seems hopeless =( what am i to do?

    My friend has a dog also and he is already potty trained, and we got them at the same time. Although she takes him outside to eliminate.
    help me someone??? is it just poms??? or all dogs? and how long do i have to do this for? and which method is the best? HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  2. deb2950

    deb2950 New Member

  3. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    Hitting the dog is not a good idea .please read on how to litter train your pet or paper train . :(
    Since your puppy is already sick ,hitting is just another pain it is having and not the right way t go about it .Positive reinforment as 'good girl ' with treats if good or a stern no and put on paper .you can actually cause your puppy to been more ill and not like you very much .All dogs are different when it comes to potty training .Some easier than others ,hitting will not help that baby nor you in that endevor .Deb put some good sites on .Please read them .
  4. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    I do not have hands on experience with this, so my advice is strictly based on what I have read in books...

    Hitting will not help the problem, in fact, it may make things worse. You should correct your puppy ONLY if you catch her in the act ~ she will NOT understand what you are doing if you try to "explain" her wrongdoings after she has already done it.

    If you are home during the day with her (or whenever you are home with her), you should keep a very close watch on her... as soon as you catch her starting to go, pick her up and bring her to the place that she is supposed to go and let her finish.. praise her after she's done.

    She'll catch on, but again, it's SO important to catch her while she's doing it.. as that is the BEST time to correct her.

    Good luck! :)
  5. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    I completely agree with what everyone has said!!! :y_the_best:

    And Christine~

    WOW...you sound like a pro speaking, I'm impressed!!!

    Great Job explaining, I can tell that you have been doing your homework! (All you need now are Emma & Molly) :-k
  6. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    Why thank you MyBaby!! I'm certainly trying to learn all I can.. you've had your fair share in giving me great advice that's for sure! 3 weeks from today my girls come home :eek:

    Prncess ~ I meant to add in my previous post that I hope you'll keep us posted on her progress :wink:
  7. Prncess

    Prncess New Member

    i wouldn't have hit her but, i read on the web that it was a last resort. =( i am really sad everytime i do, but all the postive reinforcement is not working =( i don't know what to do anymore.
  8. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    Wow, I am really curious as to what web site promoted hitting a dog as a last resort! :shock:

    In my opinion, positive reinforcement will work eventually, while negative reinforcement will probably cause your puppy to be afraid of you or become aggressive. Also, remember that all puppies are different. Some may catch on quickly, others more slowly.. but, keep at it and she will get it eventually! I knows there's a member who paper trained and I believe it went very well for her.. it's early, so I can't remember exactly who posted it but if you go back a few pages of posts (I think it's titled "housebreaking") you'll find it :D

    Can I ask how old your Pom is?
  9. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    :shock: I was thinking the same thing poogirl .I have never seen or heard of a site that promotes hitting as any resort ,first or last .

    Hitting only makes it worse for the puppy /dog .
    Sorry ,butI have no pity for anyone that hits a dog ,will not play that game .Makes no sense and we have already explained the right ways ,that you have to have patience ,that no two are alike in how training goes .you need to take a puppy class and take your dog to the vet so it can get better and go to a training class .Last we heard it was 'hacking itsself to death '. Deb gave some good sites ,read them and then have the patience to put it to work .A puppy /dog only learns as the owner has the time ,effort and patience to teach .If she /he is not learning ,then 'teach with more renewed determination and patience and love ' Don't hit .
    Sorry but I can't say what I want to say here .I am off this subject .
  10. Prncess

    Prncess New Member

    alright...okay, it's not like i am an abusive person or anything...i'm just looking for advice and i stopped being mean to my baby from the very first post and of course i will continue to be patient and of course love my baby.

    My pom is 3 months old, i would love to show you a picture but i don't know how to put it up on here. about the coughing, my friends say it's a hair ball? Do dogs have hairballs? Neways, thank you so much for everyones post and care!
  11. lingling

    lingling New Member

    i am glad to hear you stop hitting your dog. your pom is probally confused on where he/she should potty. you have to remember dog do not think like humans so it is hard for them to understand. that is why you have to be patient and train them. my puppy is about 12 weeks old and she is doing really well on the housebreaking. she still makes mistakes but only if i am not watching her. so you have to keep your eyes on him/her.
    as soon as you see her sniffing hit for the litter box. Any kind of sniffing just take her there and say POTTY. there will be times when she does not go but when she does praise her by saying "good girl potty"repeatly also praise her when she is doing it. eventually she will get the idea.
    if you catch her in during a mistake just pick her up and take her to the litter box as fast as you can so that she can finshed and than continue to praise her. if you catch her after than just clean it up.

    also what do you clean the stain with? you should use a cleaner meant to clean dog stain so that he/ she does not repeat in the same spot. i used nature miracles, it works wonders not only does it take the stain off but it also take away the scent.

    why don't you try the training pad way? that is the method i use and it works really well with my pup. your pup might not like the litter box. what i do is when she pee on the pad i just leave the pee stain there on the pad so that when she comes back she can smell the scent and it teaches my puppy that she can potty there. my puppy did not like that scent spray so i figure that if she can smell her own scent than it will teach her to pee on the pad and it works. i change the pad after her 2nd use and when i put out the new pad i would press the new pad on some of her old pee water so than the new pad would have some stain on it so she can smell it. it really works for me. sometimes she even go potty all by herself.

    by the way do not let your pup run freely in your house unless you can keep your eye on her at all times. if you can't put her on a leash and collar and let her hang out with you where ever you go in the house so that you can keep an eye on her. like if i was in the kitchen i would let her hang out with me in the kitchen with the leash on so that she stay and play with her toys right beside me and not run off in the house on her own. if you do not want to use a leash than use baby gates to block her from running off. just do this until your pup get the housebreaking down. it takes a puppy about 4 to 5 months to finally learn how to housebreak.

    potty training can be frusterating but you can train her :D Try it and see if my method work for you. i sure think it will.


  12. Kristine

    Kristine New Member

    I litter trained my shih tzu mix in few days. What I did was put the litter box in the kitchen (where it was to stay for good) and block off the kitchen. I also had a crate in the kitchen. I first taught the pup to jump into the litter box. Every time he would jump in I would praise and give treats. Then I watched him nonstop--I didnt take my eyes off him. If I needed to even go out to get the mail (5 minutes) I put him in his crate. i did not crate more than 2-3 hour.

    I continuously called him over to jump in his box. When he peed in it--as he eventually did given how many times i called him into it--i praised like crazy. Also as he was peeing i would say go potty. now he knows that command and will pee when i say go potty.

    After about 2 days of the continuous watching, he went to his box on his own--I praised like crazy. I still watched him closely for a few more days--calling him over to his box about every 15 minutes or so and saying go potty. After about a week he was pretty much accident free--so long as he was in the kitchen.

    If you use a crate and your pup is good about not messing in her crate, one way to get your pup to pee in the box is to call her over after she has been crated--she will probably have to go and you can start the go potty (or whatever you choose) and the praise.

    After about a month, i expanded my pups space. He is now free in the kitchen living and dining--but the rest of the house is blocked off. Once his space was expaded--he did have a few accidents and I made sure to call him to his box and remind him where it was.

    You can scold your pup if she has an accident but only if you catch her doing it--i used a firm eh eh.

    I had a bit of a headstart as the woman i got my pup from had started the paper training.

    Since you are home all day--try devoting the entire next week to this--and i mean the ENTIRE week--every minute you have--and when you cant devote you ENTIRE attention to the pup--crate her ( but not too long so that she messes in the crate) It worked for me.

    My pup now prefers to poop outside--which is fine with me--but I still have the box as backup.
  13. Jennifer

    Jennifer New Member

    I'm not going to say anything about the hitting of the dog.. seems like everyone else got that point across quite plainly. I cannot imagine ANY dog loving website advocating hitting/spanking a dog for ANY reason. I'd like to have the link to that site.

    When I first got Baja.. I bought a book "HOW TO HOUSE BREAK YOU DOG IN 7 DAYS" by Shirlee Kalstone. This book is my bible.. as it literally worked in 7 days!

    My first question.. is that at 12 weeks ( 3 months ) why are you paper training?? Will this dog ALWAYS AND FOREVER potty on paper/training pads? If not... I highly encourage you to start taking the dog outside ( carry plastic baggies in your pocket for hard waste removal)

    In this book, Shirlee gives some basic rules for house training:

    1. Dogs are easy to train because they are pack animals with strong instincts to follow the leader. Learn (by watching) to understand you dogs inherited behavioral instincts and work with, not against, them.

    2. don't expect to completely house break or paper train a puppy under 14 weeks of age. They do not have full muscle control until that age (usually... Baja was 4 weeks old when we got him.. and we did it at THAT young.. still bottle feeding.. persistance and patience is the key)

    3. Decide which form of training, housebreaking or paper training. Once the decision is made.. consistency from the whole family will expedite the training program and make your dog a better adjusted pet.

    4. Feed you dog a nutritious diet on a consistent schedule and he will eliminate on a consistent schedule. * Nutritious does NOT mean Purina Puppy Chow or other widely available commercial foods available at WalMart or your grocery store... if you want more info on this let me know.. I've been researching dog food for the past month *

    5. Do not feed doggie treats or table scraps between meals during the training period. Ideally.. dogs should not get table scraps (My opinion)

    6. Until your dog is housebroken or paper trained, the best way to teach him control of his body functions is to create a "den" and confine him to it until it's time to go outside or to have a free period. Supervise your puppy at all times when he is out of his "den". (* I used a crate.. it's perfect! )

    7. Select one corner of a room (for paper training) or a location out doors (for housebreaking) as his toilet area. Use this single location consistently.

    8. Take your dog to his toilet area first thing every morning, after every meal or drink of water, after naps, after play periods or excitement and beofre bedtime.

    9. In between, stay alert for signs such as whining, acting restless, sniffing the floor or going around in circles. As soon as you see him doing these things, rush him/her to his toilet area.

    10. Praise your dog LAVISHLY every time he relieves himself .. in the correct spot.

    11. Use praise, not food as a reward.

    12. Clean up promptly after your dog.

    13. Never physically punish your dog for his mistakes. The words "NO" or "BAD DOG" are the only corrections you need. ( short, to the point, used sharply when caught in the act of a boo-boo)

    14. Always keep your dog clean and well groomed.

    15 Follow a super strict timetable. The more vigilant you are in the beginning, the more successful the training.

    If your dog isn't completely house broken or paper trained at the end of the 7 day period, the major part of your work still will have been completed. Stick to the schedule a little longer.(.... it WILL work!) You'll be rewarded with a a happy, obedient and trust worthy animal.

    Good luck... and thank you for not hitting your dog anymore... and your dog thanks you.

  14. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    I used training pads with Rocky and then gradually moved him outside. Now he goes outside all of the time and only uses them when it rains or when there's lots of snow outside.

    If the scent is still in the carpet then chances are he'll go in the same spot again.

    I would get him on a schedule. At certain times pick him up and take him over to the litter. When it's time for Rocky to go out I put him in the backyard and say "GO, the I reward him for going. This way he'll learn that he's supposed to use the litter and not your carpet.
  15. cosmicpixie

    cosmicpixie New Member

    Okay this may be a repeat of what a lot of people are saying but i'm hoping it will help.
    Of course we all know its not okay to hit your dog (a point that has been brought up by many) But the reason why you don't spank your dog is because they are "in the moment" creatures. They don't have the memory capacities to know that the pile of poo is thier poo for all their minds know you but it there. So you must catch them in the moment. If you see her going potty interrupt her by saying Hey or something that catches their attention. Yelling will only scare them and make them afraid of you and they will hide when they have to eliminate. The moment you see her do it pick her up and take her to where you want them to elimnate that may be outside or a litterbox.
    If you are in the house tether the dog to you. Slip the leash through your belt loop (you make a knot using the handle of the leash by slipping it through your belt loop then slipping the remainder through the handle) so he is always a leash length away from you. That way you will be able to catch her in the act and be able to rush her to where you want her to go potty.
    If you cannot have her with you and be able to supervise her (you in the living room and the pup in the kitchen is not supervision) then put her in a crate or a puppy safe room. I'm sure you're already familiar with crates, but a puppy safe room is a room that has been puppy proofed and is easy to clean. For example a kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom.
    When your little one does have accidents it is important to clean them up. Try to make sure she doesn't see you do it, this will only make her think that its okay and that Mom will just clean it up. Its also important with what you're cleaning it with. Use an enzymatic cleaning (Like Petzyme or Nature's Miracle) this will get rid of the urine smell. Most cleaners will just cover it up and your pup can still smell it. Also take solid waste and stick it in your litterbox. This way it will smell like elimnation.
    Another thing to remember is that you're little one is only 3 months old and a rule of thumb to remember is that for every month your pup is that's how long they can hold it. So you're pup can only hold it for 2-3 hours and maybe less. You will need to either take her out or put her in her litter box every 30-20 minutes after she eat and drinks or after her energy level changes (i.e. waking up or before playing)
    Be consistent. It'll work! It might take some time... but you can do it!!! Praise her like its the most amazing thing she's ever done when she goes where you want her to. Keep some treats next to your litter box that you can give to her. Special potty treats if you will. You can do it. There's a good chance it will take longer than a week. There's a chance it can take longer than a month (see my recent post on Maya being able to stay out of the crate for extended periods of time and she's part Pomeranian) Only go as fast as your pup can. Stick with it. Be consistent. Just remember your pup is only 3 mths old and her little bladder isn't developed enough yet. I know this is a lot of information. And a lot of people saying the same kinds of things. But we wouldn't be saying them if they didn't work in some kind of capacity. Good Luck!
  16. kindness_001

    kindness_001 New Member

    I trained my pups by using pee pads and treats. LOts of Praise. and it dont take lkong like someone else said then i take them outside but on bad days my carpet doesn't get clobbered. never strike a dog it makes then afraid of you. you are their pack leader and they trust you to protect them.
  17. ceveretts

    ceveretts New Member

    Hi Prncess, congradulations on your new puppy! I have not had a puppy yet, I got my baby Macy when she was three years old. I think she was mistreated because of how she was when I got her. She is a yorkie and is now ten years old. A year ago I was working with a lady who breeds yorkshire terriers and I asked her about litter box training Macy ( she is a florida dog and hopefully we will soon be back in the sunny south) for three years we have been in Canada and she hates the snow! I can't blame her for that because it usually is deeper than she is tall!!! The breeder told me that Macy was too old to be litter box trained. I tried it anyways and with much perserverence it worked!!! Yeah! :eek: ! If she tinkled on the carpet I would sop it up with papertowel first and put the towel in the box and put her in so she could see that it was supposed to go there (same with solid waste). When ever I found her sniffing around I scooped her up and put her in the box and pleaded with her by saying the same thing every time "Go potty in the box!" (in a happy voice). When she actually did it I made a huge fuss telling her how good she was and petting her and clapping and of course giving her her favorite treats! It did take a while cause she is a senior but after two months she was getting the hang of it. As you get to know your puppy better you will figure out her routine and just like you would put a toddler on the toilet put your puppy in the box and encourage her to go. It will be frustrating but in the end it will pay off. Macy still likes me to watch her go in the box to make sure she gets her treat, but if I don't notice her she will go in it and then follow me around to get me to notice her dancing around and if I see anything in the box I give her another treat. Some advice is to keep the box empty so that you do know if it's a new wet spot for sure, but when in doubt give the treat in case. I hope something helps you. Good luck! :lol:

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