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Parakeet names

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by Loach, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Loach

    Loach New Member

    I'm still not sure what name i want for my bird, any ideas?
  2. ilovemycockatiels

    ilovemycockatiels New Member

    Is your bird male or female? How long have you had your bird? Have you been around it long enough to see its behavior? You should see how it acts before choosing a name. What color is your bird? I have two parakeets, 1 green female and 1 blue male. My green one is Pickles (obvious reaons) and my blue one is Bubba, no specific reason for Bubba just couldn't think of anything and my little brother, who is 8, suggested it. :)
  3. drab911

    drab911 New Member

    My birds names are... Marley, Sprite, Papa and tracer...
    I agree its all in the personality before you choose a name!
    Good Luck!!
  4. mumofmany

    mumofmany New Member

    My budgies names are Eckles, Willie, Skye, Billie, Tilly, & Philly. My hubby named the last three. :?
    Cockatiels are named Livio, Shelby, Amos & Sweetiepie.

    Have fun choosing a name! :D
  5. daisy0802

    daisy0802 New Member

    keet names for you

    my keet's name is Sydney because when I got her, her cere was purple, so i had no idea what gender she was! (now it's pinkish brown) :mrgreen: and Sydney can be a boy or girl name. also because they're from australia. (like Sydney Australia?) But I would suggest writing down any names you like so that you remember them all! :D
  6. CaramelHeart

    CaramelHeart New Member

    One thing.. Once This Girl Told Me That To Make it Talk. If you want it to you have to have a Solid Name like... Cocoa. Because birds cant make out those sound like homer or somthing like that. Thats My Suggestion. By the way! Mine used to be HOMER but we had to change it. We Changed it to Cocoa;)

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