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PETA Kills Animals.... Employee's Arrested

Discussion in 'General Topics & Support Issues' started by Blueribbon, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. Blueribbon

    Blueribbon New Member

    This was sent to us by a fellow forum member on another site ( a snake forum ) that we klorentz and myself visit.

    http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/06/17/peta.a ... index.html

    PETA employees charged with animal cruelty
    Friday, June 17, 2005 Posted: 9:16 AM EDT (1316 GMT)

    AHOSKIE, North Carolina (AP) -- Two employees of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have been charged with animal cruelty after dumping dead dogs and cats in a shopping center garbage bin, police said.

    Investigators staked out the bin after discovering that dead animals had been dumped there every Wednesday for the past four weeks, Ahoskie police said in a prepared statement Thursday.

    PETA has scheduled a news conference for Friday in Norfolk, Virginia, where the group is based.

    Police found 18 dead animals in the bin and 13 more in a van registered to PETA. The animals were from animal shelters in Northampton and Bertie counties, police said.

    The two were picking up animals to be brought back to PETA headquarters for euthanization, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said Thursday. Neither police nor PETA offered any theory on why the animals might have been dumped.

    Police charged Andrew Benjamin Cook, 24, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Adria Joy Hinkle, 27, of Norfolk, Virginia, each with 31 felony counts of animal cruelty and eight misdemeanor counts of illegal disposal of dead animals. They were released on bond and an initial court date was set for Friday.

    Hinkle has been suspended, but Cook continues to work PETA, Newkirk said.

    Newkirk said she doubted Hinkle had ever been cruel to an animal and said if the animals were placed in the bin, "We will be appalled."

    I for one am glad to see some unwanted heat being applied to this sick organization of fanatical fools!
  2. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    wow, :( :( , would like to see them get out of this one and petas take
  3. Fuz

    Fuz New Member

    wow! i really hate PETA last year at the fair i go to, im in 4-H i show animals, some people from PETA were oing around the fair releasing animals, or at least trying to they only succesfully realeased some dogs saying and i quote "its not right to train dogs for entertainment." so someone on barn duty went around to ALL of the other barns to warn them. in my opinion PETA is a really stupid organizaton
  4. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    Just so ya'll know....PETA does some really good things for animals. Some of their methods you may not agree with, but at least they are doing something. I don't know why ya'll think it is OK to bash an entire organization b/c of a few members and completely disregard all the good things they do b/c of a few bad things?
  5. sakura.seppun

    sakura.seppun New Member

    It's not a few members. PETAs idea of "saving" animals is to release domesticated animals into the wild where they reek havoc on the ecosystem and eventually starve to death.
    PETA members have been arrested on two occasions for setting fire to reseach labs.
    They dump ANIMAL blood onto sidewalks for protest, and now this.
    They, as an organization, are a bunch of "elitist" idiots. Go visit their website, you'll see.
  6. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    I have been to their website.

    I didn't say I agree with everything they do, but some of it I do agree with. I, obviously, do not have a problem with domesticated animals. I DO have a problem with animal abuse, especially abuse that occurs when animals are used for food, or other products. PETA is especially good at investigating these types of issues. I don't know if you saw but awhile back PETA investigators had video of KFC workers kicking and abusing chickens. ? I think that is a good thing b/c whether or not you think animals should be eaten, I don't think you would agree that they should just be beaten for no reason? Or do you? No other organization that I know of has ever investigated animal food producers and gotten as much attention placed on it like PETA has.

    And the blood thing may be a bit dramatic but I really don't see how it is all that bad? I mean.....it is realistic. If you eat meat, that is what you are doing, you are murdering innocent animals. If you can't deal with that, maybe you shouldn't eat meat????

    And this original post was talking about 2 members of PETA and then went on to generalize this about every member of PETA, that they all kill animals....I think not.

    EVERY group can have assumptions placed on them b/c of a few idiots. Take...Chritians for example. There are MORE than a FEW extremist christians who...in the name of GOD...murder, rape, abuse, etc. innocent people. Does this mean that all Christians are elitist idiots? Under your logic I could make that assumption.

    I just think that a lot of people think it is the *popular thing to do to jump on the anti-peta bandwagon, without really understanding what they actually do. It is the easy way out. I suggest that you go to their website, look around, don't get too caught up in the dramatic style of it all, and you will realize that they do do some decent things. That is all I'm saying.
  7. kc5gvn

    kc5gvn New Member

    "I don't know if you saw but awhile back PETA investigators had video of KFC workers kicking and abusing chickens."

    I've been on a farm, you can't chase after chickens and catch them, let alone kick and abuse them. I WOULD have to see the video.

    " There are MORE than a FEW extremist christians who...in the name of GOD...murder, rape, abuse, etc. innocent people. "

    Cite sources, not credible.
  8. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    The video was all over the news. I'm sure you could find it if you did a search on it.

    Are you seriously going to say that you do not believe there have ever been extremist christians that have hurt people? Sources...hmm....the Crusades perhaps? how about David Koresh? And all those Catholic Priests molesting and raping little boys and girls? what about those polygamists in Utah and elsewhere?

    I'm not saying Christianity is bad, I'm using it as an example that there are bad seeds in every group but that doesn't mean every member or the entire group is bad.
  9. kc5gvn

    kc5gvn New Member

    You said,"in the name of GOD...murder, rape, abuse, etc. innocent people. "

    I'll give you the Crusades but that was a "Holy War". The key word being war.

    With regard to David Koresh I guess it depends upon whether or not you consider Branch Dividian a christian religion. Personally I don't. In my opinion it is a cult.

    The Catholic Priests molesting and raping little boys and girls did so in their name not God's.

    By polygamists in Utah I assume you are referring to the Mormon religion who did so in order to procreate more followers of the Mormon religion. As a note: It was legal at the time. Polygamy is no longer legal in Utah and the Mormon church no longer supports polygamy. Also, with regard to polygamy, who is murdered, raped or abused? Stick to your qualifiers.

    By the way with regard to PETA we are not talking about 2 people. We are talking about the organization as a whole. Please re-read the post. EUTHANASIA IS A FORM OF KILLING.

    "The two were picking up animals to be brought back to PETA headquarters for euthanization, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said Thursday."
  10. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    I think you need a history lesson.

    First, what do you think a "holy war" is? It is people killing other people in the name of their GOD.

    I don't know every detail of the David Koresh thing so I'm not going to get into it further. I know it was under the "Christianity" umbrella and people died.

    The Catholic priests molested the kids in the name of God. I don't know if you know much about Catholicism, but priests are essentially representatives of God. They are man's link to God. Either way, from the CHILDREN'S point of view, it was in the name of God. That is why it was so prevalent. The priests abused their power as priests. They held that as leverage against the children, that they could do it b/c they were acting on behalf of God. Obviously god didn't tell them to do it, but they were as Christian as you can be, and they did awful things as Christians. Like those 2 peta employees.

    The polygamy thing.....do you know about polygamy? I don't know if anyone is murdered. but raped and abused.....oh yes! Marrying a 12 yr old is RAPE whether her parents agree to it or not. Having 10 or so wives and who knows how many kids is ABUSE. They may think, in some way, that it is OK b/c they find some obscure bible verse that links to it, but it is rape and abuse. And my qualifiers were murder, rape, abuse, ETC. .

    The original post was regarding what 2 PETA employees did. Honestly, I don't know enough about the situation to agree or disagree with it. If you will read my posts, I never said whether what those 2 employees did was right or wrong. If it is as it says in the article, it was wrong and I completely disagree with what those 2 people did. My point was...you can't take what 2 people did and generalize to an organization that has thousands of members. Even if the top of the organization is a bit loopy, every member is not. Many try to do good for animals in a "politcally correct" way and do not get into extremism. Many in PETA do the opposite. You shouldn't bash all of PETA b/c of what some do b/c many of them do not do those things.

    There are so many generalizations that can be made. Since you didn't like my previous ones...here are more.

    Again with Christians...What about Joan of Arc? They burned her at the stake b/c the Christian leaders accused her of blasphemy. That is murder in the name of God. Also the Salem witch trials? and all the other similar "witch trials"? Good/innocent people burned alive b/c other "Christian" folk thought they were working for the devil.

    Not Christian...what about cops? Cops who beat people (ala Rodney King)
    or rape or otherwise abuse their badge? Are all cops bad b/c of those bad seeds?

    I'm an accountant..so what about accountants? There are more than a few bad seeds who lie, cheat and steal, or who overall can't do their work? Does that mean I'm an unethical or inept accountant? No. I happen to be quite honest and quite capable...and I have had many assumptions put on me b/c of my job by people like you who like to make assumptions and stereotypes which I do not appreciate.

    You didn't mention anything about the KFC video? Did you do a search and watch it? I hardly see how you can refute that....must be why you didn't mention it.
  11. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    Sticking strictly to the original subject of PETA (anything else is a strawman arguement), PETA is so rife with lies, preverication, manufactured "evidence" and deception, I for one wouldn't believe anything PETA says.

    Their "Holocost on a Plate" campaign is particularly loathsome, as is their most recent campaign comparing animals to African American slaves. Equating human beings with chickens is just NOT right.

    They also state, over and over again, that they do not target children. But what would you call all their gruesome literature handed out to children, like the comicbook entitled "Your Mommy Kills Animals"? This is unforgivable, IMO. And by insisting they do not target children, they compound their lack of taste with lies.

    PETA spends millions of dollars on controversial media campaigns, yet they do nothing to foster the formation no-kill shelters. PETA spends millions on these campaigns, yet how many low cost or free spay/neuter clinics do they support? How many rescue organizations do they support? They're in such a hot hurry to release animals from labs, 4-H fairs, private individuals, etc, yet how many of those animals do they put into shelters or foster homes? None. They just turn 'em loose and let 'em fend for themselves.

    Their campaigns to expose abuse in animal testing facilities are mostly situations intentionally contrived by PETA employees who get themselves hired as animal care workers, then they create or encourage abuse and filth, then they photograph it and "expose" the company to the media. Is that fair? Is that helping animals? Not in my opinion.

    PETA is a self serving organization of smug individuals who dupe people who have their hearts in the right place, but fail to investigate the organization fully. If you want to help animals, do it at a local level by supporting spay/neuter clinics, supporting shelters and rescue groups, and put these insane animaniacs out of business.
  12. Fuz

    Fuz New Member

    how can kfc workers be kicking chickens they do not have live chickens in the places they get the chicken procesed from factorys. polygomy used to be legal. im a mormon i learned about that stuff. domestic animals can survive in the wild but not for long trust me i have released a couple cavies into our backyard. PETA would not let my sister put up an embryo display at our fair even though the embryos died in the egg by themselves because of a power outage. what do you think would have happened if peta had come to our fair this year and released all of the draft horses you know how many people would have died they have huge feet and they are big enough to kill someone in 1 try. its bad enough they released a bunch of dogs last year. they think they protect animals but they didnt do any thing when this idiot was trowing darts at someones sheep. the owner tried stopping him but he woundnt stop peta didnt do anything.
  13. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    I think they are right in targeting children. Children aren't idiots - they have a right to know where their food, clothing, and other items come from. Eating meat is killing animals. Mommy does kill animals. What PETA is stating is the truth. If you can't deal with that truth, then you shouldn't eat animals or buy leather, etc.

    The KFC video wasn't inside a KFC restaurant. It was made at a chicken slaughtering facility that is connected with KFC.

    As far as their advertising campaigns, I have seen many that I think are quite good. The Holocaust campaign I thought was brilliant. I haven't seen every campaign b/c they aren't big here in the South, for obvious reasons, so I can't speak for every one. but again, the ones I have seen portray the Truth, as grotesque and loathesome as you may find it.

    I think part of PETA's asset is the fact that they are able to create awareness about animal cruelty, abuse, etc. You may not like where they spend their millions, but like it or not, the media plays a huge role in people's lives, and it can have an impact on the choices people make. PETA has campaigns, such as the sexiest vegans, etc. that bring awareness to mostly youth, that veganism (is that a word?) is cool, and these celebrities do it, etc. and I'm sure many young people become vegans b/c of this. How exactly is that bad?

    I don't know about the situations in animal testing facilities and laboratories where the PETA employees are the only ones creating and encouraging animal abuse. I don't think you really know either, I don't see how you could unless you were an employee at each of those facilities at the same time and witnessed the events. I do think it is ignorant to believe that there is no abuse that goes on in animal laboratories. How could there not be? That is essentially what it is all about...abusing the animals to see what they can tolerate and what they can't and what works and what doesn't. ?

    I very much consider animals and humans to be on the same level. If anything, I believe animals are above humans. What makes us "human" exactly? Our knowledge? Our ability to know "right from wrong"? Morality? Compassion? If that is what differentiates us, then what does it mean if we have these abilities yet choose not to use them or use them to harm others, intentionally? I really don't see how you can call PETA smug, when you seem to think that every human is more important than any other life form? That sounds awful smug to me.

    If you don't want to support PETA, no one ever said you had to. I just find it funny how easily ppl get so upset over PETA when they really aren't that bad. Everyone can name some things they have done and label them "insane" or whatever, but seriously, is it that important? If they really impact your lives that much, then I think part of their message is hitting home with you or you wouldn't be so bothered by it. But God forbid anyone support PETA, or even admit they have at least a few good messages. :roll:
  14. Fuz

    Fuz New Member

    just wonderin are you part of peta?
  15. kc5gvn

    kc5gvn New Member

    Still trying to find the video. Is it under, "kicking fat chickens" (KFC)?
  16. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    When PETA states they are not targeting children, then they go out and do it anyway they are LYING. When they target anyones children but their own, they are not only lying, they are usurping the rights of parents who are the only ones who should be deciding what, how and when their children are given information on ANY subject.

    When a PETA employee gets a job supervising the treatment of dogs at a lab where feeding trials are done, and they create abuse so that they can then blow the whistle on a pet food manufacturer, they are LYING. And no, I do not now, nor have I ever worked for such a facility. But I am able to read news papers and listen to news reports on my radio and television. The information is out there if one is interested in finding the TRUTH. The whole TRUTH.

    The Holocost on a plate is not brilliant. It is disgusting. It is base sensationalism at its worst. It is the grossest insult to the millions of human beings who were tortured and killed in the foulest ways possible. That alone would keep me from giving PETA one cent of my hard earned money. It will also keep me adamantly opposed to this and similar organizations who dupe the unsuspecting public into donating money to their unjust, lying organization.

    Organizations such as PETA must file documentation with the IRS, which are a matter of public record. You can find copies of these documents on line, and see exactly what PETA does with their money. They claim they are animal lovers who are just trying to save the animals. In reality they support organizations such as ALF and ELF which are under investigation by the FBI as domestic terrorists! They do nothing to support real animal rescue organizations, spay/neuter clinics or foster care for neglected, unwanted animals.

    How much money does PETA have, and how much of that money do you suppose they will send to help the animals that have been displaced and abandoned in the recent hurricane disaster? How many pet owners do you think they'll help to obtain food, shelter and medical care for their pets?

    I, for one, wouldn't believe anything PETA claims is true, based solely on their track record of LYING. If they'll lie about targeting children, they'll lie about anything. And they do.

    The directors of PETA have got themselves quite a scam going. Let them go get real jobs where they can actually make a difference instead of exploiting and manipulating the kind hearted yet misdirected people who actually think PETA is doing anyone besides themselves any good.

    If you want to support a bunch of lying, decietefull individuals who are pulling down salaries that would choke a horse, go for it. I'll donate MY hard earned $$$ to local rescues and spay/neuter clinics that actually do someone some good.
  17. Fuz

    Fuz New Member

    Shineillusion said
    "If you want to support a bunch of lying, decietefull individuals who are pulling down salaries that would choke a horse, go for it. I'll donate MY hard earned $$$ to local rescues and spay/neuter clinics that actually do someone some good."
    I totally agree with that.
  18. klorentz

    klorentz New Member

    Tell me where was PETA when the Long Island Reptile Museum was open . Many reptiles and amphibians died over the years this horrid place was open due to improper cageing lack of a regular feeding schedual and medical care for "rescued " animals and proper heating and lighting . Did PETA know about this ? You bet they did ! They refused to take action . True rescues where the ones that got these poor animals out of this place .

    PETA could have made a differance in this case but did not . They could have been touted as heros . But they refused to act . Because the deep pockets of PETA where not helping many wonderful animals died . Instead they want to take our pets away from us . They are not worth donating any money to not just because of not getting involved in the LIRM case but also because they support a terrorest group . And what about Ingrid Newkirks involvement in the ALF action at the University of Michigan a few years ago ? Some in the anti pet camp would say I am bashing her because she is vegan . But thats not so .

    I am bashing her because her group is trying to take pets away from good owners and not just the bad ones . I love my pets very much wether they are reptiles or dogs and cats . And I sure as heck will fight any action by PETA and the anti bregade from takeing peoples pets away from them when they get proper care . Let true hearted rescues handle the issues I mentioned as it seems to me PETA just does not have the guts to get involved unless there is something in it for them .
  19. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    I havent looked for this on line, I did see it a few months ago though, it was pretty sickening (Ill see if I can find a link). I dont know if their video was a set up but I saw a 4 hour documentary in the early-mid 80's that had hidden cameras in every part of the animal industry including farms, labs, shelters, and the entertainment business and I gotta tell you there are images that even to this day I cannot get out of my head, as far as I know PETA was not involved in any of this, it was shown right around the time they first came about and some of the footage was from as long as 10 years earlier or more. I dont know if the KFC video was set up but one of things I saw on the documentary was how they amputate young chicks beaks because they are packed in so tightly together that with their beaks still intact they cause damage to each other....and I cant imagine what it must be like for any animal, bird or any other species that has a brain and a beating heart to spend its entire life in an 18X18 cage or living in small stall without enough room to turn around or lay down with its head stuck and pumped full of steroids so it gains weight. The abuse is there, no question, how its dealt with though is another story and bombing butchers shops and pharmacists is not the way to do it, releasing animals from labs into the 'wild' that may have already been tested with drugs that we know nothing about could potentially wipe out species including humans...hmmm that sounds familiar!

    I have to comment on this statement Eliza

    This is child abuse, Im all for telling kids the truth but there is a fine line between the truth and abuse.
    We teach our children to 'stay away from the bad man' or 'make sure the road is clear before crossing' but if we were to show our children graphic photographs of crushed bodies after being hit by vehicles or showed them graphic photos of children that have been raped and sliced up by some pervert and those children told their teacher or saw it in school and then told their parents then someone would end up on child abuse charges , can you imagine the lawsuits to cover the lifelong trauma to these children. When my daughter was about 9 years old I had to take her to hospital to have a cast removed from her arm after she fractured it, there was an anti-abortion protest going on, one woman came really close to being knocked out (by me) because she insiste on shoving a very graphic picture of a mutilated baby in front of my daughter and was yelling that 'this is what your mommys going to do to your baby sister'.....that woman is lucky that one of the other protesters pulled away because another second or 2 and I would have landed myself in jail, the only reason I hadnt already decked her was because I had pulled my childs head into my body and was trying to cover her eyes and her ears. NO ONE has the right to subject children to graphic pictures and accusing their mothers of being murderers or killers (however you want to term it) like this to get their point across.
  20. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    Found the link but Im not putting it on here, its sickening.
    kc5gvn I'll send it to you in a PM.

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