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piscin tubulosus in neons?

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by fishdude, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. fishdude

    fishdude New Member

    lately some of my neons have not been eating properly. they are also showing poor colouration but i think this is due to the fact that they are 1 and a half years old. i have read in a book that another sing of tubulosus is two paralel spots on the edge of the caudle fin. all my neons show this and i dont remember them having it when i got them, and my black neons have similer spots but i think its their natrul colouring.
    my ph is 6.4, amonias 0, but i dont have any other testing kits. my 6th neon died 2 weeks agobut i dont know what killed it. all my other fish are fine.
    should i be worried about this?
  2. OneWolvesDream

    OneWolvesDream New Member

    Sounds to me more like neon tetra disease..... the fish can have things such as...Restlessness,loss of color, little cysts form and the body becoms bumpy, the fish will have a hard time trying to swim, the spine may start to curve. Most of the time you cant really tell the signes they jsut appear or the fish suddanly dies, this is a very common cause of death for neon tetras, but all keep in mind this dsnt only effect Neon tetras it can also effect barbs, goldfish and most other tetras, there is also many others.

    Edit: are you sure you also spelled the name rite? cause i dont remember that one and i did a search on it and there wasnt one like it.
  3. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    I agree, it does sound like NTD, although fish tb also has really similar symptoms, but it's not as common as NTD.

    In either case, the prognosis isn't too good. NTD is completely incureable so immediate euthanasia is best. Fish TB can sometimes be cured with antibiotics like kanacyn, but unless it's caught really early, it likely won't help. Also, you should know that fish TB is transferrable to humans so if you have any cuts, you shouldn't be sticking your hands in the tank.

    Here's a really good article on fish TB that focuses on human infection:

    And here's a couple pics of NTD.
    Note the white patches in the red stripe.

    Large cyst causing bent spine and some color loss.

  4. fishdude

    fishdude New Member

    well, its probly ntd cause one had spinal curvatur a while ago and the guys on ofish told me it was ntd. would i be able to leave them to die of the diesease? cause i relly dont like the idea of killing them, even if it is with nail polish or metho. (had to do that with a goramie once.)

    PS:chelle, what do puffers have to do with tb? oh, and theres the red X on your pics.
  5. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    Sorry about the pics. I've been having problems with my computer so I reinstalled Windows today and still haven't figured out how to get my web server going again. Hopefully I'll have it fixed tomorrow.
    EDIT: Okay, they should be showing up now.

    And I'm also sorry about the puffers thing. I had copied that url for something else and I guess when I tried to copy the TB url, it didn't take. Here's the correct link.

    Also, I wouldn't leave them to die. Not only is it slow and probably painful (or at the very least incredibly uncomfortable), if the other fish nip at the infected one, they're more likely to get it too.

  6. fishdude

    fishdude New Member

    ok theyre showing up now.
    the thing is i dont know if they do or not. ill try to send pics.
    mine looks kinda like the first pic but is kinda see though.
  7. OneWolvesDream

    OneWolvesDream New Member

    When fish have NTD they tend to loose color and go cthro
  8. fishdude

    fishdude New Member

    whats cthro?

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