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Pit Bill Axed to Death Flop Mating

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by tybrax, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. tybrax

    tybrax New Member

    Axe death for pit bull mating flop

    A MAN'S attempt to mate his pit bull terrier ended with him axing
    a male dog to death and seriously injuring his own animal.
    Michael Thomas Walsh went into action with the axe when the
    male attacked his female dog in a back yard where he had left
    them to get acquainted.

    He killed the male by hitting it three times on its head and once
    on its rear.

    The female was struck twice with the side of the axe and was so
    badly hurt she had to be put down by the RSPCA.

    Walsh, 38, of Currajong St, Mornington, pleaded guilty in the
    Hobart Magistrates Court to two charges yesterday.

    They were:

    Committing an act which resulted in the death of an animal.

    And committing an act which resulted in the serious
    disablement of an animal.

    Prosecutor Simon Nicholson said at 11am on August 2, Walsh
    put his female in the back yard of a Risdon Vale house with the
    male pit bull.

    The pair had been put together for two weeks, in the hope they
    would mate.

    But at 7pm the less-than-amorous male started attacking the

    An attempt was made to break up the fighting without success --
    then Walsh picked up an axe.

    When questioned, Walsh said there was no other way to part the

    John Green, for Walsh, said the male would have killed the

    He also said Walsh hit the female with the axe to try to put her
    out of her misery, as the animal was obviously dying.

    "It sounds more serious than it was," he said.

    "It was an attempt to mate two dogs which went terribly wrong."

    Magistrate Peter Dixon imposed a community service order of
    105 hours.

    Mr Dixon said the actions of Walsh clearly were spontaneous.

    He said the facts did not warrant jail.

    "Maybe in the cool grey light of day you could have used other
    actions," Mr Dixon said.

    The facts did not warrant jail , my god this man gets 105 hrs community services.
    I cannot believe this, what ever happened to justice.

    tybrax, tyra

    The Mercury paper Tasmania.
  2. shyangel333

    shyangel333 New Member

    i understand completely !!

    where i live there isn't an animal abuse law.....one night this kid and his friends where drinking and driving...earlier that day the boy's mom had found a kitten and asked him to take it to the local shelter befor she went to work...well that night when him and his buddies where out ...they went to his house and pic up the kitty on there way to town one of the kids thought it would be funny to through the kittin at a sign out the window....well there happen to be lady walking up a side street right next to the sign where they just thur it...and she witness the horror of what had happen she got the licence plate and reported it...the 3 boys in the car where slaped with obstruction to public property...a class a misdaminor....and 500 dollor fine a piece...20 days community service.....there were a lot of angry people...up here they are trying to get a law to protect animals but i see it way off...
  3. ChronicBlue

    ChronicBlue New Member

    Sod to say, but in my oppinion of police/ law enforcment is that they are usless. Other than arresting ppl for drug use, or assault, they dont really seem to do anything. Over the past year, I have lost almost all respect for laws put in place by the government. I know not to hurt people, or do Drugs. Thats common sense I don't need someone being paid, to tell me thats wrong.
    If i report animal misstreatment somehow they let it slide, someone breaks into me neighbours house, I endup hearing and calling the cops while chasing them into their crackhouse down the block. I give a report, and nothing is done. But if i take a dog from somones back yard who is fighting it, and not even letting it heal thats on me.. even after having reported it to the spca numerious times. On a day to day basiss I find another person to report for lack of caring/cruilty/abuse. I give their address and very detailed information. and nothing is ever done..... a chiaua(spelling?) was locked in a soft top tracker to alert its owners to a possible break in attempt. The thing is. It was -8 outside for the past few days. I don't know much about chiauas in general but i thought thats was amazingly cruel. the thing was shaking and just wanted attention when i approached it... anyways we called the spca, and a copuple weeks later.... hes there again. What makes me even more mad, is now ppl in the neighbourhood who have seen that. leave their pitbulls in their trucks'cars now.... its just sad. im sure they are not meant for temp's like that. it's so frustrating not being able to do anyhtign to help :( . I am rappidly loosing faith in people in general, as far as doing whats right is concerned.

    However it is refreshing to be able to come to this forum for information, and find that there are still people across north america who feel the same why i do towards animals. if only there were more people liek you all.
  4. shyangel333

    shyangel333 New Member

    yes i agree !!

    it is cold here..not like a lot of snow or anything...and i keep codie in tooo.....you know what i don't understand is the spca which has been on animal planet... what gets me that they get these doogs and reabilitate them and if the dog show aggression with there food they put them down....isn't instict for a dog to protect its food???????....htere are a lot a people out there who would be willing to take a animal alone and raise them..ans there wouldn't be a problem....right?
  5. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Just wanted to clear a few things up... The only program on Animal planet that is about the ASPCA is the Animal Cops in NEW YORK city where they are cops who work for the ASPCA which is a no kill organization who rehabilitates animals and if they show food aggression they work with them and either home them with someone who can work woth the dog, or foster/train the dog in a manner to help solve the problem. THAT is the ASPCA...the rest of the programming on Animal planet is simply about Animal control officers and the facilities they work for...MOST of them are the local animal shelter or privately owned animal control facilities etc... Detroit is about the Detroit Humane Society, Houston is the Houston Animal Control and humane Society, Sandiego is about the Sandiego Animal Control and another place that does the exotics... THOSE are more private institutions rather than the actual ASPCA...so...I don't like how people lump them all together...I don't like ANimal Planet doing it either... the ASPCA in New York City has the best policies regarding animals that anyone has on these shows...they don't discerne APBT or not, they don't put them down if at all possible and they work with the owners when possible or necessary...

    Anyway just wanted to make that distinction... Been watching the New York show since it's beginning and I really hate that the other's are stealing that organizations fire by doing crappy things like Detroit and the others that put down food aggressive dogs etc... I guess the ASPCA has better funding...they should DEFINATELY point THAT fact out.
  6. shyangel333

    shyangel333 New Member

    !! !! !! !!

    well hon i was refurring to the new york one....i just for got the lets for what i ment i was refuring to one episode inpeticular a step father call them because his step was caught fighting his pitbull they took the dog and said it was a good dog then it showed him attacking the hand they use to see if the dog is agressive tords its food... then they said the dog would have to be put down because they could not reabilitate it form it agggressive...i ain't going to get into a argueing match....i just should of been more specific on the show i was speaking of....you all have a good one...shy!!!
  7. Sara

    Sara New Member

    The only time I saw them put a dog down was a fighting dog that WAS in fact WAY too aggressive to be re-homed succesffully and responsibly...I think they tried the feeding deal but it was in his little house because no one could get him into the "evaluation" room...

    Anyway...didn't mean to upset you...just wanted to point out that of all those shows on Animal Planet the New York ASPCA is the most repsonsible and the least ignorant of the rest...

    have a good day then...
  8. faeriedust1127

    faeriedust1127 New Member

    Yea, but the only thing that I don't like about that show on the NY ASPCA is that is makes people who don't know any better think that thats how most shelters work. Thats just not reality. Most shelters don't have that kind of funding and PTS more than half the amount of dogs they put up for adoption. They simply don't have time, money, space, or enough foster homes to do that kind of rehabilitating. That's the truth of it.
  9. shyangel333

    shyangel333 New Member

    !! !! !! !!

    i hate the 4 word thing...anyway sara its cool we all have out oppions....btw...i like the pic of your dog..boxer???right....one of my little females looks like that...i just had there tails done this mornin....
  10. kate

    kate New Member

    wow shy you are a stickler for punishment!
    docking tails (thats whats its called with horses are dogs the same?)
    isn't something that is encouraged on this site, or ears for that matter... you've brought alot of contraversy with you but from what i gather the people on this site are very well informed, they are also willing to help, and come from a number of different backgrounds when it comes to having dogs but what they all share is no tolerance for mutilation, or ignorance.
    my sugestion would be to read old posts, and ask lots of questions

    i know im just new, but im learning so much, and thats the point right?
    thanks everyone
  11. shyangel333

    shyangel333 New Member

    !! !! !! !!

    na....they are part boxer...and they look boxer my vet is the one that suggested it so i did..... they are still cute all the same.....and yes i have asked ???? and have got and found some good people to help and not judged....so as i do and you yourrself do we have our oppions... :y_the_best: and have a nice day....shy
  12. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    Please dont speak for me. I generally like a cropped amstaff or pitbull. Mutilation is a strong word, and one I wouldnt use to describe an elective veterinary procedure. That however is an ongoing debate with two distinct camps and one I wont engage in here as there are plenty of resources online.

    As for ingorance, I can be very tolerant. It seems a valuable virtue in sharing opinions and experience.
  13. kate

    kate New Member

    im sorry i was harsh
    ill try to keep my opinions voiced for my self and not for the board
  14. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    I dont mind you opinions, Keep em coming! :wink:
  15. SugarLovesPits

    SugarLovesPits New Member

    Umm Shy i just wanted to say, I think you should take a closer look at the dog in Sarah's avatar!! Boxer???? WTH????
  16. shyangel333

    shyangel333 New Member

    !! !! !! !!

    it was kate that said about docking the tails not sara.......but hay everyone has the right to feel how they feel...thats what makes us who we are.....for good or bad....shy

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