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Please Give Your Opinion.

Discussion in 'General Topics & Support Issues' started by Chezza, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Chezza

    Chezza New Member

    My Husband and I want to relocate interstate, we have one child of our own, he's 4 and 3 of my other kids belong to my EX. Iv been with my husband 7 years, and have had to stay here when kids were younger because of my EX. My husband has a job interview to go to interstate, he is there now, if he gets the job it will be a higher wage than he is on now here in Queensland, plus full time work, as he is only casual here in Queensland, we also have a great oppertunity to buy our own home, ATM we rent and live in a 3 bedroom small townhouse with no back yard and 4 kiddies, with high rent, we are going backwards as years go by, as rent goes up, hubbys wage does not, we struggle. We believe this is a positive move for our family, and all the kids really want to go, they understand all thats going on. I also have family where we want to move and they have cousins there. My kids that are between my EX and I, there ages are 14, 11 and 8. He only ever has them every second weekend, NO school holidays, in 7 years hes had them 2wice because I pushed it.

    The kids never want to stay anyway for long periods of time.My EX has a house that he lives in that belongs to his parents, so he doesnt even pay any rent, nor helps me with school fees with them.He works full time too. What do you think our chances are of making this move.I know he will try stop me, him and his parents. Are the kids old enough now to make decisions, they have lived with me since the break up right from the start anyway, and my hubby has been a real father too them when it counted the most.My EX never ever has had the kids on his own, his parents have always been there whilst he has them, doing everything for them and him.

    I do have orders in place but in circumstances I can change them, re-do them and then present them before a judge, because Hubby is doing this for work purposes, and change for the better for us..

    Whats your thought on it, just seeking some advice and what people think..

  2. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    It's reallly going to depend on what the laws are where you live. An attorney who specializes in family law would be the best one to answer your questions.

    When I went through a similar situation, I was informed that in the state I was living in, my children were considered wards of the court, and a judge would be the one to decide if I could relocate, unless I was moving less than 100 miles from my current address. If my reason for wanting to relocate was employment related, there wasn't anything my ex could do to stop me. But that was the law where I lived. Where you live, the laws could be totally different.

    Again, laws vary, but your children's input on the situation would probably be taken into consideration. Especially the oldest two.

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