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Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by mdman126, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member

    Hi guys, as you know my pom was itching all over including his ears, i took him to the vet and he told me he has yeast infection, and also gave flea medication and another med called CLEMASTINE which is supposed to be for allergies he is done with the med but still itching all over so bad , the back of his ears are red he chews his hand and feet and i am so worried and getting crazy and sick myself. i already spent a lot the first time and took him to the best vet i dont want to mention his name but you can even buy his video tapes at PetCo. now what should i do?
    if i take him back i am sure i will be charged for a lot more and more tests and meds. if the meds were effective i would not have any problem but it did not work.
    please give me some help and if any of you guys knows of a remedy for itching or a name of a shampoo for that or has had experience with itchy dogs please help me. i am here in LA. thanks a lot
  2. well i think you should go back and get tests done, or if your using dog shampoo you could try Johnson baby shampoo no tears, because Johnson doesnt dry out your dogs skin, you could try that, thats what i use on my dog, and i make sure i rub it in very well! and out..and maybe when you give your dog a bath maybe your not getting all the shampoo out since it is a pom. and when your done giving it a bath do you blow dry it?
  3. cosmicpixie

    cosmicpixie New Member

    By all means take your dog back to the vet. I know that vet bills can be come outrageous at times. In addition to Maya I have a four year old ferret with cancer and her vet bills are insane. But she's healthy. If you have the best vet available, then he will give him the care your dog needs. Please take him back to the vet.
  4. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member


    thanks for the reply tweety, yes it maybe the shampoo. he has a lot of hair and it is not easy to wash everything out. and yes i do blow dry him after i wash him. i will try the baby shampoo and i may take him back to the vet but not the same vet.
  5. no problem, it has to be a hassle with all that hair, i'd say try the shampoo first and if it still happens then bring it back for tests, and goodluck with him! i hope he gets better soon!
  6. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Any vet is going to make you give him meds or shots. No doubt about it. Your dogs problems in my veiw are food related, seasonal or he's allergic to some household cleaner you are using. None of the meds will cure that. Try buying a bag of Innova, California Natural, get the best food you can. You won't know what the problem is until you change something. Most vets say nothing about diet. Period. Like I said to you in another post. My dog was itchy too, UNTIL I changed his food. When washing your dog when you think you've all all the shampoo off, rinse him thoroughly again.
  7. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member

    hi puttin how are you

    i am glad you are here. i will change his food. i also heard petco or petsmart have a shampoo made of teatree oil , what do you think of that?
  8. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Tea tree oil does wonders. Now this may sound odd. But i had this bump on my scalp for about three months, I thought my dermatologist was going to have to deal with it. I just happened to buy some conditioner with tea tree oil in it and I have noticed that it is going away. If I were you I would let the shampoo sit on his body for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Keep him warm with warm water. Then if you can get tea tree conditioner use that too. Let the stuff do its work. Have you ever heard of Neem oil too. It kills fungus also, not sure if thats what tea tree does, but maybe it does. Neem oil can be put in your dogs shampoo too. Do a search on it. With the food, its usually trial and error. Its good to consult your vet, but if alls he's doing is giving meds to cure it. Its not fixing anything, if its allergie related.
  9. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member

    hi thanks for the reply

    thanks puttin, it is good to know all that, about tea tree oil. for sure i will try that. one of my friends told me her dog was itching so bad and meds did not help just as you said so they started giving their dog something called: Missing Link and the itching is totally gone. have you heard of this one? talk to you soon
  10. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Yes, I have. It is a very popular supplement. I give my poodle a supplement very much like it, almost identical. I just went into our pet supply store and asked for their very best glucosamine-chondroitnant suppliment and they showed it to me. My dog of course is using the senior version. But the regular is just like the regular Missing Link. It's worth a try. What brand of Kibble are you feeding him. If he is still eating something he's allergic to it might not work. If he has any fungus on his body the tea tree oil should kill it.
  11. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member


    great i am gonna get that one as well. thanks a lot, talk to you soon
  12. vene

    vene New Member

    Please do not use concentrated tea tree oil products if you own cats. I don't know if it's true but according to this article, some are lethally allergic to it. I was thinking of purchasing it for my son and my eczema until I read it and we have 4 cats that I don't want to take a chance on:


    Mdman126, good luck with your pom!
  13. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    I just posted this on the cat board, the article also said to stay away from tea tree oil for dogs,

    As for food, I try if youc an California natural allergy or natural balance duck and potato these are both allergy foods,

    I agree with Puttin, Innova is a wonderful food, buthas a lot of ingredients that can cause allergies, with the 2, I just mentioned they only have a few ingredients and not known to cause allergies
    its important if you suspect a food allergy to get them on a minimal food based diet. naural balance can be found at petco.

    As for shampoo, I would try an oatmeal base shampoo or avadcado oil, like averderm.

    And missing link is a great supplement.
    please remember that things like this dont get cure overnight, if it is a food allergy, it will take time. As for all of the drugs the vets prescrive, they only mask the problem but cure it.

    was just reading my whole dog journal and there is a section on Tea tree oil. it says in 1994 vetinarians at the national animal poison control center reported several cases in which dogs and cts treated with product containing tea tred oil experienced depression, weakness,lack of coordination muscle tremors ahd behaviour disorders. in other cases tea tree oil has caused burns or paunfl reactions in sensitve animals

    Good luck!!

  14. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    And I totally fogot, you said your dog has a yeat problem. mine had the problem too and this is what i use it works great.

    go to enzymes.com its the bacpac, specifically designed for yeats problems

  15. mdman126

    mdman126 New Member


    i put my pom on raw diet , and also washed him well with baby shampoo. his itching is much better now and thanks to all of you too. now he sleeps better at night. i think i wont use any dog shampoos anymore he is a very sensitive dog and i have to be careful.
    see you all soon, thanks :)
  16. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Thats great. Congrats on your sucsess

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