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Potty Training in an apartment

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by ande95, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. ande95

    ande95 New Member

    Ok need to know the best way to go about potty training in an apartment. So far I am just using puppy pads cause I am scared to take Boomer outside to go potty since he is not fully vacinated and not everyone cleans up after their dogs. He is really good about peeing on the pads(although sometimes hits right on the end missing a bit) but the pooping is a little bit diffrent. He did fine the first two days now he doesnt want to poop on the pads. I try to keep an eye on him..when I catch him in the act I rush him over to the pad...but needless to say we dont ussually make it in time and I have to back track to pick up the poop from where it dropped in mid air :) So if anyone has any ideas about getting him to poop on the pads that would be much appreciated. Also is it going to be a hard transition from puppy pads to going outside once he has had all his shots? We do have a 6yr old red heeler mix that will hopefully help in the training of Boomer.

    My next question is how to stop the whinning in the night.... We gate Boomer in our bathroom at night. The door is right across from my bed so he can see me on my bed from the gate. I havent locked him in his crate yet because I know he is gonna have to go pott in the night. Is it better to just put him in the crate next to my bed then if he whines at night take him out to the pad? This whole puppy stage is new to us...we have always had rescued dogs that were usually potty trained. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this long book :oops:
    Any help will definately be Greatly Appreciated!!!
    Thanks again
  2. Sunshinne83

    Sunshinne83 New Member

    I am having the exact same problem. Emman, my Shihpoo, will pee on the pads but the for the life of me I cannot get her to poo on them. She had other spots she always goes to. After see eats every 20 min i take her to her pee pad, she always goes pee but I can sit there for half and hour and she still wont poo. I don't know what to do.

    Also, I find she is so active at night. All night she want to play and play. Can any suggest any way to get her sleeping habits close to mine?

  3. ande95

    ande95 New Member

    We have been playin with Boomer getting him all hyped up from 730ish till about 830. Once he is tuckered out then I try to get him to go potty then I put him in his crate. Took a little bit but he got used to it, and now he will even nap in his cage during the afternoon. Hope you can find something that will work for you soon. Hang in there a pattern will come together for you soon.
  4. Sunshinne83

    Sunshinne83 New Member

    I completely gave up on the crate. I now leave her alone in the apartment. I am sure it is probably a bad idea. I take her out before I go. SHe is pretty good. She knows she is supposed to use the pee pad and she does most of the time. The other times i think she just cant get to it in time because she has no bladder control.
  5. RunwayPrincess

    RunwayPrincess New Member

    I live in a condo so I can relate, but I would honestly try and ween off the puppy pads and take your puppy outdoors to do his business. I was very nervous as well taking my puppy outside, but I took her to an isolated patch of grass right after she ate, drank water, after a play session and after naps. I never paper trained or used potty pads and she's only had 1 accident the entire time (and that was her very first day). It may seen easier to use the pads now, and more of a pain to keep taking the pup outside, but in the long run, it's WORTH it.

    Also, the crate is your BEST tool when potty-training. Natutally dogs don't want to soil where they sleep, so the crate will teach them to 'hold it' until you take them out

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