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problem with water bowl

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by kyles101, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    ive moved back in with my parents [ugh!] and my mum is refusing to let me put a water bowl in the family room. there is a water bowl in the laundry for the cat but the dog is banned from going down that area. :roll: :roll: :roll: since kuma is outside all day [mum wont let her stay inside during the daytime :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: ] she has access to water all day and for a few minutes late at night when she gets fed. is this enough? or should she have access to water overnight as well [sh sleeps inside]. if i had it my way she would have water inside but there is no changing mums mind. damn those skyrocketting rental prices here!!!
  2. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    I thought dogs should have access to fresh water all the time...is your mom worried your dog might piddle in the house?
  3. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Dogs should have access to water at all times, I agree is your mum worried she will have accidents in the house, or is it a case most dogs make a mess with there water.

    Either way you could try reassuring her that your dog will not have any accidents and if its because of the mess with water simply place on a cloth that can just be hung out to dry and reused thats all i do with my lab x rottie as she gets water everywhere when she has a drink.

  4. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    They really should have access to water at all times. I crate mine when their inside and have waterbowls that clip to the side of the crates. Mine make the BIGGEST mess with water, so I lay down towels under them. Usually the crates are on my hardwood floor or in the bathroom on the linoleum, so its not hard to clean up. If their on the kitchen on the wood, I have a BIG piece of cardboarrd I lay down to keep the crate from scratching the floor and towels to catch any splashed water.

    I dont' think it would be too terribly bad for her not to have water at night. If at all possible, I'd let her drink as much as she wanted, then take her out to potty one last time, (to insure no accidents) and then make sure she has plenty first thing in the morning.
    Precious doenst get water when she sleeps with me. She'll drool non stop all over the bed, So i water her right before bedtime, and take her out, then we go to bed, I usually get up once in the night anyhow, so I water her again, and usually she doesn't want any anyway, so I don't think its a problem. But I'm up very early every morning, so she gets it first thing.
  5. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    shes worried about the mess with water. water drips from kumas mouth for ages after shes had a drink so it ends up all over the house. i never minded in my old house but my mum has an unhealthy obsession with having a super sterile clean house. :shock: she has water at about 10:30 at night then my parents let her out anywhere from 6 till 8 in the morning. is it worth driving mum crazy over this [she gets really defensive if you tell her to ease up on the cleaning] or is that amount of time without water short enough?
  6. hermann muenster

    hermann muenster New Member

    Gee Kyles, you should tell her that studies have found that people that live in very clean environments have weaker immune systems than people that live in squalor :lol: :lol: !!

    A small cheap towel under the water bowl will take care of any mess! And if she is such a clean-freak -- she can wash out the bowl and change the towel several times a day!

    But seriously -- dogs should have access to water at all times!
  7. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    rofl! you dont know how many times i have told her that! :lol: im going to keep bugging her about this.
  8. Chezza

    Chezza New Member

    Hi Kyles, your doggie should have water 24/7 No matter how cold or how hot it is... You need to let her have this at her pleasure, she cant tell you how thirsty she is.. Or that she needs a drink...
    You need to do it for her....
    IMO your mum is being selfish..I dont mean that in a horrible way either.
    She has animals, she has cats, she knows.. Animals come first...
  9. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    I know how you feel... only In your moms shoes. I'm not a obsessive compulsive, but I like a clean house... very clean house... If anyone ever comes over, you'll see a drool rag by ever chair! LOL...

    Its better to just let her have her water, but if not, its not too bad. as long as she doesn't go more than a few hours. Know what I mean?
  10. Nik

    Nik New Member

    I think you've got all the replies you need :)

    I just wanted to add that this is something I've been thinking about since I got Floob. He doesn't make mess when he leaves his water bowl, but he won't drink much when we're out on hot days. When we're on long car rides and stop for him to have a run and drink, he won't.

    Soo... I've been trying to find one of those water bottles you have for hamsters where they attatch to the side of the cage. They work like a roll on deoderant, where the water only comes out when it's touched. I just thought having a bigger version of this attatched in the car would mean if he was desperate he could get a little water at least.

    This idea could also help in situations like yours Kyles as the dog wouldn't walk away dripping.
  11. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    ok, ive managed to convince her to bring the water bowl in just at night. but i will have to put up with her complainging non stop about the dripping :lol:
  12. hermann muenster

    hermann muenster New Member


    Good for you!! Hopefully Kuma will win her over with her charm then you'll be "in like flint!"

    Now all you are going to have to do is bicker with your mom about the telephone and food bill!

    Cheer up --- it beats renting!
  13. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    i dont know if it beats renting, you havent met my family! :lol: they are terrible to live with, especially my brother. he is 24 but acts like a 4 year old princess. ive had to endure tantrums from him everyday so far. one tantrum was because i brought long life milk into the house and he didnt like it. oh boy, i didnt hear the end of it! i want my quiet peaceful life back thanks!

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