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Problems with Siamese Male

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Siampet, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Siampet

    Siampet New Member

    I am a Cat Breeder with more than 20 yrs experience with both Burmese and now Siamese .

    However I now have a totally unique problem with my only 6 yr old Siamese Male (Neutered) who has begun to attack one small female now approx 12 months old .

    He has not displayed this agression previously, only during the last 2 weeks and I am to the point of taking serious steps to remove him from any further contact with the other cats as I am about to travel overseas for a week and will not be able to protect her...?

    I would appreciate any hints or tips from other Siamese owners/breeders as this is a very difficult situation which if unsolved will result in him being 'put down' as worst case scenario ?

    Lastly I must point out that all the cats live indoors in a Condo and although they can be separated into 2 living spaces this is only possible when I am around at home .

  2. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Hi and welcome to Auspet. :D The best thing would be to make sure he doesn't have any medical problems. When was his last vet exam? Does he eat/drink/poop and pee? Does he seem like he's healthy? If not that may be a possible reason.
    Another reason may be that cats, like people and other animals can dislike another cat/animal/person just "because." Perhaps he simply doesn't like this other female cat for whatever reason. I don't know of any cats that have liked every cat they come across.

    After you rule out any health problems you could find him a home instead of putting him to sleep. Let us know what happens.
  3. Siampet

    Siampet New Member

    Hi 'Chessmind' thanks for the advice on Medical Probs etc..........naturally I will check him again but he is very big and very healthy.......the crazy thing is he has been living with 2 younger of the 3 females since they were born approx 12 mths ago but has not previously shown this agression .

    However there was an issue with another male (now deceased) of similar age and size to him, whereby when they did fight the other male was able to stand his ground when it ohappened whereas this little female is absolutely terrified and when he attacks she 'wets herself etc etc' and is totally overcome .

    I tried again to feed them together today but unlike yesterday he attacked as soon as he saw her in the morning he just went to action stations :( .

    Naturally it is New Years day here with nothing open , so tomorrow or the next day he will be taken to the Vets for a quick check up then I will request they offer him out for adoption etc. should that not work, :shock: then unfortunately he will have to be put down .......???
  4. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    PUT DOWN!!!???!!!! That's terrible.
  5. eman

    eman New Member

    i dont understand why he has to be put down..
    isnt there no kill shelters in ur area....
    or put an ad in the papers for someone to take him...
    in my opinion, if he is healthy then u have no right to end his life just because he doesnt get along with one of ur cats. it is just not right :cry:
  6. Siampet

    Siampet New Member

    Probs with Siamese Male

    Hi everybody thanks for the constructive comments, but it would seem that most went straight to the 'Worst Case Scenario' to comment upon .......???

    Well perhaps I can understand that also because I have never in all my years had a Cat 'put down', it is not something that I take lightly , but if all else fails this is the 'worst case scenario' .

    I used to live in the west where everything for pets is just around the corner, more vets, more shelters, more cat owners etc etc Thailand unfortunately is just not like that...............!

    My personal preference is to find another home for him as he is certainly 'toilet trained' etc etc in fact he is probably one of the friendliest Siamese I have owned/bread, having said that he is not even close to my prev 'Burmese Males' one of whom I brought to Thailand when I came .

    Life in Bangkok,Thailand tends to focus on Dogs, people will pay al sorts of money for Dogs here (even lge dogs) then confine them to a small Apartments or Condos with disasterous personality outcomes .

    Sorry everbody but after I attempt to find a home for him my time is limited as I no longer have a live in companion to manage things as I did some years ago .
  7. Chezza

    Chezza New Member

    So you bred him, but when things are tough and because he has a behavioural problem, its to put him down..Why is time running out??????
    Seperate him from the female until you can find a loving home or shelter for him to go to..

    Sounds like you just did that too with your cat.. :(
    Take him to a vet to be checked over, then maybe a behavioural expert might help. 20 yrs experience does not give you the right to put a healthy animal to sleep because he has a problem IMO..

    If you love him you will do everything you can to find the source of his aggression?? Taking him to a specialist might be the way to go, they may be able to sort him through this..This post was not meant in malice, but for the life of me, taking a cats life because he is aggressive is cruel IMO, your a breeder, you should expect these things and more, and be prepared too.
  8. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    ship him over here - I'll get him into Siamese Rescue.
    Can you get anything like a mood altering drug to help calm him down? Anything like Bach's Rescue Remedy or Feliway over there.
  9. Siampet

    Siampet New Member

    Probs with Siamese & some comments

    Thank you Mary_NH for your positive comments along with the Moderator !

    However I do find the comments from 'Chezza' quite offensive, this person who is some sort of an 'ethnic' living in Australia (based upon his limited use of English)has very little if any understanding of the circumstances which prevail in Thailand .

    I have bred and shown Pedigreed Burmese in both NSW & W.A. have had a 'Grand Champion' and also a 'Champion' and have operated 2 catteries 1 in each state where pedigreed Burmese were bred and maintained at a high level of cleanliness, this was possible because of the amount of space avail. and the design features incorp .

    I guess that I wrongly felt that this forum could provide some sort of a solution to my quandry which has to be resolved by next Wed 10th when I depart overseas .......?

    However it would seem that the majority of members/contributors are owners of DSH Cats (Domestic Short Hair) this is not in anyway a criticism but with 'DSH' they tend to exhibit different behavorial patterns to pedigreed cats.................therefore obviously a mistake on my behalf .

    **The discussion is now CLOSED on the subject of this Siamese Male as he will probably be taken to a Temple where the monks take care of stray animals, similar perhaps to the ASPCA & RSPCA in the west !

    I would just caution people or contributors who live in developed countries about making assumptions between facilities avail. in those and developing countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam etc etc

    I can assure you that in those western countries all the facilities you accept as normal do not exist in Thailand , just imagine if you had a serious accident in your country and somebody hailed a Taxi to take you to the Hospital, I am sure you would be shocked but in Thailand that is often how it is done, there are some paramedics but they are voluntary and have no equipment, so for animals....nothing !

    Therefore when discussing many of the things you accept as standard for animals these do not exist in Thailand, many streets are full of Rabid Dogs & also Cats because being Buddists Thais do not like to have them 'Put Down'.........................???

    All the best for 2007
  10. vene

    vene New Member

    I really don't have any advice for you except if you do decide to leave him in a temple, please make certain that they will not feed him vegetarian only diets. If they do, he will have nutritional deficiencies that will lead to blindness, etc.
  11. Chezza

    Chezza New Member

    My comment was not meant to be offensive at all.. So I apolagise if it has offended you, sometimes I get OVER passionate when it comes to cats or any other animal, and a HEALTHY male that he is I thought it was very unfair to put him to sleep.
    I suggested his behavior to be looked at, or as Mary said which I had not thought of is a good suggestion..
  12. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    I looked at where you live before I made any comment - being on other pet boards, with many people in different locations - I understand the hardships involved.
    Are you coming back to the states?
    You see Siames cats are my thing - I'm not a breeder nor will I ever be, instead I foster for a Siamese cat rescue group and we see nearly all of the behaviors for which cats are given up.
    It's quite frequent a Siamese cat will be given up for beating on a single cat - pick out the victim cat in the household and torment it.
    At least your boy is neutered and going to live with the monks he will be safe.

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