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Pup needs a new home

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by Walt, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. Walt

    Walt New Member

    Some of you may remmber I just got a new pitmix pup. Well we love the the new addition to our family but the 2 older dogs keep trying to make a snack out of him and its becoming harder and harder to keep them seperated.

    When it was warm out the other 2 dogs would stay outside but now that's its getting cold up here in CT there back inside now and Zeus must stay in his creat even when where home and its just not fare. So I finaly made the dicision to re-home him before something serious happends :cry:

    Zeus is 4.5mo and has had all his shots including Rabies,Parvo and kennel cough. He's completly house broken and already know's sevral commands sit,stay,down,go pee and come he also shows no signs of agrression towards people nor animals.

    He is the most playfull dog I ever had and lots of fun for the kids If any of you guy's are interested or know someone please let me know I will pay for shipping to the rite home.




    Any questions I'm at wlm@myway.com

  2. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I wish I had room for him. He is so cute. I'm sorry he hasn't worked out for you. Even though I say I don't like brindles very much, some how I always have a soft spot for the.
  3. Walt

    Walt New Member

    Thanks True,

    I just don't like having to keep him created all day and all night but if I don't the older dogs get frustated with his puppy exuberance and start to snap at him. My pitt is 70lb and the AB is 95ld so when they snap they realy snap and I feel its only a matter of time before the littel guy gets hurt.
  4. mr2bixx

    mr2bixx New Member

    to cute! if you lived closer i would help you out.
  5. Sara

    Sara New Member

    You can't do baby gates and alternate between them all? I have 5 dogs and three can get along together in their run outside but the other two pits don't hang out with ANYONE and we just juggle between them all... They all get a couple hours inside...they get their outside time and they rotate with who sleeps with us etc...
  6. juice1348

    juice1348 New Member

    i would love to take him. Avary needs a brother sooooo bad. I emailed you. email me back at juice1348@aol.com
  7. Walt

    Walt New Member

    I replyed to your e-mail Juice.
  8. SugarLovesPits

    SugarLovesPits New Member

    Just wondering how it's going is Juice gonna take him? hope it works out guys!! :eek:
  9. Walt

    Walt New Member

    I havn't herd back from Juice but the pup has found a home, Some friends of ours took him home yesterday so everything worked out.

    Thanks for all the pm's and e-mails

  10. juice1348

    juice1348 New Member

    sounds good. I was away for the weekend. I wouldve loved to have him, but I am glad he has a good home! Good luck!

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