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Puppies on the Way

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Sara, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Well Askari went to the vet yesterday for x-rays to see JUST what we had goign on in there... We could see 4 skulls and between five and six spines... it's always hard to say but I won't be surprised if we get six healthy pups!!! DEfinately not suprised if we get 4 or 5!!!

    Working homes is where I want them to go and two are spoken for already... SAMS get ready for a road trip coming up in may!!! Askari made an impression at the vet for sure... they all really liked her and had nothing but great things to say (of course)... She'll make a GREAT momma dog... I'm confident... I'll try to get the camera in order and computer up by the time we have pups so I can get you guys the pics!

    CAN'T wait... Bantam puppies are coming!!!! YAY!!!!!
  2. Sara

    Sara New Member

    BTW... Sorry I didn't mean for that to sound like an ad halfway anyway... not at all...just excited and sharing the details...LOL
  3. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    :eek: :eek: :eek: how exciting!!!
  4. nern

    nern New Member

    Congrats Sara and good luck!
  5. someday

    someday New Member

    Congrats Sara! I can't wait for pictures! :m7:
  6. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    Congrats Sara!!! That's awsome! Can't wait for pics! :m7: :m7:
  7. tuttifrutti

    tuttifrutti New Member

    that's so cool! you better post some pictures soon! :wink:
  8. Sara

    Sara New Member

    I'll post as soon as possible... I'll STEAL the digital camera from the BF for faster pics too... I'm excited...

    Thanks guys!!!
  9. GinaH

    GinaH New Member

    Oh wow I can't wait to see pictures of the babies!
  10. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Still waiting...urgh... Temperture drop and a "storm" moved in a couple days ago...I was SURE she'd whelp at 59 days due to that storm...but that has come and gone... it's supposed to snow this weekend and the weather is being all kinds of nutty... I think she's waiting on the snow honestly...LOL... We're walking in the back yard...poor girl is pretty fat...not overstuffed but definately sausage-esque...LOL...

    I can't wait for puppies though! If I disappear for a few days...you'll know I had some puppies to care for...LOL
  11. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi Sara dogs are pregnant 63-67days some go before some later 73days has been known.

    What date did you work her dates from?

  12. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Worked them from the date they tied--only tied once... She's at 60 days today and I'm aware that they can go between 59-64 average and 67 long...depending of course... The barometric pressure around here is what got me thinking she would whelp earlier... I think she'll be closer to 64 though honestly...

    I'm not worried that they should be coming though...just a bit impatient...LOL... She's really begun nesting though...only when I'm not around of course...I can hear her messing around in her bedding... I can see movement when she's lounging around and feel some too...what fun!!

    Anyway that's that...LOL Just waiting... checking temp...trying to be patient...

    Thanks for the info...didn't know they went as long as 73 days EVER... Guess that also depends on which tie was THE one...this was accidental so there was only one...yeesh...
  13. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    I know how your feeling the excitment gets worse when they get read to whelp.

    Well she has a loving owner and everything will go smoothly just think of all those little puppies running around wanting to play chewing on everything they can get there teeth into lol.

    Can't wait for them to arrive and see the pics.
    give mum a hug from me.

    Good luck and get as much rest now as you can before the big day.

  14. Sara

    Sara New Member

    I'll definately give momma a hug for you... My joints are aching today from the weather acting up... Hmmm... Hard telling but aside from predictions I'm sure the poor girl is feeling at extra weight today...LOL...

    Thanks for the kind words and support!!! Pics will definately be posted when we get them...camera is there with all the rest of my puppy stuff waiting for the big day/night...LOL
  15. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi Sara any sign of those puppies yet or do they prefer the comfort and saftey of mums tummy lol

    Hope all is going well.

  16. Sara

    Sara New Member

    She's nesting more often and this morning was the first time her temp was at 99.0 last night even after some walking and playing her temp was just below 100... I'm thinking we might be close... But she made me think she'd whelp at 59 days when she quit eating too...LOL... She's such a good girl though... I'm hopefull it's this weekend to work WITH my work schedual rather than against it... We'll see.
  17. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    hey guys. I'm making my road trip!!

    I'm not sure if Sara has been on or not, but she's got 4 healthy beautiful baby girls!! ALL girls!!! LOL...

    She's such a wonderful person. Those puppies are going to have the BEST of the BEST at the start of their long happy lives.

    I've changed my mind (of course) I was expecting a male, but I'll be a new mommy to a little girl! (not like I had much of a choice in that matter...Asakari wanted minime's of herself!!!)

    I think she went with the Ninja Girls Comic theme. Kabuki was the biggest puppy at a little over a lb and 4 oz, and the smallest was at a lb. they are some BIG puppies!

    I'm excited, and so is Sara. She's having a blast, and Askari is doing good. Being a wonderful momma.

    I can't wait yall!!!! its SOOO exciting!!
  18. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Glad everything went give my congratulations to sara and give Askari a huge hug from me.

    Cant wait to see the pictures. :D :D :D

  19. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    Congratulations Sara. :)
  20. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: . cant wait for pics

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