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Question? Harness?

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by Jadapit, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Jadapit

    Jadapit New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to the board I haven't posted very much but I read the posts on here a lot!! You all have some great advice and tips!!

    I own a 6 month old pit bul and a heinz 57. I try to take them for a walk everyday because it's good for all three of us :lol: I use a choke chain collar on Jada (she's the pit) when I walk her. She usually does fine with that unless something catches her eye that she wants to go after like a squirrel or a bird. I have a real hard time NOT letting go of the leash when she does that.

    Do you think it would be better for me and her if I switched to using a harness when I walk her instead of the collar? Do you have more control with the harness? Any advice you can give me would be great!! Thanks so much!
  2. Sara

    Sara New Member

    I use a prong collar on all but one of my dogs. They're all pullers and I don't like how the choke chains work (smashing the larynx) so I've opted for the prong collar. I've tried a basic harness and that just made it worse. You can go with a prong collar but you have to make sure it's fitted correctly and that you put it on correctly.

    I've seen those no pull harnesses but haven't heard much about them... You can also try one of those Halti collars...those work great for some folks (My dogs HATE them...) I'll try to find the site that has the no pull harness on it...

    Nice to meet you and good luck with your dogs!
  3. Angie

    Angie New Member

    I have the same problem with Shianne. She pulls and pulls and she is VERY strong. I use the prong collar sometimes and it works pretty good! Also, I use a harness sometimes. At first she wasn't used to it and would constantly jump instead of walk but now she is used to it and she still pulls but it is a lot easier than a collar. IN MY OPINION, I would give the prong collar a try first. It works great for me.
    Goodluck! And let me know how it goes!
  4. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    I personally use a harness. I do not agree with Chokes. My mom used one on her Lab years ago, and he still has problems breathign because of it. Not to mention all the horrible things I have read about them. My dog has one, but it is purely her jewellery because she won't let us take it off of her. I have never used a prong so I can not comment on it. I always thought it was the same as a choke but with prongs added on. I am assuming I am wrong. If this is something that interests you, do a search for the name and I am sure tons of different sites will come up.

    I love the harness. I would suggest getting one that's padded and goes around the arms and comes up the back instead of the ones that go aroudn the neck and waist. When your dog pulls with that kind (around the neck) it will still choke them. The one around the arms work great. I let Harley pull on walks (not too much) but a little. Its a great work out for her muscles and she loves it.

    A Gentle Leader or Halti are amazing tools. IF your dog will adapt to it. Harley would have no part thats why I switched to a harness. The booklet that come with it gives great tips on how to introduce it to your dog, and even lets you know it can take up to a week before your dog will stop trying to get it off. This IMO is one of the best walking tools out there. Again IMO.
  5. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    Well, I recommend the prong collars also. But it does have to be fitted properly, or it won't do too much good. The way I found out about them was Sammy was pulling me all around Petsmart one day. They have a Banfield Vet inside, and one of the vet techs recommended it to me. She explained the concept of it, and even demonstrated it on her own forearm to show that it's not some sort of 'torture device'...lol. Anyway - I use them on all of my adults. I'm not sure what a vet would say, but personally I would never use any kind of choke/pinch/prong collar on a pup though.
  6. spencerpits

    spencerpits New Member

    bullylove1 - I'm no expert, but from what I've been told/read/etc, as well as from my own experience is that the biggest difference in a prog collar and a regular choke collar is that the prong collar can only tighten so far. On the other hand, a regular choke collar can tighten up to the point of litterally choking a dog. This is exactly why the prong collar has to be fitted properly - if it's too tight (when first put on), when the dog pulls he could end up seriously hurting himself. Also, if it is not tight enough, when the dog pulls, the collar may stop tightening before even tightening down on the dog neck at all. I hope that clarified the situation more than confuse it. :D
  7. goob

    goob New Member

    If she's pulling the leash out of your hand with a choke collar, chances are that she will do the same with a harness. It's easier for a dog to pull in the majority of harnesses, though a harness will prevent them from hacking and gagging from pulling. Some dogs will stop pulling for some reason when in a harness, but many will not, and may pull even harder. In addition, a harness will move your center of control from the dog's neck to it's forequarters, which means that if you have to restrain them for some reason (loose dog, for example), you'll have next to no control over their head.
  8. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Okay... Misnomer on the prong collar... The difference in the prong collar is that it works in more controlled areas..the prongs are placed separated as teh choke just pulls all the way around... the prong allows for the trachea to NOT be crushed whereas the choker crushes it and caused severe bruising around the neck... The prong simply does not...

    That said... To fit a prong collar correctly you are supposed to get the smallest size you can (prong size) and but the prongs on the back of the neck by the ears with the ring to hook the leash to is underneath and to the side (the side you are walking on) the prong should be fitted tightly because the less you have to pull the better. By the ears is a nerve spot and a correction will be noticed and reacted to...

    THAT'S how to properly fit a prong for training purposes... if you plan on using the prong collar all the time go with a little bit of a looser fit (not tooo loose at all) etc... If you use a prong for training correctly chances are you'll be able to retire the collar and have your dog on a regular collar at some point... but I've found most people tooo lazy to do it that way and they just adopt the prong collar as their walking collar regularly...I admit...I am one of those lazy people.
  9. Angie

    Angie New Member

    There is a post on the old board with the website that shows pics of how to use the prong collar.
  10. MandysPits16

    MandysPits16 New Member

    Hi All, i too am looking for something to stop my pup from pulling,. i must say i was against the Prong collar until i read these post on here and now i think i may look in-to it. keep posting any new trick's to stop the pulling!

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