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Recognizing a Stroke....Please read

Discussion in 'General Topics & Support Issues' started by Blueribbon, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Blueribbon

    Blueribbon New Member

    A friend from another forum has asked me to pass this along.

    Recognizing a Stroke

    Dear Friends-

    My parents had dinner this summer with a dear friend.
    During the BBQ their friend stumbled and took a little
    fall - she assured everyone that she was fine (they
    offered to call paramedics) and just tripped over a brick
    because of her new shoes. They got her cleaned up and got
    her a new plate of food - while she appeared a bit shaken
    up, Ingrid went about enjoying herself the rest of the
    evening. At 3:00 am my mother received a call from
    Ingrid's husband telling her that his wife had been taken
    to the hospital - (at 6:00pm, Ingrid passed away.) She had
    suffered a stroke at the BBQ - had they known how to
    identify the signs of a stroke perhaps Ingrid would be
    with us today.

    It only takes a minute to read this-

    Recognizing a Stroke

    ----- A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke
    victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the effects
    of a stroke...totally. He said the trick was getting a
    stroke recognized, diagnosed and getting to the patient
    within 3 hours which is tough.


    Thank God for the sense to remember the "3" steps. Read
    and Learn!

    Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify.
    Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The
    stroke victim may suffer brain damage when people nearby
    fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

    Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by
    asking three simple questions:

    1. *Ask the individual to SMILE.

    2. *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

    3. *Ask the person to SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently)
    (i.e. . . It is sunny out today) If he or she has trouble
    with any of these tasks, call 9-1-1 immediately and
    describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

    After discovering that a group of non-medical volunteers
    could identify facial weakness, arm weakness and speech
    problems, researchers urged the general public to learn
    the three questions. They presented their conclusions at
    the American Stroke Association's annual meeting last
    February. Widespread use of this test could result in
    prompt diagnosis and treatment of the stroke and prevent
    brain damage.

    A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this e-mail sends
    it to 10 people; you can bet that at least one life will
    be saved.

    , you could save their lives.
  2. Bente

    Bente New Member

    Thanks for sharing. Things like this is good to know...
  3. Maraya

    Maraya New Member

    wow...thank you for posting this! important for everyone to read.

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