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red bellied piranah belly no longer red

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by haines2323, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. haines2323

    haines2323 New Member

    I have only 1 fish in my 50 gal tank. My water has been tested and I've been told it is fine. My fish eats 18 small gold feeder fish in a matter of days but her belly is no longer red. What should I do?
  2. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    This is a red bellied piranha, right?

    Most LFS's don't actually know anything about what really is good water quality and what isn't. You really should get your own test kits for ammonia, nitrIte, and nitrAte (liquid, not dipsticks) and start testing your own water.

    Are you feeding strictly feeder fish? Are you quarantining them first? How is the fish acting otherwise?

    Unquarantined feeder fish are a terrific way of introduce all kinds of nasty diseases to your tank. You really need to quarantine any fish for a minimum of 4 weeks. Also, goldfish make very poor feeders. They contain a lot of fat which can lead to liver failure (espeically if they're used as more than just a very rare treat) and they also contain thiamase which can lead to a vitamin deficiency.

    Piranhas are actually scavangers and do not need live food and a diet of stricly feeders is not good for them. Their diet really should be primarily pellets with (quarantined) feeders as just occasional treats.

    Also, red bellied piranhas are actually social fish and really should be keept in groups of around 6 (which would require at least a 200 gallon tank). When kept singly, they tend to bey very shy and skittish.


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