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red belly piranha breeding

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by zezo, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. zezo

    zezo New Member

    i have 10 piranhas for 2 years know > and i like to see them breed . so what can i do and how many piranha i can keep in 2meters tank . thanks
  2. M_wm

    M_wm New Member

    A foot 6 tank eh. What type of P's? Red bellys im guess so those things can get over 12" long my guess is 6ish in a 6 foot tank maybe more im no piranha expert. For food you could use beef heart at a treat my friends is a on steady diet of beef heart and some other stuff.
  3. kc5gvn

    kc5gvn New Member

    Hi zezo, Welcome to Auspet. I'm no expert on Piranha by any means, but I'll give you what information I have gotten on Red Belly Piranhas. First, I am guessing that your tank is 125 gallons since it is 6 feet long. Ten RBPs are just a little too many for 125 gallons. You should have only 6 RBPs maximum in that size tank. From what I have read temperature seems to be the key triggering factor. Raise the tank temperature to 84 degrees and then gradually lower it back to 78 to 80 degrees. I'm guessing that this simulates the water temperature shifts during spawning season in their native waters. Good luck.
  4. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

  5. grnlemonade

    grnlemonade New Member

    thats one of the forums i frequent, i have been for almost 2 years now. they have VERY helpful staff and members and they have a whole forum dedicated to breeding Ps.

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