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Remember my hesitation at feeding raw?

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by luvmyangels, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. luvmyangels

    luvmyangels New Member

    Ive, um, been out voted by one very large 7 month old puppy! Right now Im feeding an occasional raw meal. Those days Buster seems to think he died and went to heaven. His first encounter with a raw chicken hind quarter was PRICELESS. He started out licking the chicken. As soon as I let go and it dropped between his paws he shot straight up, backed away and started barking at his breakfast. So I told him "get it", the same command I use in the yard when he's allowed to chase one of the wild rabbits. Here comes 93lbs (as of 9/9/09) of puppy charging a raw chicken hind quarter and POUNCE, both front paws hit the meat. At that point he must have figured it was dead and settled down to eat.

    Buster is normally almost silent. The only time he's really vocal is during play which tells me he was having a great time during that meal. To get around his refusal to use a bowl, Ive been "towel training" the monster. He can only have his goodies if he keeps them on his towel (which can then be thrown in the washer). The main thing holding us back from a full switch is Rob having meat handling pounded into his head all day every day at work....raw meat CANT be eaten :roll:...and me telling him so many times over the years to NEVER feed bones, especially chicken bones. I know better now and he's slowly coming around. I can see us switching completely in time.
  2. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Takes our human brains awhile to get used to the idea for sure. GLAD he loves his raw meals and whatnot.
  3. luvmyangels

    luvmyangels New Member

    He's thriving on a partially raw diet. Breakfast is always a raw meal these days. He's now 8 1/2 months and somewhere around 120lbs...115.7 as of 10/22/09.

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