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Scratching At The Door

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by dental for dogs, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. dental for dogs

    dental for dogs New Member

    Me and my roommate recently adopted a Labradoodle. I understand that they are high energy dogs but she is such a nibbler. (used to bite but she knows what "no bite" means)

    Currently she is 9 months old and seems to be past the teething stage...

    Besides repeating the words - is there anything else we can do to enforce the biting? We are seeking a little help more for others that come over to visit.

  2. paulinesta7

    paulinesta7 New Member

    I have tried screeching like a young puppy being stepped on its paw when my dog has tried to bite me- even playfully. Then I move away and pay no attention to him for a few minutes or instead give him his chewing toy to chew on so that he knows the things he is allowed to chew. I think that playing tug of war or letting guests putting their fingers in his mouth even playfully makes the situation worse- that's something my friends used to do(and unfortunately he bit my bum not long ago while they were playing). Also if you have a sound or a move that shows him you disapprove of it,you should do it as soon as he bites.From my experience it takes a lot of effort to show a puppy who is trying to become the pack leader who the pack leader truly is. You should constantly change your strategy until you find one that he responds to.

    Hope it helps!

    PS There are some excellent toys on the market that apparently are amazing and tire out the jaws- they are called kong and they come in various shapes and sizes.Have you tried them?

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