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Should probably introduce myself!!

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by TxAPBT, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. TxAPBT

    TxAPBT New Member

    My name is Sarah. I live in Southern Texas near Houston. I am a newlywed (7-7-07) my husband and I have 2 dogs (1 APBT and 1 Rat Terrier that thinks he is APBT) 2 horses, and 1 donkey. We also manage 20 acres for a friend and take care of his 2 horses and 6 Longhorns. My husband is an Electrician and I am an unemployed (looking for my classroom) teacher. My UKC/ADBA APBT is Laughter's Outlaw Jesse James (Jesse) he helps around the property hauling the feed cart for me. I would love to get into some showing and get into a club in the area, but UKC does not have an APBT club down here and I just got contact info for the ADBA club down here. I am part of a pit bull meet up group, but out of about 60 members only a handful of us DON'T have Blue Bullies (many many fad breeders, great people with cute little dogs...just not my thing!) If anyone on here is anywhere near Houston I would love to meet you and your dogs. I am new to the breed, my husband grew up with them and had talked about getting another one the whole time we dated, so I checked out every book pertaining to pit bulls I could find at the library and bought a handfull. I have spent countless hours on the internet looking into the breed. Our male is intact, but will most likely never be bred. He isn't your typical 40lb APBT he is 76lbs, but is proportionate (I think....seems to be...) Again I know nothing about the breed, but what I have read and heard from husband. I will try to post pictures or a link to pictures later...I am to new to post links!!

    Nice to meet y'all

  2. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Welcome. Sounds like you have fun.

    Try the club in Liberty, it isn't too far from you. I'm not in TX (yet) though. I haven't been to Houston in months either, but maybe we could meet up in the future. You will not be too far from the Sorrento show. There won't be a show in Liberty this year. Next year they might have one again. There are a bunch of shows in TX though. I can't wait to see pics. Catchweight dogs might not show as well, although if he truly is proportionate he could have a good chance. That is whats most important is balance no matter the weight. What bloodline is he from?

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