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So much for something good, this sucks!

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by True_Pits, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    It seems the backlash from this Vick case has everyone a supect yet again, they get one person and everyone is guilty.

    This article will have the details but makes no sense. I've used them before with GREAT results, clean, well fed and watered pups/dogs is what they deliver. But now they claim they are transporting dogs across the country for dog fighting, how bogus. They said they had pups in bad condition, right so now there are fighting puppies, again makes no sense.

    http://www.dailysouthtown.com/news/4848 ... S3.article

    There was also a bust in Omaha and they said they are going after others. GREAT.
  2. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Well...how many dogs will need homes now??? WOW...I think I'll alert some rescue folks I know in Colorado to see if they'll step up...who knows what they'll do with dogs in a bust but if there are friends getting busted on bogus information and dogs can be gotten out don't forget I'm out here and doing what I can...in this kind of instance I'm willing to go the extra mile...I'll let my rescue friend know what's happening... SOOOO messed up...

    Did you hear about Ving Rame's dogs...apparently 4 of his "mastiffs" mauled a man...they are still unclear as to the man's cause of DEATH but he died...they don't know the specifics so I wouldn't be too quick to say the dogs mauled the man to death...it sounded more like he may have had something natural cause a problem and the dogs took it upon themselves to fix said problem...like they would a pack member who'd fallen ill etc... For folks who may not know...it's been well documented that a pack of dogs WILL kill a sick pack member. I've heard of friends seeing one in a pack get hit by a car, not die, and the pack proceed to immediate finish the dog off. Wolves and Coyotes do it too.

  3. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    So the allegation of these dogs being used as fighting dogs could be questionable. But I doubt the condition of the dogs have been fabricated. It's pretty apparent that a dog that is dehydrated, emaciated, urine burns, signs of sickness are signs of abuse in my book. If the Animal Welfare League is claiming these animals are abused and possibly used for fighting, then I will take their allegations at face value.

    I can't understand why some of you are in such denial on how much these dogs are being vilified.

    As far as Michael Vick goes don't you think that there's enough evidence of his operation since his own team, Nike, and Reebok just for starters have dropped him. I'm sure they did their homework before doing so. They want someone who's going to make them money, not cost them money.
  4. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Well I do have to say that there are instances where the media will run with a story and elaborate on small things to make it more "appealing" to the public.

    However, I will say this. Since the investigations have gone on and more and more people are taking into an interest. I have had several calls verifying that my dogs are indeed not fighting dogs or attack dogs. Apparently there's alot of that going on around me since Louisiana isn't too far away, and Mexico as well.

    It seems to be a game with people in the fighting ring. They find a dog they want, the said owner won't sell or produce what he/she wants and they'll turn them in on bogus accusations or their dog looses a fight so they'll turn in the winners to give them grief and scare them.

    There's a pit breeder here that has some very nice dogs. Very respectable people, but now he's getting slack from people because some of his dogs are scarred up from yard fights and breeding, and whatnot.
    Accidents happen people. There are HUGE differences in accidental scarring and continuous fighting scarring. With any breed, your gonna have fights between them at some point or another, Even us "PERFECT" humans have our quarrels with people.

    Go after the ones doing the wrong, and leave the fine breeders and show people/ owners alone!!

    If ya see a fighting ring, see a PLANNED and ORGANIZED fight, or if ya hear of one, turn it in.... don't just go calling AC and people just because you THINK something is going on because ya saw ONE dog with a scar or cut, or because they "looked mean".

    This is where things get taken out of context, innocent people get punished and the wrong doers get away Scott free. Its because Everyone wants to be a hero and this is the limelight of the times. Tomorrow it may be killer bee's.... so you'll see 5bazillion people turning in regular honey bee's claiming they were aggressive and attacking, then what next?? Killer and aggressive children because one got in a fight at school???

    I guarantee you if you say there's purple alligators out there, 10 people will call in claiming they saw one. Its human nature to look for things that they hear about or suddenly things that have become popular. Unfortunately now its the dogs. Yes there are issues where things need to be taken care of and fighters need to be eliminated; but this seems to have gotten way outta line and carried away with now. What makes me angriest, is half the dogs you see that are reported "pits" that have done the "attacking or fighting" aren't even pits!!!! Their mutts, crosses or have no resemblances to a pitbull whatso ever!!! "that dog looks mean, its a pitbull!!" I have YET to see one alligation where a REAL pit was indeed the culpret of a vicious mauling or killing and where it went UNPROVOKED.

    Frankly I'm sick of hearing about it, sick of my dogs being accused of Pits... and real pits being put down because of irresponcibly people.... And most of all, the grief, issues and troubles reputable people are having to go thru because of the acts of stupid individuals. A dog is a dog is a dog....

    All I'm trying to say is, let the deed go punished, and leave the innocent to peace.
  5. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I'm not sure if they will let them get homes or not. But I'd be ed if I were a buyer and a dog in transport was taken and possibly killed or adopted out. People pay good money for their new pets and then for transport and its not the transporters fault that they get some bogus arrest!!

    Its not questionable. Its a flat out lie. I for one have used this transport and they delivered pup/dog to me NOT for fighting at all. They are like any other transport and deliver dogs from seller to buyer, they are legit.

    I pretty much believe it is bull, our dogs were in FINE conditioned delivered, even better then airline delivery. My 9week old pup was fat, healthy, hydrated for sure and totally clean. Pups often mess crates (she went for a 24hr ride) but they stop and let the dogs out often and clean the crates.

    Sorry but I've seen all to many times when they say a dog is in poor condition and its not. I remember watching one animal show on animal planet where neighbors complained that a guy was starving his dog and when they got there he had an obese Pit Bull! I keep my dogs in show shape from time to time so I know that people say thats skinny but this dog was a OVERWEIGHT FAT pet and the officers still said you need to feed her more, look how skinny she is. We got a complaint and we will be back to check up on you. So just because someone claimed that the officers are saying that, its ridiculous, that dog couldn't get much fatter and still move. But they put down that his dog WAS infact skinny instead of saying sorry for the bogus allegations against you like they should.

    Secondly I've seen HEALTHY dogs be siezed and go DOWN HILL while in custody and then they try to claim look how sick these dogs are. When they 1. allowed them to get into fights after taking custody 2. Didn't feed them properly 3. Let them get dehydrated 4. Let them get fur and feet A couple I knew had 2 Boxers that ended up being dehydrated and soars on their feet and were standing in filth when the owners picked them up. These people are the ones who are supposed to be trusted with caring for dogs in a case, while looking for their new homes or while the owners are looking for them???? Many do a pretty sloppy job.

    I'm not the one in denial here. Considering I use this transport and know how they work. Why would all the sudden on one run they decide to not take care of the dogs and are delivering them for fights? Makes no sense what so ever. They just did some deliveries. Why is no one complaining about getting sick and poorly treated dogs? Believe me if they were screw ups they wouldn't be in business. I know a guy who jacked with peoples dogs and he isn't in business anymore. Word spreads quickly when you don't take care of transported animals. WORD of MOUTH will kill you, so if any of this were true we'd all know.

    That is irrelavent. My point is that Sam said this would be good for Pits and that people would realize they aren't bad. In reality its bad for both dogs and their owners. Now they see all Pits yet again as only fighting dogs (you can see they said these dogs were being delivered for fighting when they were not) and that all owners are bad (these people have fighting dogs in poor conditions). So the backlash from this case has horrible consiquences.

    You can't trust these people, no good will come of it. We were recently called for an interview by our local paper, they published the comments but they also interviewed the humane society who they gave most the writing to and they claimed that 50% of bites come from Pit Bulls, which we know is bull. In fact in the same article the police said they see 4-5 bites a month from ALL DIFFERENT breeds. Humane society said she would NEVER own one because their instincts are too strong, so she put them down the whole way. They are the one who wants the bans also, they will do whatever it takes to get what they want. They have never been above lying I'm not sure why you think otherwise.

    Sara and I could be targets just because we have dogs down from Bailey's thats how stupid these people are.
  6. MyPetTherapyDog

    MyPetTherapyDog New Member

    Lots of dog talk about fighting going around lately :cry: :cry:

    Here is an article in yesterday's paper near my end.

    Poor dogs. These people SUCK ~ My motto, An eye for an eye! I hope they find the bastards that did this to these innocent dogs.

    Monday, Aug 06, 2007

    NEW BEDFORD, Mass. -- An animal control officer in New Bedford says two pit bulls found dead over the weekend had injuries consistent with dog fighting.

    The first pit bull was found wrapped inside a plastic bag on West Beach in the South End. Officer Mary Ellen Barlow says the dog had scratch marks and puncture wounds that were likely caused by another dog.

    Sunday night, a second pit bull was found floating in the Popes Island Marina.

    Autopsies will be performed on both dogs to determine the exact cause of death.

    New Bedford Animal Control Director Emmanuel Macial said last week that officials were investigating a possible dog fighting ring in the city.

    Another pit bull was found drowned earlier this year with a 20-pound dumbbell tied to its leg.

    The Animal Rescue League is offering a $1,000 reward for information about the deaths of the two dogs this past weekend.
  7. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    That is very sad! :( It really touches my heart, I don't see how those people can be so heartless. I bet they won't find the losers who did that. :x

    There was something near me about a bust my friend told me about but I haven't read it, I'm going to try and find the article (my inlaws get the newpaper). Going to determine if its real or if its just another bogus bust. Hopefully they actually caught someone doing wrong, it'd be nice for once. And hope the dogs will be adopted out (if they have good temperaments), if possible I'd take a couple and foster them.
  8. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    There's over 1,200 cruelty cases involving pitbulls, 95% I'd say involves fighting pitbulls. Are all of these bogus, too? Are these people being targeted for just having pitbulls? If you have the time and the stomach to wade through some of them, you may come to realize that it is these types of people that will cause authorities to knock at your door. This is what fuels the media fires. As you will see, some of the names you will recognize.

    http://www.pet-abuse.com/pages/cruelty_ ... d%5B%5D=17

    Also, I have worked with the AZ Animal Welfare League and they are credible in their assessment of animal cruelty cases. One of their biggest case here in AZ was the inhumane treatment of racing greyhounds. And, No, they're not affiliated with PETA.

    Yes, these people are innocent until proven guilty which leads me to believe Mr. Bailey has incriminated himself with his statement to authorities. It will avalanche from there and take out the real culprits. If they are going through his log books there's a chance that some people could be concidered suspects by association.
  9. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    Double Post.
  10. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Suspects by association... Your statement exactly...

    Sooo you can at least see that some people may be considered suspects by association to this Bailey fellow... What you don't seem to be able to see is that the media is making the associating factor NOT log books, NOT even abuse but the fact that the dog or breed of dog involved in ANY instance is a pit bull. SOOOO all pit bull owners are guilty by association based on the media.

    NO ONE here is saying that the dogs aren't being fought out there (in fact I think most of the actual abuse done on pits is by folks trying to make them vicious...not necessarily trying to fight them...and who really cares if they are trying to fight them...what matters THERE and everywhere is that the breed or dogs involved in cruelty cases were in fact abused and needed rescueing...regardless of breed or what the dogs were used or bred for in the first place).

    You seem to be confusing issues here...YOU are vilifying those of us who are trying to keep our rights and stop witch hunts out there. Trying to make those of us who are pointing out where false accusations fly around in specific cases...causing a big "avalanche" of fear by the public of the breed...and people involved with the breed. Sam is even being targetted by folks...it would take one person with a false eye witness account, a dog with a scar...breaking stick and treadmill to get charges pressed against her...against me or against true at this point... Perhaps Loves-da-pits you aren't worried because you only have one dog? You won't be targetted? Well that's great for you but OPEN YOUR EYES and note the fact that your beloved breed is being attacked and that innocent, RESPONSIBLE, owners out there ARE being attacked...

    I do hope you don't beleive that True and myself are guilty by association... because if that is the case it's only a small turn for the law to decide YOU are guilty by association with the breed at all.

    HOW can you miss that...???? HOW can you miss it? What really gets me is that True and I both rescue and you seem to think we don't know what goes on with this breed...how badly they are abused...this is also part of the media frenzy...I would BET pit bulls out there are more popular now since the media frenzy has gone all over with Michael Vick...popular with thugs who will only abuse the dogs...popular with people looking for some tough dog to add to their status... THis happens with Mastiff breeds too. WHAT True and I are trying to get accrossed to folks is that buying in to the media hysteria is only helping in the demise of this much loved breed. Quit listening to the media and get your hands dirty...rescue a few dogs...rescue some dogs and get accused of dog fighting because the dogs in your posession have scars and then come back and tell me that we don't see the whole picture...

    Sorry, I feel passionately about this issue and it makes me crazy when other pit bull owners can't see the fricken forest for the trees...seriously...look at the bigger picture here. WE are all at risk...if we don't work to change something, if we don't follow the media like sheep we may have a chance at saving the reputation of the breed and owners of the breed...so far all you are doing is feeding into the hype...

  11. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Things get outta hand. I for one do rescue myself. So no one can tell me that I don't know the ins and outs, truths and lies. I'm an investigator for a couple rescues. I drive out, assess situations, and call authorities and powers that be to make the judgment on whether or not to seize.

    People get so up in hype about things, they will stop at nothing to add to the craze, get the attention. Mickey was called upon this past week. An anonymous tipper called in to AC that he was viciously attacking chickens and goats on Saturday afternoon. Funny, Mickey hadn't been here since Thursday night! Didn't even come back home until late Sunday evening. And what became of the chickens and goats?? Nothing. There were none, surprisingly. AC called to let me know about the call. I explained the situation, and sure enough the verified by calling my brother in law and confirming that he was indeed over 75 miles away.

    What does that have to do with anything??? These people that call, call constantly. Not just on me, but on anyone with "vicious or pit bull" type dogs. They've called on my neighbors 12 yr old great Dane, claiming he was a pit bull. It was a great Dane for crying out loud!!!! That dog couldn't move faster than a crawl if he tried. Horrible hip dysplasia...arthritis, the works.. but he's Vicious and an attack dog???

    People will conjure crap up just to get attention, and the ability to say "I helped get that banned" or to get their names in the paper, on the news or what have you.

    There are dogs out there in need of help. Bad people that need to be stopped, No one is denying that. But there's also good people out there, willing and ready to help do the right things to keep a breed from extinction. Eventually that's whats going to happen if people keep all this bulls*** up....
  12. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I really don't need to look through cruelty cases, I've actually been to that site before because a breeder I knew was busted for animal cruelty and the article was there. So believe me I know that not all cases are bogus. Never said that in anyway. I'm not sure what you are getting at, I was pretty happy he was finally caught after offenses in other states that he's never been caught for and still never paid for. He still got off with nothing anyway and has dogs again. What a waste that so many innocent people are harassed and the bad people get a slap on the wrist. Really screwed up.

    Pit Bulls are probably one of the most abused breeds overall. None of us said that no Pit Bulls are ever abused and/or fight. But from all the abused/neglected Pit Bulls I've come across I would not say 95% were fighting dogs. The dogs I just took in (it was back in May) were not fighting dogs, 1 dead, 1 tangled and chain around her neck and the 2 young pups with chains around their necks. Being starved, no water and inadequate shelter. These dogs were Pit Bulls, but not fighting dogs and they were still neglected. One pup had soars and as the chain was starting to embedded. This guy claimed how much he loved his dogs and all that bull. Come across plenty like this, especially those not feeding them and making sure they have water, but not fighting dogs. Another I knew was abusive to all their animals, all skinny a chow, a mutt and 2 Pit Bulls. The 2 Pits ended up dying of parvo and they let them run free around the street with it. These people are just stupid careless owners who happen to have Pit Bulls, but are not dog fighters. They hit, kick and throw their animals, dogs fight over food when they can get it so they have scars from it.

    Obviously fighting dogs would suffer abuse, it goes hand in hand. People who have clear cut evidence against them are being caught for what they did. However it is wrong to act like those who don't have evidence against them must be guilty just because it is said that they did this or that. They have absolutely no evidence that these dogs were fighting dogs, its a flat out lie. That is wrong. Those dogs and buyers have to suffer because of all the sensationalism involving the breed. If he truly screwed up on this run and didn't take care of the dogs thats all that he is guilty of and its HIM who is guilty not the buyers who thought they were using a transporter they could trust and not the dogs who had no choice.
    Airlines transport dogs all the time and neglect them, dogs even die in their care and it only gets minimal attention. Cargo hull gets too hot they die. The workers didn't feed/water the dogs so young pups get stressed puke which causes dehydration and then no water so they die of that. I've seen this many times sometimes causing death, sometimes buyers are lucky. The dogs pee and poo all over themselves and sometimes pukes and of course no one cleans it. Some of these dogs are in transit for 14hrs with the airlines and they are poorly cared for. I think we had a recent post with some of this stuff.

    I do realize that, its what I've been trying to tell you, seemed you didn't understand. If you do then no problem, its because of people like them that innocent people get harrased but on the same note its still a problem with the law enforcement and animal cruelty agents for wanting to go after anyone with a Pit Bull. Its there choice to be narrow minded and believe Pit Bulls are dangerous and only dog fighters would own them. I didn't look but I'm sure I will recognize probably a few names, at least 2 people I know that were busted so I'm sure the articles are still in there.

    Yes the AZ one, not the IL one. I have known a few across the country and others I've only had an oportunity to see on tv but I can tell you they are not all the same. There are exceptions, those who are fair towards the breed and their owners and others who make up lies. I have seen several where just about every officer is prejudice against APBTs and their owners. Are you saying this isn't true and doesn't happen? Like the one where they told the guy his dog was in fact to skinny when it was fat. Or like the other one where they picked up a adult male Pit Bull who looked to be in good health and didn't have single scar on him and claimed he was a fighting dog and had to be PTS because they are too dangerous to adopt out once they've been trained to fight. They know this how? They pick up a fairly healthy stray (in looks) with no scars and they just know this is dangerous fighting dog. Why? Because its a Pit Bull. How about the one where they told the lady she did the right thing for calling them about the stray Pit Bull because they are very aggressive fighting dogs and attack when hungry. Yeah the one that was just wagging her tail happy to see them. I've probably mentioned a couple of these before, so forgive me but I don't see how one could think is a fair non biased opinion of the breed. A lot of them are pretty fair I'm sure, some even own Pit Bulls, but on the otherhand many of these officers do not like them and as a whole their agency doesn't like them either. I've done rescue, still do, so I know what goes on. What kind of bull they say and do. Working with the Humane Society here to help with the breed and adopting them didn't stop us from being put on the list of suspected dog fighters when we've done nothing wrong and they must know we are legit. The chic from the Humane Society my husband hired to care for the dogs is the one who left them skinny and with no water dehydrated!!!! So much for caring about humane treatment of them.

    This is what the Captain of the Police Department had to say "but we average three to five dog bites a month from all breeds. It is all in how they are raised." I'd say he can make a non biased assement, unlike the HS here.

    Never said they were affiliated with PETA, but many of them have the same views as PETA members on Pit Bulls.

    You can't be serious? If they arrest you and you don't say anything, lawyer up and then your lawyer won't let you talk they still say you are guilty. You don't have to say anything for them to arrest you and/or charge you, even if you sit there and deny it (whether you are innocent and they don't have anything or you are guilty and they got it all on you) they will still tell you that you are guilty. I've seen taped interviews with police that went on for 1-4hrs with innocent people they kept quetioning and pushing for incriminating statements then went on to catch the real perp.

    By always believing them and never doubting that they have their own agendas and won't stop at anything until they are satisfied you are just empowering them to go after more innocent people. Its one thing if you realize there are guilty people out there and then there are the innocent people and they don't differenciate between them. You seem to slightly understand that. But if you don't really take it seriously it doens't matter anyone. Basically you are saying that if I'm traveling to a dog show and they stop and arrest me because I have a trailor full of Pit Bulls that is all right? I must be transporting fighting dogs like they will claim and will surely call my conditioned dogs emaciated and in poor/filthy condition if any of them have messed in their box and blow it all out of proportion and exaggerate the sitution. Thats ok?

    You are exactly right? Guilty by association. So you think that is right or wrong then? If he had been delivering a pup to me at the time it would be ok if I was considered a dog fighting and investigated and harrassed because they want to believe thats what he was doing. If this van had another breed in it they wouldn't be doing this non sense, probably never would have been stopped and arrested in the 1st place. I hope that if the dogs were in good condition he gets a good lawyer and digs into them. I've heard of a few people sueing after they were falsy accused and dogs killed for no reason and one. If for some reason after at least 5+yrs of delivery that I have known him to be doing to screwed up with these dogs then I do wish he gets his judgement, but I still think that they need to drop the ludicris dog fighting bull, keep them dogs alive and get them to their rightful probably frantic buyers.

    I'm sure this will snowball, just like when they got Boudreaux. After that everyone who owned a Pit Bull was a dog fighter and they were going to crack down on them. Anyone who had Boudreaux dogs was totally guilty, no way around it. At that time Nationals was supposed to in LA but because of the hurricane had to be moved, but besides that point many, many people stated that they were not going because of the danger. Innocent Pit Bull people being attacked. We should not have to live in fear for our own legal well being and the safetly of our dogs! If you start taking everything they say as the truth that won't get us very fair. We should be together, not with them. I'm for every legit bust they make, but when they go on a witch hunt I never see that justified. They had already stated they would be stopping anyone entering the state with Pit Bulls. Thats not fair at all, its not ok in my book. They would be arresting innocent people, taking their dogs away all because they must be dog fighters going to a dog fight. WRONG! How is this right at all!
  13. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    You don't seem to see I guess how people view these dogs I think. To them their isn't any difference, all are dog fighters.
    This is an interview, link below.
    O'REILLY: But the whole world, this whole cruel world of dog fighting we heard at the top of the program linked into hip-hop, linked into professional sports and drug dealing, is almost beyond most people's comprehension.
    RIVERA: Well to me if you have more than one pit bull it's like having a crack pipe. There's only one reason for it. It's for sadistic reasons. To watch them...
    O'REILLY: What if you just like the dog?
    RIVERA: If you like one of the animals you have to understand that after two centuries of breeding they are genetically predisposed to abnormal violence. That is the take on it. And there's no dispute about that. You might get one at the shelter. You might be humanistic. You might care for them.
    All of that is fine but the fact of the matter is if you have more than one pit bull why do you have more than one pit bull? And anybody — I'm a parent of five children. Anybody who has a pit bull around my kids is immediately shunned by me, because they are as if they are walking around with a weapon about to go off.
    Now what is interesting, and I watched your discussion with the hip-hop expert, is the — you know pit bulls have become accessories to many of the kids. Not just ghetto youngsters. But many kids who feel alienated in some way, who feel that it is...
    O'REILLY: It's a sense of power.
    RIVERA: A sense of power. I think there's almost a sexual empowerment there. There's a sickness that goes on that I think really has to be examined. If you have one of these animals ask yourself why. What are you going to do with it and what are you going to do when he thinks of your child as a rival some day. I think it's extremely dangerous. And what happened with Vick, innocent until proven guilty, but I think this will scar his already checkered career.

    So like he is saying there is only 1 reason to own more then one Pit Bull. This is what these people think. Its not ok in anyway, it puts owners and dogs in danger of false accusations. As well they are genetically prediposed to abnormal violence. Do you believe that? These same things he is saying is what the animal welfare groups will also tell you. I have a lady from the Humane Society say the samething. They are bred to kill and thats all they know. Do you feel sexually empowered by owning your dog?

    Here is the humane society's take on it. This is from 2 different ones.....

    Signs of Dog Fighting Activity

    * Multiple pit bulls in one yard with locked and/or privacy fences

    * Pit bulls with short, cropped ears; dogs wearing 2-inch-wide collars

    * Dogs with scars on head, throat, legs, and ears

    * Tires or pieces of leather suspended several feet off the ground from trees to provide

    jaw-strengthening activities

    * Treadmills for exercising dogs

    * Dogs leashed with heavy chains to metal posts in the ground with or without weights on

    their collars.

    * Dogs frequently being moved in cages from a house

    * Dogs and people coming and going frequently from a site and gathered in "unusual" places such

    as an abandoned house, empty warehouse, residential basement, and barns

    * Dogs forced to pull heavy items such as chains and tire rims to strengthen muscles

    * Extreme, uncontrollable aggression towards other animals, especially other dogs

    * Presence of a cat, rabbit, or other small animals the dog is encouraged to chase. As a reward

    for its hard work, the dog may be permitted to capture and kill the confined animal
    http://www.oregonhumane.org/news/docume ... ghting.doc

    Hmmm talk about bogus, basically 90% of Pit Bull owners guilty of being a dog fighter if this is their criteria. So if you walk or jog with your Pit Bull you are fighting him. Its cool to excersize your poodle but not your Pit Bull.

    Next site, I'm sure there are more sites from the Humane Society with the same crap and most of them have their own list anyway

    Signs of Dog Fighting from the 1st
    * ownership of several adult dogs and/or puppies that are confined by thick chains with or without weights on their collars.
    * tires or other items suspended from trees to provide jaw strengthening activities.
    * hand walking, jogging or using a treadmill.
    * a "cat mill" which confines a cat, rabbit or other small animal and encourages the dog to ` chase it may be present. As a reward for its hard, work, the dog will be permitted to capture and kill the confined animal.
    * people of all ages coming and going in groups from a residence or other site, some with dogs.
    http://www.doglicense.com/counties/spec ... fight.html

    I will say bogus, because to me its such a load of crap. I especially liked this "dogs trained for fighting have been known to viciously attack innocent people for no apparent reason." That will definatly get the public fearing Pit Bulls, thats really nice of them and they don't have much to back that statement up.

    Here is just more......
    Dogs which have the appearance and characteristics of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier or any other breed commonly known as pit bull, may be used in dog fighting activities. Other large breeds of dogs may also be used for dog fighting.
    Dogs used in fighting often times have observable characteristics:

    * short ear crops
    * recent or long-standing wounds and abscesses
    * scars on the head, throat, legs, and ears
    * wide leather or web collars with heavy rings
    * puncture wounds and lacerations
    * bleeding dogs and/or blood stains in a confined area
    * severe injuries that can result in death from loss of blood and internal trauma.

    So yes I'd say they are on a real witch hunt. They also offer $5-10000 rewards for dog fighting tips depending on where your at. So an innocent APBT can have their neighbor call on them after being given all the signs they must look for and upon finding them going for that incentive, who wouldn't. They believe that these people really are dog fighters thanks to this trash and the $ sure is worth it.

    Yet another example, a Judge I know told us that where she lives they are knocking on doors of people they know own Pit Bulls and checking for scars, so if you have a dog with a scar its a fighting dog and therefore dangerous and must be Put Down, stupidity.

    I know the ins and outs and all about it, that is for sure. That is why I don't believe them. I know they make plenty of legit bust on all types of cruelty, but I also know that many are out for the breed. A friend of my husbands works for AC and they have many times tried to get her to turn in "dog fighters" and she said she simply won't do it, its crazy what they want and if they don't like it she will find another job. They are pretty despate to take in anyone, guilty or not.
  14. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Your post makes my stomach turn True... I have two bunnies as pets and three farrets and two rats (we lost the other hairless just this week)... I have a treadmill and a barn with a couple empty stalls awaiting plans to build into them a whelping pen and dog houses for the pits in the runs hooked to the outside of the barn... I have a treadmill and I'm sure I'll be thanking god for the treadmill come this winter when I have dogs that have cabin fever and it's too cold for them to stay out much longer than to pee or poop... I have a couple dogs with scarrs...from a multitude of sources many not even related to aggressive behavior... I have a breaking stick or two and a flirt pole and have probably been seen by neighbors working my dogs with WP harnesses dragging chains... I've got BIG dogs along with the pits and GOD forbid if they ever wanted to really get nasty they could consider my little dogs as being ready to be used as bait when we run out of bunnies, farrets and rats...

    Where does that land me according to that list folks?

    Could you imagine ME using my poor wittle Daubin's as bait? Or my Cadberry holland lop bunny I purchased from a breeder? Seriously folks...if all it takes is multiple pit bulls "for what reason" then most ANY pit bull owner is at risk and ALL pit bull breeders are already guilty according to many statements made in that interview...

    I love the breed not because of it's past (although it's use to promote pro American feelings during WWI and II is cool), or it's perceived aggressive attitude by those who don't know the breed but I love the breed because they're clowns...because they're loyal to a FAULT (just took at the dogs rescued from abuse and their behavior towards humans) and because they're GIANT love muffins...ALL of them... I have more than one because I love the breed and want to show and breed them in the future... I own many pit bulls because they get a bad rap and I want to get as many as possible out in public to change people's perception of them... I have NO desire to be involved in any bloodsport with my dogs. I can't even hardly watch Boxing because of the senseless violence of it...

    Yet because of what I have in my backyard I could be seen as some sick dog fighter... Add that to how my husband and I look and my husband's choice of profession and we could really be in deep doo doo. Luckily we know lots of law enforcement in town and whatnot...but seriously folks...this hysteria is putting all pit bull owners at risk and IN TURN putting all dog owners at risk...because once the pit bull is erradicated what breed with the thugs pick next? WHich breed will be associated with illegal activity next? They're already adding dogs to that list practically by the day.


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