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someone please help me....

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by jason, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. jason

    jason New Member

    I really want to now I have a 45 gallon tank and I was wondering how many fish I could put in there please tell me and does anybody have any info on blood parrots

    Thanks Jason
  2. venom

    venom New Member

    what kind of fish do u want? blood parrots? you could get maybe 1-2 blood parrots in a 45g because they get to b 8". Blood parrots can not close their mouths either. They shouldnt be kept with other cichlids b/c of their mouth. it isnt really a good design for fighting off other cichlids even if the other cichlid is smaller. Even so they are aggressive and will fight back other cichlids but they will most likely lose. You may want to check sites like liveaquaria and if you want addition sites ( i know a forum or two on bloods) PM me.

  3. jason

    jason New Member

    how many congo tetres could I put in my 45 gallon and could I put a blood parrots in with them.
  4. venom

    venom New Member

    again. i dont think any b/c bloods are aggressive.
  5. Hooben

    Hooben New Member

    In my experience, the tiger barb is a good match for the parrot cichlid. Make sure that the parrots are not dyed, they do not naturally occur in purples or greens. You could get maybe 4 to 6 tiger barbs and 2 parrots.
  6. 3_second_memory

    3_second_memory New Member

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