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Speaking of vaccinations/preventative lets talk Leptospiros

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by honeybears, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    My dog has Leptospiros which is a very serious bacterial infection caused mostly by rat urine, dogs get that uring on their paws etc, lick and they get it. Its extremely contagious to both dogs and humans. I had Jake my ohter dog tested and he was fine.

    Wylie went in for her senior check up in Sept eveything fine, except her liver enzymes were high, no other symptoms, the vet decided to test for Lepto, which is very rare around here, and lepto symtpoms hit hard and fast serious vomiting etc. she came back positive, They put her onthe standared treatment 2 months of antibiotice 2 different types.

    I did a search on this vaccine, Wylie had been vaccinated for it, but the last was 3 years ago, dont know why it was never done. Maybe it was because the vet was changingg his protocol and not vaccinating foreverything out there since it wasnt known in our area. I did find this vaccine is extremely volatile, causes lots of serious side effects and finding that mabye a year is not good enough but if you live in an area where its rampant, then vaccinate.

    They did a lepto titer last month, and was down quite a bit yeah

    but bad news is last week they did a full panel and she is jaundice, which means she is in liver failure, probably caused by the lepto. I wont know the extent until next week when she has a ultrasoudn/biopsy. lets hope its in its early stages. There is no cure for it but you can help delay it with herbs and such.

    So I just got a notice Jake dog is due for a lepto vaccine, so I am in this dilllemma to vaccinate with this vaccine or not. Wylie getting it was probably 1000 or more in 1, but then do I take the chance with Jake.

    They are both 11 years old so my thinking is no
  2. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Ah Honeybears that's a hard one.... so sorry about Whylie, hope everything works out with her liver!! it is so hard to know the right thing to do for our fur babies.... Your doing the right thing working closely with the vet and doing your research...
    keep us posted
  3. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Personally here's my issue on it. Ya don't see anything happening with alot of these viruses and whatnot, due to the fact that people vaccinate. THen once people think, HUH! no dogs have an outbreak, i'm not vaccinating.. then it all pops up again.

    Vaccinations are what keep the dogs healthy and the viruses at bay... stop using them and they will come back again....

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