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Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by buchananon, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. buchananon

    buchananon New Member

    I am new to this group. I am a new Teddybear owner in Illinois. I recently bought a puppy (who is tooo cute) from Carols Canines in the Milwaukee area. Has anyone heard of them?
    Anyway my puppy had some problems when I brought him home, Kennel cough, coccidia (Ithink that is the right spelling) and ear mites. When I called the owner of this place she SCREAMED at me that her puppies were healthy and what did I do to cause all these problems with him!
    Did I do anything wrong that could have caused all this. My understanding is that earmites are caught from another anim,al? Also the kennel cough and cocc so how could I have prevented any of this?
    We LOVE our puppy although he is pretty shy but we figure he will come around with lots of LOVE which he sure will get. Anyway I am Alisha and if anyone has suggestions please let me know
  2. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    Ear mites are usually passed from pet to pet although Ive seen some studies recently that point to them being able to survive off the host for a while (havent seen anything conclusive) either way something would have had to put them there in the first place. Coccidea is common in 'dirty' kennels although any dog can get it, it can be fatal especially in the young ones if not treated. Kennel cough....again any dog can get it and its more common in kennel situations.

    You dont say how long between bringing your dog home and all these things showing up. If youve had your pup around other dogs then it could be something the pup has got since youve had it. Coccidea is an intermittent shedder so occasionally you can have a stool sample tested and it will show negative but 3 weeks later youll get a positive again.

    Dont know if that helps.
    As for the place you got your pup from, I did find a website for them (Im pretty sure its them). I never trust anyone who is advertizing specifically "non shed" dogs.
  3. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    Problems like those come from a bad backyard breeder. Did you see any of the kennels before you got your puppy?
  4. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    I got this information off the following site about kennel cough..


    Kennel Cough in dogs will stimulate a coarse, dry, hacking cough about three to seven days after the dog is initially infected. It sounds as if the dog needs to "clear it's throat" and the cough will be triggered by any extra activity or exercise. Many dogs that acquire Kennel Cough will cough every few minutes, all day long.

    Their general state of health and alertness will be unaffected, they usually have no rise in temperature, and do not lose their appetite. The signs of Canine Cough usually will last from 7 to 21 days and can be very annoying for the dog and the dog's owners. Life threatening cases of Kennel Cough are extremely rare and a vast majority of dogs that acquire the infection will recover on their own with no medication. Cough suppressants and occasionally antibiotics are the usual treatment selections.

    The causative organisms can be present in the expired air of an infected dog, much the same way that human "colds" are transmitted. The airborne organisms will be carried in the air in microscopically tiny water vapor or dust particles. The airborne organisms, if inhaled by a susceptible dog, can attach to the lining of the trachea and upper airway passages, find a warm, moist surface on which to reside and replicate, and eventually damage the cells they infect.

    The reason this disease seems so common, and is even named "Kennel" cough, is that wherever there are numbers of dogs confined together in an enclosed environment such as a kennel, animal shelter, or indoor dog show, the disease is much more likely to be spread. The same is true with the "colds" spread from human to human... they are much more likely to occur in a populated, enclosed environment such as an airplane,
    elevator, or office. All it takes for contagion to occur is a single source (infected dog), an enclosed environment, and susceptible individuals in close proximity to the source of the infection. Infected dogs can spread the organisms for days to weeks even after seeming to have fully recovered!

    NOTE: Even in the most hygienic, well ventilated, spacious kennels the possibility of a dog acquiring Kennel Cough exists. Kennel Cough can be acquired from your neighbor's dog, from a Champion show dog at a dog show, from the animal hospital where your dog just came in for treatment of a cut paw... Try not to blame the kennel operator if your dog develops Kennel Cough shortly after that weekend stay at the kennel! There may have been an infected dog, unknown to anyone, that acted as a source for other dogs in the kennel.

    Many dogs will have protective levels of immunity to Kennel Cough via minor exposures to the infective organisms and simply will not acquire the disease even if exposed. Other dogs that may never have had immunizing subtle exposures will be susceptible to the Bordetella bacteria and associated viruses and develop the signs of coughing and hacking.


    THe above link is about Coccidia.

    Hope that info helped abit.

    Now in my opinion

    If this breeder had done all the relevant tests and screening then this wuld have been picked up he/she should have given you a vet health check form to say the pup had been checked and was in good health.

    A breeder that jumps down your throat saying there pups are healthy what have you done to cause all these problems have something to hide in my eyes.

    Also its best to have the pup checked 24-48hours after bringing them home this way you can be sure the pup is healthy that way if these symptoms had shown up straight away you had the back up to prove to the breeder the pup was not that healthy.

    I personally dont think its anything you have done as even if the breeder says the pups were all healthy symptoms may not show themselves until you get the pup home as the stress will trigger any problems they have as a stressed animal runs a temp and its immune system is in overdrive with the stress therefore triggering any issuse the dog may have.

    Hope the little one is better soon..

  5. MPSPG

    MPSPG New Member

    We protest Carol's Canines for selling sick dogs

    We actually protest this location because they sell sick dogs. There have been a ton of people that bought sick dogs from this irresponsible back yard breeder. They breed their dogs for half their life until they are no longer able to able to produce puppies to make them money and then they dump the dog on someone else to care for. Most people learn the hard way about puppy mills and back yard breeders. They buy a sick dog. Those are all common ailments of a dog bred irresponsibly. For the owner to then scream at you and blame you is ridiculous. I am surprised she is still in business. One of our protestors spent over $1000. in vet bills for her puppy from Carol's Canines. It had so many medical problems it wasn't even funny. What was worse though is all the emotional problems this poor puppy had. She is going to spend a lot more rehabilitating the dog to get it to be normal if that's even possible. That's what happens to puppies when they spend their "sensitive period" in a cage instead of being exposed to people, other animals, and normal noises. I feel bad for you for what you went through, but it's why we protest places like these....To educate people. Not only that but we euthanize 7-8 million animals a year in this country due to lack of homes for them. Be a voice for the animals. Join Milwaukee Pet Store Protest Group and stop this from happening to others. :|

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