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The fun of riding Venus!!!!!

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by CockatielCrazy87, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. CockatielCrazy87

    CockatielCrazy87 New Member

    Well I have been riding her for a total of 4 days which may not seem muach but is fun and I love it the most that she trusts me :D . Me and Jmaes did our normal warm up with her today and I got to canter her which was oh so cool. I rode her for a good hour and a halph and ended it on a good note. Even though she definatly has her rough spots she is improving well.

    Still keeping Aragorn up to date with being worked with his swelling is down in that regien and should be back and ready in a few days. Not being mounted yet he has learned voice commands better then Venus and I can have him free walk with nothing in my hand and ask him for a walk and a stop and he will do it perfect :D . I can't wait until i can start riding and working with him it shall be exciting.

    I find myself almost getting to close to these horses and their not mine and never will they be. As soon as Venus's foal is weaned and we get her done so no more foals for her she will go up for a adoption or may even by that time have an owner in waiting. Aragorn may be gone before that even. I will miss these two beautiful Mustangs but theres not thinking of that we stil of have plenty of time together. We're hoping by spring to have Aragorn conditioned for Rodeo competitions and maybe get his name out there a bit and to get the rescues name out there. Im also excited for the foal now knowing I get 4 wholes years of it until we put it up for adoption.

    Its kinda soon but we are already thinking of potential names for the foal.
    If a Male
    Fluke either patterns fine
    ElDorado either patterns fine
    Kelly Paint
    or Frodo (if we want to carry ong the LOTR tradition) if black
    If a Female
    Beautiful ( not Beauty) wether black or paint
    Elvira (if she's black like her dad)
    Saturn if a paint but really it doesent matter
    or Arwen (once again if we want to carry on the LOTR tradition)

    if you like the names let me know or if you have better ideas
  2. darkjewel

    darkjewel New Member


    i think that what u r doing with thoes horse is so cool. I have to wait till spring to geld my two boys but i think it will be ok they will only be 3 and 2 besides i'll still be working with them all winter anyways the hardest part is trying to get the 2 yr old used to being around people he was never touched untill he was given to me i like the lotr names keep up the good work

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