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this is what happens when you watch tv too much...

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by kyles101, May 5, 2005.

  1. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    i guess i shouldnt really expect any better. after all, these are just 20 something year old women with inflated egos who spend most of their time at their local christian dior counter.. edit: WITH their undersocialised shipoos in their handbag. anyway, this is what some morons from a fashion forum are saying about the latest news in australia about apbts [which i have previously posted about].

    'About time is all I can say, as someone who doesn't like scary dog's, I am sick of ppl owning them because they think its cool or have an inferiority complex'

    'Finally. Turn pit bulls into dog food.'

    'I see those dogs and I get soooo scared! I think Australia needs to seriously address their canine laws. Dogs should be locked up at all times and this should be enforced!'

    'And should all be starved for weeks, then smeared with dog food and released on each other in a big pit which they can't climb out of. With their owners.'

    'personally I'd be thrilled to see them banned, there's much nicer dogs available & you have to question the sort of person who'd get a pit bull, knowing their reputation...'

    'they should never be alllowed out of the yard (there should be NO chance of this) and they should always be a a leash with a muzzle'

    'Whoa that pit bull dog's got the nastiest look!! Once I was walking down the street and there was this guy with his pet(pit bull). I didn't dare look at the dogs eyes afraid that if you make eye contact, he will bite you!!'

    'actually, fox terriers like pit bulls also have lock jaw' <-- i felt embarassed even reading that one...

    'if they wanted a 'loving dog' that is 'great with kids' - couldn't they get a schitzu?'

    'I am a huge dog fan . I would lay down my life for a lovely dog.
    Having said that this breed is just not normal.'

    ' agree. I HATE those dogs. Ugly vicious mutants. If people want a pet there are plenty of dogs in the shelter to adopt. If they want some kind of symbol to prove what a dumPass loser they are - they can quickly go grab a pit bull before they get banned'

    'I personally don't care about the technicalities of the breed. I have no intention of playing with one of the ugly mutants'

    makes me ashamed to be a 'modern' woman.
  2. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    A good reason to support the big registries like adba, ukc, and akc. At the end of the day they are going to be the only places to turn for money to lobby against this growing attitude. I know every generation has its darling and monster breeds, I fear the "pitbull" urban legend is going to stick around for much longer.

    Im sorry australia, and im sorry to the future generations of australians who may never get a chance to know this wonderful breed, they might never in their lives be able to find a more well rounded breed. I hope it turns out different. I think that the breeds instincts and attitude embody what it means to be american and I think australia is cut from the same mold.
  3. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Well I really don't understand these people or their sick minds. And they have lil dogs in handbags yet are saying these things about pit bulls. Yes I understand different breeds way different and a lot of people are scared of the breed or don't like them by misconception, but they have some scarey and sadistic ideas themselves towards any living being. They've got some issues.

    What kind of people think about starving (ABUSING/NEGLECTING) any type of living being? Pit fighting is illegal, its a gruesome sport, although the Pit Bull is by far the best combat dog, well its illegal and wrong and why do they want to smear dog food on them? This people need therapy.
  4. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    hah speaking of the handbag dogs, one of the girls who goes on that forum has some mini whatever breed. it has ben kept in her handbag for so long that its terrified if it doesnt walk on carpet, its not trained in any way and it goes aboslutely beserk if it sees another dog, even if its over 20 metres away. she thinks its absolutely cute the way shes made it.

    max, its pretty sad that australia hasnt got a good voice for pits. the only group out there lobbying, and not very well mind you due to not enough support, its 'endangered dog breeds of australia'. there isnt a registry because the ankc and state kennel councils cant or wont register breeds that have restrictions on them.

    well, at least i and a few others have given these people a good piece of our minds and directed them to the proper websites. as to whether anyone on that forum has listened, i dont know.
  5. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Thats funny how the australians can sl** off pitbulls yet they have tried domesticating DINGO's which have been reported to have killed children and even ran off with babies that have been sleeping out in the yard in there strollers.

    Sorry but if people do not start to learn its not the breeds fault for there reputation its the evil people that train them to fight and attack then it looks like they will always be branded a dangerous breed.

    My unlce owns APBT and staffordshire pit bulls and they are so sweet they like to be held in your arms like a baby and goto sleep.
    There children play rough with the dogs and not once have any of them attacked or even nipped at the kids.

    Its the way they are raised, Trained and socialised as to how they turn out.

    I know alot of people that own ABPT's and they are just sweet dogs.

    In my opinion ABPT's as with all breeds of dog will protect there family and home at all costs its just in there nature to protect us.

    Even the most docile of dogs can turn so if they are going to tarnish one breed they should tarnish all breeds with the same brush before long all dogs are going to be banned and classed as dangerous.

    There is more dangerous people out there than dogs.

  6. StormyMoon

    StormyMoon New Member

    She has lost her mind and maybe what goes around will come around?

    Any ways I wouldn't speak against all Auzi people cause there are those who do love all animals.
    In America there is many who feel just the same as that girl in the article.

    Today a little girl at the park told me that if you touched a Pit Bull with your bare hands you would go to hell that God would punish you! She started looking at her hands and looked sad I said you touched her didn't you? She said yes! I said I think God will forgive you this time! It will be ok! I feel bad her parents feel this is the best way! I want my kids to learn now how to respect animals and experience as much as they can. We may not have tomorrow you know, who says tomorrow may come we live for now not then and when.
    But I thought how sad, Mystical was whining and whining wanted that little girl to pet her.

    Mystical loves my kids, and she even though she is 8 months old she mothers them like they was puppies cleans their faces rite up :) lol
    My pit may be product of BYB but she is my pet and I love her dearly I would never trade her for another. She is my best friend, my everything she knows when I am down she lays her head on my leg she now sleeps on the floor beside my bed.
    I socialize her as much as possible, I work with her every single day!
    Mystical wont be used for breeding she will be our pet and nothing more.

    Well I take that back she will be more because she means so much to us but others probably wont see her as much because she isn't nothing but a mutt in their eyes as long as she can't have AKC papers.

    I feel bad for anyone who feels harming an innocent animal is the answer for bad owners.
  7. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    only morons try to domesticate dingoes. there are a selected few that think its absolutely cool to own one. they almost always have to put the dog down once its an adult. then there are the dingo crosses. most are quite unstable and the ones that arent will always have the urge to hunt animals. i know someone with a dingo x. its fine with humans but so far its killed 2 cats and a sheep [purely to eat]. they still have very primitive behaviours where food and hunting is concerned.

    one person on the forum has now focused her attention on rotties.
    'Rotties are just disgusting and ugly...'

    oh it just gets worse.
  8. brindleboy

    brindleboy New Member

    As an SBT owner, I can sympathise. It's only a matter of time before these dimwits turn their attention to us as well as APBT owners. After all they look the same to the average person. Our pup will likely become a target when he's fully grown as he's probably going to be a bit bigger than most SBTs. (I'll post some pics soon)
  9. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    You are making a distinction where there isnt one, Both breeds fates are intertwined.

    You said it yourself.....
    At the end of the day thats all that is really the problem, Other peoples perception....
  10. brindleboy

    brindleboy New Member

    Too true. Too many ignorant people out there. In Western Australia, APBTs are on the "dangerous dogs" list, meaning they can't be registered but SBTs (the breed ABPTs and Amstaffs came from) are Australia's second most popular breed. You just want to take some people and slap them.
  11. aotto24

    aotto24 New Member

    I totally agree w/ everyone. I have 2 4 yr old pits that we raised since they were 6 wks old. They are my children and I would do anything to protect them. Just today I got into a confrontation w/ a neighbor regarding my dogs. We had heard that this particular neighbor stated that he would stab my dogs if he ever seen them out of our yard but he sounded so stupid b/c in the same sentence he went on to amit that in their(the dogs) 4 yrs of life they have never seen my dogs out roaming the neighborhood. If people would just take the time to learn about the dogs, they may realize that people do raise these dogs to be a good breed.That is what I told this guy and everyone else that has a problem w/ them. Take the time to come meet my dogs b/c once you do you'll love them as much as I do!! And there has been plently of people that can prove that fact.

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