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Torn Grandmother

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by NCwickedone, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    No its not people are over breeding and mass producing them. Its recessive so they breed 2 blues together and get a whole litter of blues, who are bred to other blues, ect. Its a very popular color now days.
  2. Shady_Babygurl

    Shady_Babygurl New Member

    I personally think if a dog has GOOD natural ears WHY crop them unless they NEED it for something. Most non pit people are more intimidated by a Pit with cropped ears. My Foolish looked JUST like that before his were cropped. Also keep in mind in how short you crop them now because with MY experience with Foolish ears, as he grew his ears got MUCH MUCH smaller. I didnt anticipate that much growing in the head area and now he has almost NO ears. Some dogs look better with natural, some not. Personal opinion I guess...


    PS he looks like a tri blue. Is that correct? Blue with tan markings and white? I like those colors.....pretty pup.


    Foolish is a blue brindle but in the summer he looks reverse blue brindle with alot of FAWN and blue lines in summer. He gets darker in the winter.

  3. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    NCwickedone: Your pup has the most amazing eyes. I wonder if they will change. That picture with him sitting in the checkered carpet(?) lookes like a picture that could be put on a calendar or something. GREAT PHOTO!!! On my screen, he looks like a grey/blue color. A really beautiful pup. Take more photos as he grows and post them. I really want to see how this little guy turns out. He is a very neat looking dog!!
  4. Angie

    Angie New Member


    This is Meadow... See how different her color looks in each picture!



  5. NCwickedone

    NCwickedone New Member

    Thanks to all!!!

    Thanks so much for all the compliments for my little guy..... All of your dogs are just as beautiful!!!!! It's a shame people don't stop and really see these dogs for what they are..... Thanks to my son for turning me around!!!!! I picked him up Friday from getting his ears done - I don't know if it is my imagination or his stay at the vet - but he will not get out of my sight.... which I don't mind because I would spend every second with him if I could..... I am wondering, though, when I picked him up, I was surprised that his ears weren't bandaged..... the vet instructed me to apply neosporin or vaseline to the stitched area and to pull his ears to a point 2 times a day and in 10 days he would have the stitches removed and then he will be bandaged - Is this normal? I have no clue - I just know that I am trusting this man to do the best for my guy....
  6. GinaH

    GinaH New Member

    My pups ears were not bandaged either. She came home in an ace bandage wrapped around her head for a couple of hours and then had her stitches out in like 7-10 days and that was it.
    My pup did great with it. She was the first I had ever had ears clipped so I was nervous to but she really acted as if they didn't bother her at all.

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