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training tips for off-leash work

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by hermann muenster, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. hermann muenster

    hermann muenster New Member

    Does anyone have any creative ideas to help with off-leash heeling?
    The dog is still drifting off - or running off - when there isn't a leash!
  2. Nik

    Nik New Member

    At training class we used tid bits, like cheese or chicken or liver.

    You have to have the dog on a nice heel on leash though before you progress to off leash training.

    The main key is to have your dogs attention on you at all times, waiting on your every word for something great to happen.

    ... now if only that worked with mine! :lol:

    Another thing I've done myself is to have different commands, like... when we stop at the curb Floob (my dog) sits, when I step off I say either 'heel', which means he stays by my side, or 'ok', which means he's allowed to run and go where he wants. It makes street walking much easier and he can't wait to cross that last road and head for the park.
  3. MyPetTherapyDog

    MyPetTherapyDog New Member

  4. hermann muenster

    hermann muenster New Member

    Thanks for the link --
    lots of good ideas there!

    I guess our old girl just needs more practice, practice, practice and some more practice! She is good on leash but still needs an occasional gentle correction when she wanders a little too far away from the left knee.

    My daughter is showing her for obedience and is in level that requires off-leash work. For a pleasure walk on leash, the dog is awesome -- but for a ring, well, off-leash, they're still sloppy! She finishes on and off-leash very well and is very reliable for off-leash recalls.
  5. hermann muenster

    hermann muenster New Member

    I have been working off-leash using a short lead and a piece of nylon string!
    There has been a lot of improvement. I don't thing the dog understood that she has to stay close to the knee even without a leash. She had a tendency to wander too far away and not stay close for turns.

    I attacthed the string and the short leash (it's about 14" long) to the collar.
    We started out with me holding the leash in my left hand and holding the string in my right. After a bit, I dropped the leash (she's tall so it doesn't drag on the ground) and continued on with a LOT of praise and encouragement. When the dog started wandering --- I would jiggle the string and she made the correction!!! The first time I did this was so funny --- I think she thought I was doing some sort of magic to jiggle her collar because she knew I wasn't holding a leash! :shock:

    We still have a couple of more weeks before the show -- I think she will be up to snuff by then. I'm not expecting a championship -- but I would like her to stay in the ring and not run away!!!! :D :D
  6. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    sounds like you are making great progress. I thik that is hardest command to learn, sounds like you have the training right on

    good luck

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