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trama in Puppies going to new homes

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by ilovemaltipoos, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    any puppy or adult for that matter when arriving at a new home goes through a period of trama .
    Stress is not always seen by the owner .Little things like sleeping alot ,not eating as much ,crying ,these things we notice .Runny bowels ,vomiting ,also are telltale signs .However ,some puppies show no outward trama .But always know it is there and more than likely will afffevt your new puppy /adult in some way .
    This discussion is to participate with others in their views on what is best and how to deal with any signs of stress in a new inviroment ...So come on people ,lets here your experiences and your cures ...
  2. kindness_001

    kindness_001 New Member

    For 7 days before my pups leasve i give albon cause stress can cause Coccidiosis
  3. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    Coccidia is a protozole(not sure that is spelled correctly ) that is in hte intestines ,even if you do not see signs in a puppy and if fecals are done and show none ,all it takes is one egg ,under stress that can multiply tenfold in just a few days ,symtoms are blood in stool ,runny stool ,dog becomes ill and blah .Albon does not kill coccidia just keeps more from developing until what is there is out of the system and helps the stomach ,so the stool becomes more firm , If not treated the puppy can die ,if treated then all will be fine within aout 10 days ....Stress causes coccidia to multiply,however it is not the cause of coccidia , and is one of the things all new puppy owners should have their vet to look for .pretreating is a good idea .
    Actually a person visiting from one kennel to the next can bring it to yours ,birds have it and can transfer it to dogs ,other dogs that have it and yours go into an area that they have been ...Mostly affects small puppies and older dogs,sick dogs but some dogs are carriers too ,show no signs but can carry it in their feces to another dog .
  4. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Hmmmmmmmmm, very good info to know. I will read more when more is posted.
  5. Tangible

    Tangible New Member

    Oh my goodness!! So when I get a puppy...(within the next month or so) I should not only watch him/her carefully..but peek at his/her poo?? :? I would never have thought...great info...ty!
  6. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    First a good breeder would have the puppy vet checked beofre it leaves ,if any is found ,they would treat it before it leaves ,most good breeders ,even if pretreated and none was found ,would still send albon along with the puppy cause a fecal cannot always find one or two eggs ,therefore ,take your puppy to the vet wehn you recieve it and have another fecal done ,then watch the stool for a few days ,even up to 10 and more for signs of runny stools and other signs .
    Coccidia is hard to get rid of ,once it has fgotten into a kennel or if a breeder buys a dog with it ,or the dog is a carrier ,then clorox will not kill it ,there are things on the market you can order to kill it and coccidia can live in below zero temps too ,but i do know that the old brown lysol that you have to mix ,mixeed strong will kill it on floors and other places .
  7. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Yep, you are going to get real cozy with your new pup, checking tis teeth, ears, its whole body. You have to know it like th back of your hand, that way you know when something is wrong.
  8. Tangible

    Tangible New Member

    *giggle....you can bet I'll be checking that pup over and over constantly...I have 2 dds...and well, once a mommy..always a mommy!!!
  9. maltepoolover

    maltepoolover New Member

    It is always best to watch them for quite a while after you get them .Puppies are under alot of stress when going to a new home .Sometimes you just don't know it until they show it .

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