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Traning a 3 month old Chihuahua

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by DebbieVazquez, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. DebbieVazquez

    DebbieVazquez New Member

    I just got a 3 month old Chihuahuathat is pretty much potty trained. She is a wild little thing. She won't sit still , and runs circles around you and when you hold her she wiggles and wants down and runs around like crazy. She growls and bites at her toys , us and the older dogs in a playful matter. She is only 2 pounds. It seems like I can't break her and teach her new things and manners. I love to dress up my dogs in costumes in Oct. for the dog shows and I was hoping to do her. But as wild as she is I just don't know. How can I calm her down and teach her things she needs to know and other things. She is a wild one and I need help. My husbund thinks there is something mentally wrong but I think she needs alot of training but I have no clue how to go about it. Help me please......
  2. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    Puppies at this age are so uncomplicated, and they learn so fast. This is not an insurmountable task, if you approach it right. But keep in mind that learning at this age is permenant. So don't teach her (accidentally or on purpose) anything you don't want her to do as an adult.

    One important exercise; pick her up, place her on her back, put your hand lightly on her chest, tell her to "settle" and hold her until she looks away and stops struggling. It's important that you do NOT allow her to get down until she stops fighting you. Puppies do not call the shots.

    If she's demanding attention, do not give it to her. Tell her to wait until she's been invited. Again, puppies do not call the shots.

    Don't let her sleep in your bed, at least until she learns some manners. Puppies do not get to decide where they sleep.

    Make her sit and wait for food. Just a few seconds at first, but increase the time she has to wait as she gets older. It's called Nothing in Life is Free. If you want it, you have to work for it.

    Put her on a leash and walk her every day. If she runs ahead, turn and go the opposite direction. If she fights the leash, stop and wait. Let her fight it out. Don't pull or jerk the leash just yet. Let her figure out that there are boundries she has to respect, and the leash is one of them. Eventually she'll stop fighting and move towards you. Praise her for that, and take a step away from her. Encourage her to follow, but let her decide to follow or fight the leash, Don't turn it into a battle with you. She'll solve the problem, and do it pretty quickly if you let her work through it on her own.

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