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trying to find information

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by Samsintentions, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Ok. I'm trying to find information on the psi pressure of a dog when they bite.

    Basically I want to know, what breed has the most pressure in its bite, does the most damage, and in PSA what breed delivers the most impact.

    Here's why, I'm doing research on trying to figure out if bb's would be good in police work. Not necessarily the on patrol K-9 unit. But more in drug sniffing, raids, ect...


    I want to know exactly what my dogs can do. I already know their limits in what they can do as far as protection goes.
    But I want to know the facts. Like during a PSA trial, whats the pressure mesurment of the bite that the dog is giving. How much of of the bite does the dog take in (or in other words put in his mouth and bite down on).

    Are they biting more w/ the front, or the back...

    I was watching an old movie. And they had a Dogo De Bordeaux as a police dog. This dog was awesome. (looked like Hooch). I know it was just a movie... but still. Got my wheels turning in my head.

    When a GSD steps out of the back of a police car, it's pretty darn intimidating. But say you were in the middle of a large crowd, riot, or whatever. Sure, the GSD would catch attention. But if a BB stepped out I think it would make a WORLD of difference in the way people responded to a riot or uproar. I think the officer would have the upper hand in that, he's 1 got a physically more powerful dog. 2 he's got a dog w/ a more stable temperament (where he doesn't have to worry about a little kid coming up and petting the dog, and the dog turning around and snapping). 3 you have the NATURAL instinct to protect in the dog, and if a suspect were to run, or fight. I believe the BB could have a better chance at taking the suspect down. They not only outweigh, but surely have a much greater bite capacity.

    I know the GSD is a great dog. I'm in no way putting them down. The dogs in K-9 have 100% of my honor, support and respect.

    But for more "high risk" or pressured events, I'm curious to see if the BB would be a better candidate, in that it's a bigger more powerful dog.

    GSD's naturally have a much higher prey drive. That alone makes them better for running down and tracking suspects. Though the BB has prey drive, just not as high as some other breeds.

    Any information anyone has or input would be great.
    Like I said, this is for my own knowledge. I just have a curiosity and want to do my own little research on the breeds that could potentially be police dogs.
  2. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    Hi Sams,

    I just looked on line for info, I remember this coming up with a friend a while back, we were talking about my Rott as she had gone through some protection work and I was curious but we never did find anything conclusive. This site I found though, it wont let me right click and copy so heres the URL, just scroll down a couple of paragraphs, what the guy saying (a professor at a university) is that there can't be anything conclusive in this as it depends on the dog in question, size does matter...so does muscularity, drive, personality.


    Ill have a look for some more info tomorrow...well later today (its 3am :shock: ) unless anyone else posts some useful info for you.

    Just my opinion but I would think the PSI of your dog would be generally greater than a GSD mainly because of the size.

    Dont they use Boerbeols as police dogs in South Africa or is it herding? I cant imagine them herding though....or are they protecting the herd as opposed to actually herding?
  3. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    I think both. Not sure if they use them as police dogs though. they are guardians. But some have pretty good herding training. I've started Kabuki in cattle and goats. She's ok, but NOTHING compared to my heelers.

    I'd think that their bite would be probably that of a rott. If not more... I know its WAY more powerful than a Pit. The BB takes as biga hunk in their mouth as they can get, as opposed to Pits grabbin on and just holding on to what they've got. BB lets go and doesn't have as much tendacy to tug or hold on.
  4. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    I don't know about psi and BBs, Rotts, or Pits, but I do know I've witnessed my Bull Terriers do some things with their jaws that I've never seen any other breed do.

    Nan could take one of those huge raw hide bones...the ones that are about 3 feet long and as big around as my arm, and bite it in two with one bite. She could also untie the knots in the end without first chewing on them to soften them up. That's a lot of jaw strength, any way you look at it.

    I'd also wonder about an officer being able to control a BB in full drive for the simple reason that they are bigger and more powerfull than a GSD. If an officer is working the dog on a line, I could see a BB pulling him right off his feet.

    And on the subject of bigger; how well would the BB be able to work small places? Could they go up a ladder into an attic or into a crawl space in search of a suspect or drugs?

    For drug detection concideration, just how "nosey" are they? One of the best drug detection dogs I've ever seen work is a tiny miniature Dachshund. Being a Dachshund, she can get into just about anywhere, and loves to poke that nose everywhere. Watching her toss a cell is nothing short of hilarious.
  5. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    I have always heard chows have a very high PSI.
    But something else to consider with PSI is that it is a ratio. So If I take a safety pin and stab it in my arm, that may have a higher PSI than a dog's tooth becase the safety pin puts pressure only in one tiny spot. Does that make sense?
    Also I don't think that police dogs are supposed to really attack to create great harm, just to take the person down and get them so that the police can take over. Because if the dogs were just ripping through the peoples skin and attacking and seriuosly hurting the criminal there could be a lot more problems. The criminla may sue because of being hurt (you know Americans are crazy with lawsuits), the police have to put the criminal in the hospital and someone has to pay for that. What if the dog gets the wrong guy, more lawsuits dr bills...
    just my opinion though :)

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