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two adult female cats don't get along

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by peckaroo762, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. peckaroo762

    peckaroo762 New Member

    I recently got married and my husband and I each had a cat. Mine is 6 years old and his is 5, both fixed female mixed breeds.

    We have been living together for 2 years and they still don't get along. My cat constantly torments his cat. His cat is a lover/cuddler and mine does whatever she wants to do.

    My cat has lived with 2 other males and has had no problems.

    We have bought her toys and tried to get her aggressive energy out but nothing seems to work. If we stop playing and she's not ready, she attacks his cat until we play with her again.

    We're at a loss of what to do. Would introducing a male cat make things better? Give my cat someone to play with?

    BTW, my cat is declawed (not my idea, but if she was going to be at my parents while I was in college it had to be done)

    any help is appreciated....
  2. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member


    Sorry to hear that your still having issues with them getting along...I think it can be hard getting 2 females that have had both of your attention to themselves to integrate into 1 household and share the attention...

    What are you doing to discourage the behavior? and what do you do when they do behave (positive reinforcement) Is there play time together?

    They may never get along... :( The may in time tolerate eachother....
    Are they getting equal attention from both of you? You to his and his to yours?

    Cats are very smart and she may be acting out solely to get more attention from you....you play you stop she's "not done" she acts up you give more attention... see it??

    I have a cat that sleeps too much and when we go to bed he wants attention...if I don't he cries until I get up with him so the honey gets his sleep....Wasn't until I thought about it and realized I was reinforcing what he was doing.... Instead of getting up to "comfort" him I got up and sprayed him with the spray bottle EVERY time he did it no words no other attention spray then back to bed... He's learned that doesn't work anymore (every once and awhile he tries...he gets sprayed)

    Before bed we play with the lazer toy all 3 get equal time playing, then they get a little to eat (making them more sleepy) then bed...if any of them act up they get sprayed...no words just sprayed then back to bed...It really sucked as it took several months to break the habit but it worked.

    good luck

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