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Volunteers needed to help withdraw SB861 (BSL) in CA

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by goob, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. goob

    goob New Member


    We are moving forward with a voter initiative to withdraw or modify SB 861.


    A referendum would withdraw SB 861. A proposition would create another law that modifies SB 861. Referenda are harder to do b/c we have to have about 380,000 signatures within 90 days after the bill becomes effective (that's about five months from now).

    My initial strategy (still being discussed amongst those that have responded to the initial call for volunteers) is to try for a full referendum to withdraw SB 861 and, if that fails, proceed later with a proposition that requires counties implementing SB 861 to include the TOP TEN most numerous breeds in their counties, which would require them to target breeds solely for overpopulation purposes and would make it impossible for them to do so simply to target Pit Bulls (they'd need at least ten distinct breeds, and they could only pick the top ten most overpopulated breeds, so even assuming they went for APBT, SBT, AST, BT, and AB as all distinct breeds and even if they were all the most popular, they'd still need FIVE MORE BREEDS that are overpopulated to subject to mandatory spay/neuter).

    If spay/neuter is good for one breed subject to overpopulation, it is good for ALL Breeds subject to overpopulation. This will bring it to the voters directly.

    NOW WHAT WE NEED IF WE HAVE A CHANCE IN HELL of getting the requisite number of signature is:

    HUNDREDS of volunteers (a thousand would be better) spending just about every day off they have from work for the next five months in high traffic areas collecting signatures. We'd need folks to coordinate vanpools or carpools of volunteers armed with clipboards to places like SF, LA, WALMART shopping centers, Targets, grocery stores, major metro areas, etc. etc. to collect signatures all day from REGISTERED VOTERS.

    We need a couple of folks targeting shows to collect signatures (we do not need 1000 people who are all going to the same show to be collecting sigs, so we need folks who are willing to put their show/working activities on hold for the next few months and devote themselves to this). The more volunteers we have, the better are chances.

    Make no mistakes, this is not an easy task, and very few referenda succeed. This is the time for all dog owners to really get up and WORK to defeat SB 861. It's not over YET (but it will be if we let it). We need you out collecting and recruiting volunteers. Students, friends, family, dog clubs, etc.

    If you intend to volunteer, JOIN THIS GROUP --


    And we need this NOW - ASAP. No time to waste. 90 day deadline after the bill becomes effective. Come Monday (or TUE if closed on MONDAY for the holiday) I will be calling to get more information on this.

    Anyone who wants to work against us, divide us, or impede our efforts.... you might as well go join Speier's campaign for Lt. Governor. We have absolutely NO room for that right now.

    Don't have time? Neither do I. But I'll make the time. Please try, or don't whine when this bill becomes effective. It's pathetic and sad, but we have never been able to get the numbers of support we need from the dog community in California to make a dent. Now we need to change that or kiss our rights as dog owners goodbye.

    -Dawn Capp-
    There is a button where you can donate to the effort (I think there is a filing fee for the referendum plus we'll have mucho costs for papers, ink, clipboards, gas, etc.)

    P.S. Have a kid in college? Know a kid in college -- ask them to mobilize their fellow students!

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