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Wanting to breed, Need pointers

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by kreak, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. kreak

    kreak New Member

    Hello all, im wanting to know the top blood lines of pits because i want to keep the breed alive. if anyone could give me tips i'd appreciate it
  2. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Read as much as you can get your hands on...True's site has a list of books to look at and READ... Once you figure out what dogs you like that are mentioned (there are a LOT of top pit strains/lines out there and Colby is indeed one of them) That part is totally subjective and it's not the bloodline necessarily involved that makes a good pit or a bad one...proving them in performance or show is where it's at...to do that requires an ADBA registered pit...UKC too... To learn what bloodline you want to perpetuate and keep and show and work ya gotta read and study up on dogs. You can read and do online searches for names you read about...breeders listed and that kind of thing. Richard Stratton is a good start...his books are full of names and lines and breeders along with facts on the breed and whatnot.

    Don't breed dogs that haven't seen a show ring or performance event...third party judgement calls by educated people in the breed will help to determine when dogs are worthy of breeding...


  3. Rice and Gravy

    Rice and Gravy New Member


    Your reply to Kreak helped me out. Thank You. However, why is it considered wrong to breed a dog that hasn't been shown or worked?
  4. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Like Sara said, Please read.

    There are books on lines, on the APBT, on breeding and on genetics. These are all important things to read.

    As far as bloodlines

    Some lines to stay away from (which are impure would be) Gotti, Grayline, Razor's Edge, Chevy, Dagger, Whopper. Others are pure but not good reps of the breed or may have problems like conformation, health temperament- some watchdog stuff has been ruined (poor structure and health problem one is heart problems), a lot of the York line has been ruined (again bad structure), a lot of the May Day stuff is poorly bred (very ill tempered dogs), most Bullyson (extremely bad structure leading to health problem), there is a lot of crappy bred Colby dogs as it got so popular (this includes health, health temperament and structure problems). A lot of the stuff that might be "popular" doesn't always mean good. Popularity of a line will ruin that line just as quickly as popularity of a breed hurts the breed, too many poor breeders get ahold of the line/breed. There is more, but this is just some.

    Lines I'd say are generally good would be Villines, Boogieman, Old Family Red Nose (although I've seen a lot of crap breeders out there so it depends on the source), Sorrells, Wilke Makit, Redboy/Turtlebuster, some of the Tab stuff is nice, there is some good Nigerino out there but a lot thats overbred, some Redboy/Jocko, some Colby from the right source, some of the old original Bullyson, there are a lot of others.

    No one can go through every line in a short summary, its just something you learn over time through research and other breeders.
  5. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Working and showing a dog PROVES that it is superior for it's breed and is worthy of being bred and spreading it's genetics. Otherwise you're just breeding a pet that hasn't proven it's worth against the breed standard.


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