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Well.... We Decided to Get Hunter Fixed

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by DaveM26, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. DaveM26

    DaveM26 New Member

    When we first purchased our "Brittany Spanial" Hunter we had plans on showing him, Then we changed our minds and decided to Keep Hunter as a family pet and to have fun with Agility. I really wanted to wait till Hunter was at least an year old before getting him fixed, But last Monday shortly after he hit 6 months of age, he started to some bad habbits like lifting his leg and peeing inside the house like crazy ( for unknown reasons) he always wanted to "go go go" when off leash then he started with grabbing onto the legs and almost anything he could get his paws around. So we broke down and had him fixed early at 6 months old . He was fixed this mourning at 9am, I really wanted to go see him tonight but the vet didnt want him to get excitted so now we have to wait till tomouro afternoon.


    I was wondering what can I expect for the next couple of days once he arrives home ? and approx how long before fully recouvery before he can go back out to the off leash park?


    He normally sleeps in his crate with NO blanket as i'm scared he will chew it and choke on small pieces of the blanket, Now that hes had this operation should I give him some type of material to lay down on?

    Does anyone know of any good pet centers that carry "hard to bite off beds"?

    last question is will all the bad habbits he started to get into. with humping the legs and anything he could get his paws around stop now that he is fixed?

    another thing I noticed was he was starting to get agressive towards other male dogs at the park will this all go away?

    Heres a picture of my 6 month old Brittany Hunter


    thanks again and sorry about all the questions

  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    All the signs are of a maturing dog these are normal and usually pass once they have been neutered.
    He will still behave like this for a couple of months till his hormone levels start to drop.

    Here in the uk once the animals have come round from surgery and are eating and drinking they can come home never an over night stay unless they did not come out of the surgery very well.

    I would give him some sort of bedding to sleep on but also make sure he does not pull out his stitches.

    Dog agressive behaviour can be sorted by socialisation classes and total control from you. Stopping the behaviour before it gets worse is the best way to succeed.

  3. deb2950

    deb2950 New Member

    I love these dog beds

    after going through numerous dog beds I found this place and I couldn't recommend it more. I have them for both my dogs and they are wonderful. Easy to wipe clean and so far indestructible. I have the Cordura model, they also have the titan.

  4. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    Hey Dave, Hunter sure is a cutie! PM Jamiya from the general dog board. I know one of her dogs eats her beds. Maybe she can help you!
  5. myshihpoo

    myshihpoo New Member

    Congratulations on the decision... you'll be so happy you did this. I know right now you aren't feeling so "happy"..... As they said, all those bad habits that you described are definitely normal for an unneutered male. The six months of age is a perfect time for neutering (at least that's what my vet says). As far as the habits and if they will stop right away? The answer is yes, they'll stop.. but NOT RIGHT AWAY. My dog was pretty bad with h*mping his toys and people's arms/legs (he really never started on the leg left thing)... he probably continued to do it for a couple of weeks-ish after his surgery. And to answer your question regarding the recovery, your baby should be close to "normal" within a few days. I was told not to let our dog jump up or run for the few days, but after that he was back to normal and everything was fine.
    Here is something you may already know, but I surely didn't! Since he was my first dog, I didn't know any of this! LOL... but, I was really concerned right after his surgery because of the "sack"... it was still there! and LOL@me, I guess I just assumed it went bye-bye too! So, if you are wondering, it eventually does! It just sort of atrophies into the body! lol... (now you are probably laughing at me, aren'tcha?)

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