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Went to the shelter to pick up a foster....ended up with two

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by DogAndBigCatMomma, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. DogAndBigCatMomma

    DogAndBigCatMomma New Member

    I got a call a week ago from my friend who runs a local no kill shelter. She asked me if I had room or time for a foster as they are getting pretty full up. So I told her to give me a week to get the big cats settled into their new enclosures and settle in little Zepher. But that I would call her and let her know when I could come pick somebody up.

    Now im not gonna lie and did ask her for a fairly easy to place foster. Just because spring is a busy time here. So I went to pick up our new foster yesterday with my daughter. When we got there we were introduced to Roo. An absolutely beautiful male fawn Pit Bull (possible mix). Sweet as can be and was a owner surrender due to the original owner moving out of state and not wanting to take Roo :x :roll:. My friend assured me that he should go fast since he is well trained, gets along great with kids, other dogs, and cats. Really the only thing holding him back is his Bully breed.

    Well on my way out to fill out the forms for Roo I noticed a fairly nice sized Beagle mix cowering and shaking in the back corner of a kennel. So being the big sucker I am I paused and asked my friend if the poor pup was just brought in today. She shook her head and told me "no, he's been here for two weeks and thats all he does. Im still trying to find someone to foster him".

    So I TRIED to walk away.........TRIED but once again im a sucker. So I gave hubby a phone call to ask if we could take on one more foster......Lol needless to say he was wasent quick to jump on the band wagon. Especially after hearing that the hound fears men. But he is quite the sucker for a animal in need as well and okayed it.

    So meet our two new fosters. Roo and Lucas

    Roo says he is looking for his forever home!

    Lucas at the shelter. This was the picture I took on the phone to show hubby. Could you blame me for taking this boy in?

    Roo pretending to be a shark

    Lucas exploring the facility. He is still a very nervous dog. But he is doing much better here than he was at the shelter.

    Roo being cute and goofy. Typical pitty!

    Lucas on my daughters bed. He slept in her room last night and now it seems like its his "safe spot".
  2. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Kudo's to you!!! I k now, every time i get called to foster, its always more than i intended. LOL I'm such a sucker myself....
  3. DogAndBigCatMomma

    DogAndBigCatMomma New Member

    Lol hubby hates it when I bring home more than one. Not that that often stops me :oops:. I do understand his point. We are constantly going through a influx of animals of all shapes, and sizes through our home. But it does help that we have GREAT kids who all love animals almost more than their mom :wink: . Its nice to know that my husband and I never forced them to help out with the sanctuary and farm but they all do it anyway.

    My daughter for example really has some sort of draw for Lucas. He just perks up and has even wagged his tail a bit when she talks to him. I have to keep reminding her that he is foster and she knows the rules. Which she just rolled her eyes at and nodded. She knows I wish I could keep them all.
  4. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Lucas reminds me of the girl my husband brought home from work. Apparently the dog was just dying to get into the shop where he works and so he went out to see her... She was a little underweight and very sweet. She's a blue version of Lucas basically. So we had her at our house and Andy loved her and whatnot but she was NOT cut out for the lifestyle of all of our dogs. I thought about taking her to a rescue but decided that those places are even more wild than my house so decided to work it out with the husband to find her a home.

    At my house she was so upset with all the wilds that she wasn't eating...she was a little bit of an aggressive girl if pressed so I didn't want to buddy her up with Datvi, just in case... Anyway my husband asked a co-worker who'd been looking for a larger dog to add to his pack (two weener dogs) and he and his wife both wanted a hound... So they took her a couple months ago... She BLOSSOMED into a perfect little kids dog. I guess when Andy dropped her off at the house she immediately went and jumped on the couch next to the kids as if she's always been there. She's fat and sassy now...

    Maybe you ended up with an extra but just MAYBE Lucas will surprise you and be easier to place than expected. :wink:

    Good luck...they both look sweet as can be!!!

    Oh and I want pics of your big cats...

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