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what breed should I get?

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by fishy_chick, May 10, 2004.

  1. fishy_chick

    fishy_chick New Member

    I'm looking into possibly getting a horse. I want a 17-18hh chestnut. I'm not an expert rider, but I'm average, so I'd like something calm and well tempered. Does anyone know what breed would be the best for me right now?
  2. OTTB lvr

    OTTB lvr New Member

    how tall are you, and what discipline would you most be riding?
  3. fishy_chick

    fishy_chick New Member

    I'm 5'7" and would just be riding for pleasure. I'll do some jumping just for fun, but nothing competitive.
  4. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Ok. Do you know how tall 17-18hh is??? thats almost 8feet at the withers!!!

    with you height I wouldn't reccommend anything over 15.5

    You really need to try out all breeds. Every horse is diffrent. So you can't sterotype one horse to be like the whole breed.

    Thouroughbreds and quarter horse are what will probably suit your needs.
  5. Malithemole

    Malithemole New Member

    first of all there is nothing that is 15.5 it is 51.1 15.2 15.3 and 16H, i am also 5'7 and i have a small TB she is 15.2 but anything over 16H is great for a talled rider. and the breed well i like QH and TB but just look for temperments they are all different
  6. horses93

    horses93 New Member

    the averge horse is 15hs i think you should get a quater horse
  7. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    I'm 5'9" and i have a 15.2 quarter horse. 16H is pretty tall so 17-18H is HUGE!!! :shock: It may seem my horse isn't really porportional ot my hieght, but he is. Any shorter and it would look funny, but he is big and stocky so that kind of balances out what he lacks in height. my suggestion to you is to research different breeds and talk to some knowledgable people around you. (something I highly recommend) then just tell people you are looking for a horse, let the horses come to you. and don't get stuck on a price either. If you say you are willing to pay 4,000$ for a horse, every horse you look at will be 4,000$. Keep your mind open as well. I didn't want a horse that was under 15.3, that was younger than 5 and that was a blue roan. Well, i got a 15.1, 3year old blue roan and he is that highlight of my day when i see him. so don't rule out anything. also, if you find that perfect horse, get a vet check before you buy it. if it doesn't work out it will cause you a whole lot less pain now than if you have to watch your horse suffer in later years. Good luck and i hope i helped! :wink:
  8. Sway_13

    Sway_13 New Member

    Although all horses are different, I wouldn't suggest getting a Standardbred or Arabian because these horses tend to have a lot of character and can be hard to handle for a rider that's not experienced.
  9. ya_gotta_luv_em

    ya_gotta_luv_em New Member

    i would agree on not gettin a standardbred or an arabian. i also wouldnt get a young thoroughbred. unless you really knew what you were doing but i think a QH or a breed with a similar temperament. i have a 15hh 8yo standardbred, and she is not an average riders horse. so when you go looking at horses, make sure you can handle them really well before buying
  10. CockatielCrazy87

    CockatielCrazy87 New Member

    Arabians are so nice. I have a young Gelding named Topic and he's my all time favorite horse ourt of our 12 :shock: . A Rocy Mountain could work too. Arabs get to be about 15hh and Rocky Mountains can range from 14.2-16hh. I really think with your height a 16hh horse is the tallest you should go in my opinion. Qh's are nice to like people sad before.

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