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What do I do in case of a power outage?

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by nightowl, May 31, 2004.

  1. nightowl

    nightowl New Member

    We just had about a 15 minute power outage and it got me to thinking. How long will fish last without the filter or an airstone running? I have a 10 gallon full of baby mollies, 2 10 gallons full of guppies and another 10 gallon with some adults. I am in the process of getting a 35 gallon set up for the mollie babies until they are ready to be sold.Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. fabbyfishies

    fabbyfishies New Member

    I've had power outages lasting a couple of hours, and my fishies were fine. they can go without filtration fine during the power outs, but if you are worried about them getting no oxygen in their water, agitate the surface of their water every once in a while to add some oxygen.

    Another thing, supposedly power outages can cause water to go up the tubeing to the pump part when you have an airstone set up... that will wreck it. having a special part you can buy from the LPS that you attach to the tube will stop this, or, just elevate the pump part above the tank so the water can't go up the tube.
  3. grnlemonade

    grnlemonade New Member

    actually i have seen little "generators" at my local fish store that run off of batteries. these sense that when a power-outage occurs, they kickup and start running. they sound like a good idea and dont cost more then $15 i believe.
  4. nightowl

    nightowl New Member

    I saw something like that at petsmart or petco's websites. I will probably order some but I will need 4 or 5 and I just ordered the "guts" for a 35 gallon aquarium!
  5. Hooben

    Hooben New Member

    If your tanks are relatively within limits before the outage strikes, then don't worry. I have temporarily kept guppies in 5 gallon buckets for a week without any problems and no airstone. If an outage lasted that long, the key would be not to feed them. Also after a week your filters bacteria would be dead. But c'mon, where do outages last that long? Don't buy the emergency air, they will be fine! I have 8 tanks and they have done fine in 1 hour power outages.
  6. nightowl

    nightowl New Member

    Hooben-Have you ever been in an Arkansas ice storm?!(LOL!)We lost power for almost a week a few years ago!This doesn't happen often but occasionally it does.Thanks for the reply. Only one of my tanks is seriously overloaded with babies but I'm setting up a larger "grower" tank this week to put them in until they are big enough to sell. We have a new fish store that is buying from local growers so I thought I'd give it a try.Thanks again!
  7. Hooben

    Hooben New Member

    Wow, one week power outages. I had no idea...
    Glad you could find a home for the extra fry.
  8. nightowl

    nightowl New Member

    It doesn't happen that often, but it is possible! We live on a dirt road and were not high priority when it happened. Usually our outages last less than a day! The guy at the fish store seemed tickled that I had the fish to sell-thank goodness!Otherwise-what would I do with 70 mollies!
  9. ceveretts

    ceveretts New Member

    I am in Londodn Ontario Canada and last summer I had no power for 2 days!!! It was crazy $%!* I think parts of the U.S. were affected by the power outage also, though I don't remember which ones! It was insane like in florida right before a hurricane!!! Everyone rushing to buy stuff, malls closed down for no power we were incapacitated! Thank God for batteries in the radio or I may have died! We had to throw out sooo much food it was sad a whole box of frozen fillet mingnon! Wish we had a bbq then!!! Anyways enough about us My fish were without air and filtration for the whole time The tank got hotter then having no heater then it has ever been! I only had one fish dye but I almost died of worry for them! :shock:
  10. nightowl

    nightowl New Member

    Thank you! That is one of my main worries-with the hot summer.
  11. ceveretts

    ceveretts New Member

    I should have said I have about 30 fish, so 1 in around 46 hours of blackout was not bad at all! Also I was not aware when I bought that perticular breed that it had been coloured (which I do not agree with) so it was not healthy probably to begin with unfortunately. I do remember that the tank was so hot I was using ice to cool it and at that time ice was like gold! But I love my fishies (and so you know it didn't work so if it happens to you a large tank say 50g or more you would need too much ice to part with to make a difference. So the moral of my story is the fish did fine more than likely the fact that I change water and filter media as suggested so if all is o.k., :D then they can do just fine!

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