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What is your favorite small animal?

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by pompeii, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. pompeii

    pompeii New Member

    I have to say, as for small pets, guinea pigs are by far one of my favorites.
  2. nern

    nern New Member

    I really like rabbits, guinea pigs and rats but I'd have to say rabbits are probably my favorite.
  3. pompeii

    pompeii New Member

    Nern, what kind of dog is posted in your avatar? I keep trying to guess, but because of the size of the picture I'm stumped. After you tell me, I'll tell you what possibilities I was thinking. I just don't want to embarass myself beforehand...
  4. Steffi

    Steffi New Member

    I've owned both rabbits and hamsters, and they made excellent pets. I've never owned a guinea pig, even though are SO adorable!! :3
  5. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    i had a gerbil and he was the coolest thing But now i have 3 red bellied newts and there pretty cool to 8)
  6. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    i have owned hampsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits etc.. i used to breed them and they r all sooo cute when they r born but my favorite of all has got to be guniea pigs and rabbits its a tie between those 2...lol
  7. nern

    nern New Member

    She is an Australian Shepherd/Redbone Coonhound X. :D
  8. pompeii

    pompeii New Member

    Your dog is beautiful!

    I was thinking a louisiana catahoula leopard dog, so I guess sizewise I wasn't TOO far off.

    For the embarassing part, now, because of the way the picture looks (don't laugh!) I thought she may be some type of dachshund mix. :lol:
  9. nern

    nern New Member

    Thanks. :D

    My vet also thought she was a catahoula or a catahoula x the first time I took her there. LOL and judging from my pictures its seems that many people think she looks part dachshund...not to worry, your not alone. ;)
  10. steven24681

    steven24681 New Member

  11. klf

    klf New Member

    I have had everything that was allowed in our house(no spiders or snakes!)

    my two faves are piggies....clean and very social. though i only like the rough coat types(others look like short nose rats!) :oops: Sorry rat people!

    and turtles fun to watch, feed!
  12. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    I've had hamsters and rabbits before.

    All of them were great pets but I'd have to say that my first hamster Hammy ( I know, so original! Give me a break I was 6!) was my favorite out of them all. He was so social. Everytime I would put my hand in his cage he would sit on my palm and want me to take him out and when I would go to pick up his food bowl he would jump in it and curl up! I think he thought that I couldn't see him. :)
  13. Trixiepoo

    Trixiepoo New Member


    - I dont recommend hamsters becuz i have one and i feel really bad that I have him now because all he wants to do is get out and he doesn't like to run in his ball anymore I dont know how to make her happy
  14. fuzzychubby

    fuzzychubby New Member

    i recommed hamsters! there nice pets. the best are russian dwarfs. but make sure the one you pick dosent bite!!!
    any who! i think any type of critter like hamsters,gerbles,chinchillas,rats,mice, you name it are the best!!!! :y_the_best: :y_the_best:
  15. CriTTerLuVeR

    CriTTerLuVeR New Member

    My ferrets are awsome :D , and my ground squirrel is awsome :D , and my hamster is awsome :D , and my turtle is awsome :D , and my pot bellied pig is awsome :D ... I used to own sugar gliders and hedghogs too, and they were also awsome! :mrgreen:

    i supose those are my favorite small animals! :y_the_best:
  16. OneWolvesDream

    OneWolvesDream New Member

    well everyones will be what pets they have but yeah mine is a hamster and guess what i have? a hamster :!: :p but i always wanted a farret
  17. OTTB lvr

    OTTB lvr New Member

    I've always loved my mice and rats, but was forced to give them (along with my reptiles) to a friend a few years back because my uni wouldn't let me keep them :(
  18. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    my favorite is my chameleons. I had 4 but one got really sick and passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was gorgeous and had the nicest colors.

    I spent hundreds tryign to save him, but in the end they never figured out what was wrong with him. Although I love reptiles, these 3 will be my last. I couldn't go through that again.

    If I were to ever get another small animal it would be a turtle. I love them, but for now I will focus on my dog and 3 chams.
  19. kcgfish

    kcgfish New Member

    :D turtles rock yall! wuts wrong wichu? :wink:
  20. Jody

    Jody New Member

    I would say Bunnie's, they are so cute and fluffy!

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