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whats the funniest thing your dog does or has done?

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by honeybears, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    thought we needed some humor here. so what are some of your stories?

    for me is when Jake was younger he was obsessed with water and the bathtub. the 2nd he heard the bath water running he would run like he** to get to it and do the big splash and jump in. he broke the door once, he had no problems if someone was already in, he would climb in and join you :roll:

    now that he is over the hill, he still likes water but his jumping into the bathtub days are over.
  2. mumofmany

    mumofmany New Member

    Our bishon frise, Jackson, loves a back rub of any sort. He also is a real 'daddy's boy'. Every time my husband sits down on the lounge, jackson climbs up, climbs onto his daddy's lap, puts his paws over daddy's arm and begins to make growly noises.
    If daddy doesn't respond quick enough, he grabs at daddy's arm to remind him of his duty.

    Of couse, daddy's knows his role in life and rubs and pats Jacky as fast as possible, humming all the time.Then daddy finishes with a smack on Jackson's butt.
    That's when the fun really starts...Jackson growls low, and grabs daddy's arm to start it all over again.
    We wouldn't trade him for quids! He's so cute.
  3. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    my Sadie has always been an "old soul" of a dog. But my previous dog - now there was a prankster

    She once pushed my nephew into a pond when he was bent over watching a salamander. Daisy quietly walked right up behind him and bumped his butt with her head sending him flying. Was the funniest thing I ever saw. After he hit the water she turned and walked away.

    Then there was the day she pulled me into a swamp :roll: my son was a baby and we went for a walk (him in the stroller). I had Daisy on her leash and we walked to a little swampy (fresh water though) area. First nice warm sunny day after a long winter and tons of people were out walking. Daisy acted thirsty so stupid me took her down to the water. She pushed me in. I slipped on the wet grass, landed on my back, had to roll over to get out - so I was soaked. Daisy didn't drink. Had to walk home dripping wet, squeaky squishy sneaker dog on leash, child in stroller - it was once of my prouder moments :roll:
  4. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    My dachshund, Olsen, has a big stuffed elephant that is his favorite toy. We often play with him by rolling him on his back and squeeking his elephant on his belly, telling him that "Nelly is getting you". It wasn't long after we started that game that we noticed he'd take Nelly, roll on his back, and wrestle back and forth, squeeking it while he played.

    One day, I noticed he'd taken Nelly over to my partner and started squeeking Nelly against her leg. He was clearly playing "Nelly is getting you", but he was on the other end, LOL. He also squeeks Nelly on our other dog, Kim.

    Now, on occasion, we notice Kim, who is an Alaskan Malamute, laying in the middle of the room with a big grin on her face. The reason becomes clear when she finally decides to stand up. She has all the toys underneath her, so Olsen can't get them.
  5. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    How funny, my Whippet used to 'collect' all the chews and toys and lay on all but the one she was chewing on so my Cocker Mix couldnt have any. :lol:

    I have too many funny stories but heres one (I think I already mentioned it in here though) Gypsy, my 5# Chi Mix liked to catch mice, one night, my daughter and me sitting in front of the TV with the lights out as we were watching "I know what you did last summer" (scary movie) Gypsy jumped up onto the couch then up towards my shoulder and almost 'shoved' her latest kill into my face, all I saw was this limp thing hanging from her jaws, I screamed, my daughter screamed, Gypsy got 'catapulted' in one direction and the mouse in another direction. Poor Gypsy, she wasnt hurt but wouldnt come near me for a few days....she never did bring me another present. :shock:
  6. tuttifrutti

    tuttifrutti New Member

    lol! all these stories are too funny!

    haha, how 'bout rangers protectiveness? let's see...i have been protected from leaves, my neighbor, a flag....and everything i might actually need protection from? he hides behinds my legs, lol. o yah, he also had a trick when he was little called "kill it". we'd put a toy on the floor and tell him to "kill it". he'd then attack it like his life depended on it, lol.

    and snickers.... despite the fact that she, a 40 lb dog, not only thinks she's a lap dog, but she loves to be held while you're standing up. sometimes i pick her up when she gets out and i didn't think to grab a leash, and when we get home, even though my arms are extremely tired, she fights against being put down, and tries to put her head on your shoulder and cuddle up. lol, it's the funniest thing. silly doggy :mrgreen:
  7. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    When the dogs were puppies my dad said we were NOT aloud to be in the recliner for ANY reason. We threatened us with our allowance and everything. So we go to town and come back to find my dad sitting in the recliner with BOTH puppies in it with him.
  8. Sara

    Sara New Member


    Well Honijade just a couple days ago decided it was pertinent to protect me from my boyfriend with his drill... BUT if he actually aimed it at her and "drilled" she ran back barking the whole way... She LOVES protecting me from the BF and it's often times quite funny... ALL under control and in fun... She broke a bamboo stick in half once "protecting" me... WHAT a nut...

    Funniest thing though is the FIRST instance I found out that she LIKES to get dressed up... We moved into our new house and it's been cold because we're worried about the new heat bill... ANYWAY...she was caught shivering so I ran to the store to get her a sweatshirt...NOT sure if she'd wear it but...it would keep her warm... WELL she posed with it on...pranced around and REFUSED to let me take it off of her... I've gotten her a couple of outfits and she LOVES it!!! NOT just because it's warm but she really is proud of her cute little dressed up self... TOUGH pit bull I have!
  9. nern

    nern New Member

    When I come home from work Natalie always has to grab something off the floor to carry in her mouth when she greets me. The other day she came up to me with the remote to the TV hanging out of her mouth and the day after that she carried around a cardboard box that I had out for the cats. She does'nt chew the items she just likes to carry them around for a few minutes when I get home. These are just two of the silly things she has grabbed but there have been others...I just can't think of them right now. :mrgreen:
  10. grnlemonade

    grnlemonade New Member

    wow nern, my golden retriever spencer also always has to bring a toy to anyone that enters the house ....he too has brought the remote control on occassion......a few other items inclue a slipper, a pillow, an empty gatorade bottle, of course his normal toys, and a few other items i cant think of right now.

    my other dog, holly a black labrador retriever, every day in the summer will hop the garden fence that is used to keep rabbits out, eat every cherry tomato she can find, then leave. Before her we would have tons of bowls full of tomatos, now we are lucky if we get one bowl every few weeks.....she LOVES tomatos, if she even sees one in my hands she will immediantly sit and wont take her eyes off it......you can tell when she eats them too becuase they can make her gassy and she will burp in my face while im petting her and i get a nice whiff of tomatoes.
  11. maxkicker

    maxkicker New Member

    my gf made a new rule about dogs on the new couch and un the winter we sleep in there cause its warmer so buffy and vickie(gf) have been fighting alot cause buffy loves to sleep with me
    anyway so i wake up one morning and vickie is in the shower and buffy is all cuddled up with me. lol so i just looked at her and said im way too tired to get you off the couch but you better hope vick dont catch you

    about that time i here the door open and shut and vick walkin down the hall so lol i dont want vick yellin at me so i acted like i was asleep and buffy jumps off the couch and she played asleep aswell..the crazy dog jumped right back on the couch as soon as vick left the room again ..man shes smart lol
  12. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    Well, this may not be very politically correct or whatever but a dog I had a few years ago, Stanley, did something that I still find hilarious. There was this man Barry who was friends with my mom. I hated him. Anyways, he had cerebral palsy so he had these crutch things. One day he came to our house and Stanley started barking at him and biting his crutches and pulled one away from him. It was funny. I thought anyway.
  13. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    love your stories :D So sarah do you have pics of of Honijade in her new outfits?
  14. Sara

    Sara New Member

    No I haven't yet... Between moving and all that jazz...I've not been to get Film and the BF won't relinquish his Digital... BUT with these puppies on their way you can BET he'll be giving me the camera for a week at LEAST... I'll get pics of her in her little outfits then... Not many outfits in the arsenal yet but...soon! We just got her a black T with rinestones on it in the shape of a Dog Bone and inside it says... "Bling Bling"...LOL... Need to get her matching rinestone collar and leash for that T...LOL... She loved it of course... NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think I'd have a dog that liked to wear outfits!
  15. RowdyNicconLava

    RowdyNicconLava New Member

    Living with my dogs its pure comedy everyday lol. But I'll give a few examples.

    When we very first got Nicco and Rowdy from the shelter they were two balls of energy and puppy teeth (ow ow ow lol). Once they gained up on my BF Brenden when they were 7 months old lol. Brenden was the one to play rough with them you know wrestle and such I told him it wasent a good idea and that they needed to veiw him as a alpha and not a litter mate but he did'nt want to listen to me :roll: . So one day he was walking down the stairs and Rowdy came up behind him and barked really loud that it shocked him and as he fell down the last couple of stairs Nicco had joined in lol. They were jumping all over him barking and nipping like "lets play lets play!!!" but he was laying on the floor with the wind knocked out of him lol.

    We got Lava when Nicco and Rowdy were 3 years old and we had mastered two pitties lol and wanted to rescue anouther and had the time and ability to do so. so about 2 months after bringing Lava home from the shelter he had really settled in and was real comfortable with Nicco and Rowdy and became the third brother lol. One day Nicco shredded up a roll of papers towels. While my bf was reprimanding him (just yelling and pointing) Lava walked up to my husband to show him how he felt about him yelling at one of his big bros and hiked his leg and peed right on my bf's leg lol.

    thats about it those are the funniest and Puppy hasent been here long enough to do anything too funny lol but I love him.
  16. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Oh that reminds me... My dogs tattle...

    Generally Honijade beleives she can get away with murder while I'm in the tub... Well I usually have Monty out at the same time and so they're together... You'd think they'd think up ways to work together to get into mischef...HOWEVER that's not the case... If all is well they both lie around in the living room... They wrastle a bit but that doesn't last long when I'm around... BUT every now and then I find myself relaxing and Monty sitting staring at me... Like he wants to go out or food or something... He goes out to the living room when I ask "what?" but comes right back...kinda like he's done something bad...tail down, head down, looking at me...then sits down and stares at the door... USUALLY this indicates that Honijade is into something she's not allowed to be into... First time I checked to see what his problem was and low and behold found Honijade trying to eat an ink pen on the couch!
  17. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    Oh, I had a tattler too. A little beagle bitch who was most vocal about tattling on the other dogs.

    Once, many years ago, I had baked some bread to take to work for a pot luck dinner. It was winter and I went outside to start my car and let it warm up. As I was walking back to the house, I heard Duggy barking her best "I'm tellin' Mom" bark, and wondered who was into what. When I opened the door, my loaf of bread was running across the floor! One of the dachshunds had gotten it, chewed a hole in it, and had it stuck on her head. She was the same color as the bread, so it really did look like the bread had sprouted legs and was running, LOL. I don't know where she thought she was going with it; maybe the toaster?
  18. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Thats too funny :lol: :lol:

    I dont think Ive ever had a tattler but a Pit that I rescued a few years back....the owner had got a little annoyed as Joey (the Pit) had decided to 'make himself a cave' in the leather chair :shock: he chewed right into it and was hiding in there when the owner got home....(I told the owner previously to get a crate for Joey but he didnt listen) Anyway I took Joey home with me, one of my other dogs BJ was about 6 months old at the time and had done some damage to my couch previously so I was getting ready to replace it. I'd told my daughter to crate BJ (she had some dog aggression problems) if she went out before I got home from work...she forgot, I opened the front door and I couldnt see the carpet....AT ALL...all I could see was the stuffing from the couch cushions...just a big mass of shredded stuffing with 3 of the dogs sitting in the middle, stuffing in their mouths, in their ears, took me a while to find Gypsy (my chi mix) who was buried in it...they were all trying to look innocent....I guess the look on my face was enough and they all creeped off into their crates....It was one of those situations where if you dont laugh you'll cry....I laughed!!! then I got myself a beer, phoned my daughter at her friends house and told her she needed to come home because her dog (BJ) had made a bit of a mess.....she almost feinted when she saw it. To this day she still thinks BJ was the only culprit :lol:
  19. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    :m39: Those are such funny stories! I love the loaf of bread running! I can totally picture it!
  20. Maisey

    Maisey New Member

    Obviously dogs are funny! Great stories.

    My favorite for Witt is one I wish I had on video tape, because it was just so odd.
    I enrolled Witt in beginning flyball class and he loved going. At one class we were doing an excercise that was supposed to teach the dogs to get up on the box with all fours, it was a first step in getting a good swimmers turn which is supposed to be better on their bodies and of course makes for a quicker turn. The instructor, was also the Captain of our flyball team that Dooley plays on and had known Witt since I got him. In order to get the dogs up onto the box she put an obstacle in front of the box, in this case she used a jump that she had removed one side off of and placed it at an angle in front of the box..imagine a capital L ..the dog has to jump over the bottom part onto the box and then go around the back part to complete the turn. Well every other dog in class either refused it or went over it. Some even stopped and would lean over , steal the ball and run back. Witt often see's things differently than other dogs and this time was no exception. He busted butt down and over the jumps, got to the box and came to a halt, quickly accessed the new situation and then grabbed the half jump with his mouth and pulled it out of the way, then grabbed the ball as usual and came back to me proud as a peacock. I was shocked and laughing, when I looked up my instructor was laughing too. She couldn't believe he had done that. She said it was the first time she had ever seen a dog do that. We tried a couple more times and each time he did the same thing. She decided to pull the jump out of the way and she stood in it's place. This time Witt ran down and did it perfect. So from then on she would be the stand in when it was Witt's turn. That was not the only time durring that class that she had to rethink a technique, and adjust it for him. He graduated the class and although we don't compete with him in flyball he gets to play at practices now and then.

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