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When your cats are mad... what do they do? How do they act?

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by EternalFlame, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. EternalFlame

    EternalFlame New Member

    Razberry is such a card i swear.

    he's usually always such a happy go lucky kitten, but when he gets into something he shouldnt and i yell at him or move him away from whatever it is, he twitches his tail.

    He'll just stand there 'looking around' his tail twitching like 5 times before he moves on and all is well again.
  2. lilsisterz62

    lilsisterz62 New Member

    I know what my old kitty did once when he got mad...but that was already posted in another topic...I look back on that as my Joe Rockhead and the toaster incident.

    Now, I have Moses and he never does anything wrong...oh wait...he claws the couch..but I tell him to stop and he does. He is the most well behaved critter I have ever had. He never begs or jumps on the counter or drags the trash out of the can. Gosh, he musta got a double dose of manners, he is great. :m10:

    Then there's Mickey..everything Moses is, Mickey is the opposite. If I yell at him for doing something he just tries to fake that "I'm a dumb ol'hillbilly" look at me and runs for the security of my daughter. I can go on forever about the curtains he's ruined and dresses he's climbed up, the dozens of water glasses he's spilled over just to watch it. He is an absolute mess. But, I'm sure anyone can tell who's my fav....he never gives you a moment's peace..life would be soo boring with out Mickey.


    Oh, PS...my house is now an official 'ball of fur battle ground' Mickey's got things just about where he likes 'em...everthing everywhere.


    See ya,

  3. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    Punk usually pouts.

    But one time I made him really mad, just b/c I didn't want to pet him at the time. Anyways, he got right in front of where I was sitting so I could see him and peed on some papers I had on the floor. They were very important papers. While he was peeing he was watching me. I was shocked. I yelled at him and he just walked casually away.

    I had another cat, Whitey, who would do sort of the same thing. If he was mad about something he would pee right in front of you. He never really got mad at me so I didn't have much of a problem with it. It was almost always directed towards my step-dad. lol. He would go up and pee on his car. Pee on the walls in the house when my stepdad was looking. It would make my stepdad so mad. lol. (i dislike my stepdad by the way) HE was a great cat.
  4. Bente

    Bente New Member

    When Kyrre was younger he would always act like a total softie after I yelled at him, he would curl up in my lap and beg for attention and forgiveness. But now.... I'm the one that has to beg :? Especially if we have to bath him. He pouts for days... :mrgreen:
  5. i_love_my_ollie

    i_love_my_ollie New Member

    wen i tell ollie off he looks at me with those cute eyes as in to say "ha i know u cant stay mad at me u love me to much" and darn it hes rite!! the only time he dont do this is wen hes on the table as he knows he is no way allowd on it but apart from that he knows im to much of a softy
  6. luna

    luna New Member

    shadow growles when shes mad at you and she ignores you. like when shes sleeping in my lap and i have to move after a few hours she lookes at me, growles, and leaves. if i leave her for moe than a few hours she ignores me and becomes my moms cat, but she always comes back sooner or later.

    buster bites you when hes mad at you. you know when hes getting mad because his ears go back, his tounge sticks out, then he attackes. he can hold a grudge. mom was working a few years ago and buster hated it. he would bite the back of her leg and he had to be pulled off. hes just now starting to get over it.

    mr. jingle, the bird from hell, just bites, hisses, and throws water and food at you.

    abby doesn't get mad at you unless you lay on her then she moves and ignores you for 5 min. when she comes back to lick you.
  7. Ginny

    Ginny New Member

    My Cassie doesn't ever seem to get mad at me! She's always been a bit of a nervy cat, but has always been so loving towards me. She doesn't seem to have a sulky bone in her body .. what a treasure!

  8. ChinookLover89

    ChinookLover89 New Member

    Well lets see here with Demon he growls when I move him away from something he can't have, when i yell at him he just glares at me, and nowadays he's been the cup tipper lol.

    Rebel doese the tail twitching when she gets mad and also likes to run under the couch.

    Handsome will completely ignore me after he gets in trouble he can do it for days and it kills me and he know's it lol.

    Gizmo doesent really get angry he just stares at me like i don't understand why your yelling but ok I'll just do it later.

    I have yet to Sage mad just yet she's just so mellow and laid back.
  9. nern

    nern New Member

    I don't recall my cats really getting mad at me but Tiddy gets mad if he's laying on or near you and another animal comes over. He gets up quickly jumps down and kind of jogs quickly out of the room with his ears back grumpling a bit. Rhiannon gets really mad when any of the other cats are running around playing if they accidently slide or bump into her. She gets this annoyed look on her face and slaps them hard with her paw. I can just imagine her saying "Hey! Watch where your going!". :mrgreen:
  10. EternalFlame

    EternalFlame New Member

    it's so cool hearing how other kitties express--or in some cases--- dont express their unhappiness with us or situations. :eek:
  11. vene

    vene New Member

    Monty never gets mad at me, only at Rene or other kitties. He'll burr, not meow. It's so funny. When Milo gets mad, he'll thump his tail hard on the floor , back and forth and frown. When Pumpkin gets mad, she'll run away and hide. Rene on the other hand, will attack whomever gets her mad. Thank goodness it's not me. :mrgreen:
  12. Duplantie

    Duplantie New Member

    Mad at me or the other cat

    Chester does not really get mad. She just walks away and ignores you for the rest of the day.

    Drakk on the other hand, if I get mad at him for something or he gets mad at one of the children (never usually me, because he stands behind me to get mad) he stands there and swears at them. It is funny to listen to him chatter on at Yvain and Tanis (the children). But he never does it unless he is on my knee or hiding behind me.
  13. luna

    luna New Member

  14. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    im like cassie...my kitties dont seem to get mad, at least at me. mikey gets mad at chris when chris gets too aggressive. mikey will bop him on the head really hard with his paw...."bop...bop bop bop..." you can hear it...its so loud! lols..

    max gets mad when im in a room with the door closed...bathroom, bedroom....and he will start wiggling the door knob and crying loudly...like louder that you would think a cat could cry....and its not a meow...its a chirp...gutteral...like way back in his throat....sooooo loud....makes me laugh. he does that when he wants attention. cause the minute i come to him, he arches his back, and shoves his head in my hands....

    he is soooooo spoiled....omg....everyday it gets worse... :shock:
  15. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    sorry...double clicked... :roll:

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