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Which Breed is best?

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by puppyinfogathering, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. puppyinfogathering

    puppyinfogathering New Member

    I am looking to get a puppy in the far future (1-2 yrs), and I have been doing extensive information gathering about what kind to get. I want one that doesn't require too much grooming (once a month is fine), that will do well when other dogs come to visit, and that won't snap at small children or other people. I also need one that will do well with travel (by car) and that will be able to move (should I change location). I am considering: Shih-tzu/Bichon, Poodle/Bichon, Bichon/Cocker, Cocker/Poodle, Maltese/Poodle, or Schnauzer/Poodle. Any thoughts? I know that I am asking for a lot, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. ShihPooBoo

    ShihPooBoo New Member

    Hi, and welcome! I'm just curious - what made you decide to look into mixes vs. pure breds? As a NEW Shihpoo owner myself (also did extensive research prior to purchase) I just wondered why you are looking at those mixes in particular. It's been great for me so far, by the way, and I have two kids 4 & 6. :D
  3. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    Hey there!

    Sorry, I don't have any specific info on the mixes that you are considering. I have two female Shih-poos (Shih-tzu/Poodle) and they are just wonderful!!

    My advice would be to go to:


    You will find detailed info on every breed, which should help you determine which mix would fit your lifestyle best. There is even a page dedicated to "poo mixes" so you should check that out also :)

    Good luck & please keep us posted!
  4. puppyinfogathering

    puppyinfogathering New Member

    I actually am also considering a Shih-Tzu/Poodle, I accidentally left it off the list. =0) I have also gone to www.dogbreedinfo.com, and I have looked up the mixes and the purebreds. I am interested in owner's actual experience with such dogs, and I appreciate all of your help. The reason that I am looking at a mix and not a purebred is because mixes generally have fewer hereditary health problems. I had a Sheltie for 12-and-a-half years and we had to put her to sleep on October 3rd. She had inherited liver and kidney problems. Shelties are wonderful, but I just can't get another one. My baby was the best. Also, I am looking for a dog that will not make my allergies go crazy. Another reason that I am looking into those mixes in particular is because of their small size and intelligence. I also found several sites that said wonderful things about Bichons and Bichon mixes. Thanks again!
  5. puppyinfogathering

    puppyinfogathering New Member

    Well, I've narrowed it down (through more research) to the following:
    1.) Shihpoo 2.) Cockapoo 3.) Maltipoo 4.) Shihchon

    Please respond if you have any more information (pros/cons) of these types of dogs. Thank you!
  6. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    First, I'm very sorry about your Sheltie :cry: I can't even imagine how hard that is/was for you.

    Here's my experience with my Shih-poos:

    In my opinion, they are the such wonderful dogs and the best ever (of course, I'm a bit biased ;) ).

    I have two females, littermates and the best of friends. They are super smart, loving, friendly, funny and great lap dogs. I have heard that some Shih-poos can be barkers (I believe coming from the poodle side..), however, mine are just the opposite. I am guessing that a lot of it has to do with the temperament of the parents. The mother of my girls was the sweetest, calmest dog I've ever met. My girls will let out barks every now and then when they are playing with each other and little growls when someone is walking up our driveway.

    They shed very little, which is a huge plus and one of the reasons that I was attracted to the mix. Although I have two, I have very little to vacuum up.. which is still amazing sometimes.

    The mother of my girls was a Shih-Tzu (10 lbs), the daddy a Toy Poodle (7 lbs). Right now, at 7 months old, Molly weighs a little over 7 lbs and Emma is almost 7 lbs. I have noticed that each of them possess a little more of one parent, which is very cool! Molly is much more Shih-tzu like.. very calm (although her sister keeps her active), cautious and her hair is soft and straight. Emma on the other hand is much more like a Poodle.. very active, not afraid of too many things that come her way and her hair is soft and has a slight wave to it. Molly is also built more like a Shih-tzu.. she only weighs a 1/2 lb more than Emma but she's solid.. Emma is a tiny little thing, more Poodle like. Size was a big factor for me also, I wanted a small dog.. around 10 lbs or so.

    It's such a great mix and being a first time dog owner I can't rave enough about them. I spent just over 2 yrs. researching the right mix for me and I couldn't be happier. They are also the cutest looking dogs in the world! :mrgreen: They have such a "teddy-bear" like face that sometimes makes mommy give in too easily... :wink:

    I hope I helped somewhat.. there are many other Shih-poo & Malti-poo owners here.. and I think a Cockapoo owner, but not sure.

    Please keep us posted!
  7. ShihPooBoo

    ShihPooBoo New Member

    Hi! I'm also biased (Shihpoo owner), but I have to say as a new puppy, Boo is aces! :eek: I have only had her a week and a half, and am so pleasantly surprised! The main surprise is her temperament. I have owned poms before, and while I loved them dearly, they had bad knees, one had a genetic heart murmur and were fairly high strung (but still my babies). My current baby Shihpoo is such a sweetheart, barely ever barks, and never cried at night - even wanted to sleep in her crate the first night at our home (her teddy bear in there smelled like her mommy). Such a sweetie, NO shedding that I can tell, and cute as a bug! She seems fairly intelligent as well - in one week she knows that "outside" is for potty. OK, so she's still learning that "inside" is NOT for potty, but that will take longer. :lol:

    I, too, researched for a long time -- purebreds and mixes -- before I decided on the Shihpoo. For many of the same reasons you mentioned -- including a reduction in genetic health problems. I just hated it when my poms knees gave them fits and the murmur caused a lot of complications.
    But the look and temperament of the Shih poo helped me decide in favor of that mix over another. EVERY individual dog is different -- no matter what mix you decide to go with, you may get the ONE dog that doesn't necessarily fit the usual mold for whatever reason. But if you are playing odds and you go with the Shih Poo, you will more often that not get a fairly laid-back, sweet, playful, CUTE, and usually healthy doggie.

    Good luck and keep us posted on what mix you decide to go with (and why).
    I'd say the biggest piece of advice is look at the typical behavior of the dog you're mixing with the poo. The Cocker, the Shih Tzu, the Bichon, Maltese, etc. A BIG part of your new puppy's temperament, looks, and intelligence are going to come from that side of the equation Have fun with your research!!
    . :mrgreen:
  8. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    oh how exciting! I love the puppy-shopping stage!! :) I also have a shihpoo and am willing to answer ANY questions you may have about this mix... My shihpoo will be 1 1/2 years old on Thursday ((((GASP!!!)))) I need to plan a party! LOL
  9. SwtBettyLu

    SwtBettyLu New Member

    Well I have a cute little Maltipoo he is now 6 months old and is such a sweetie :lol: I can only tell you that whatever dog you chose it will be the one for you and you will know it. Good luck :eek:
  10. MollysMom

    MollysMom New Member

    I have a Shihchon. Her mom is a Bichon, dad a Shih Tzu.

    Molly is a great little dog, picked up house training pretty fast. Initially, she was kind of hyper, and not much of a lap dog. She's 5 months old now, and has calmed down considerably, and is becoming a lap dog.
    She loves everybody, including people and other animals. She gets along great with my indoor cat. In fact, they play and wrestle with each other.
    She does require grooming. I took her in for her first a couple weeks ago and she did great. What I like is that she doesn't smell "doggy". She doesn't shed.
    She's been a very healthy little dog.

    She has taken to walking with a lease and harness very well. and riding in the car, as long as she can sit on my lap. She also doesn't mind wearing doggy clothes, as long as they aren't tight or bunchy around her neck.
    I'd be happy to answer any other questions, pm me if you want.
    Click on my dogster link for pics of her.
  11. papillon/mom

    papillon/mom New Member

    :eek: :eek: I love the shopping experience as well, it is such a tough decision.

    Well, I do not have any of the breeds you are interested in, but I will tell you that I have two Papillon's (bit biased too :roll: ).

    My point being, my dogs have the same parents, same breeder; but they are two totally different dogs, Rosco is so playful and energetic while Max is so laid back and content. Each dog can be different, they all have their own characteristics.

    Someone that has one shi-poo (or whatever breed you decide) might have a certain issue or concern that another owner may have never encountered, each individual dog is different. As you Molly & Emma's mom said her two girls have different personalities, one can possess more of one breed than the next.

    Your best bet would be to pick a breed and go vist a breeder, see the parents, play w/them, see if you like how they are. Then you can decide. Go visit each breeder for each breed.

    Some vary, depending on male or female. Did you decide that yet, that is a huge decision as well.

    So many choices, huh? :wink:

    So when you read about that breed just know that your puppy may have any one of the characteristics of that breed, because really every dog is different.

    I would say though, that I have not heard any major problems with each of those breeds. :eek:

    Good Luck! Let us know what you decide.......
  12. efg40

    efg40 New Member

    Another Shih-Poo heard from

    I am brand new to this forum, and brand new to dogs, so it's ridiculous for me to advise anyone. But here I go anyway :)

    We thought and researched for a year before we took the plunge and we are very happy with our Boo (we'll call her BooToo here). She is about 11 weeks old now, and we've had her for three weeks. She is learning fast and is really great with the kids (5 & 8). She's already tail-wagging and pacing from excitement when they get home from school. She's already learned not to bite (just from saying no and moving her away or stopping play). She loves everyone! She already goes into her crate for naps on her own. My only problem so far is that she's so small and quiet I worry all the time she'll get stepped on. We're thinking we should have left the bell on that cat collar we got her!!

    As others have said, their temperments do vary though. When we went to get her, she had four brothers there also and they were all different. One seemed to cower in fear too much. One was the cutest because he was so frisky he would just jump, jump, jump, jump, etc. But I knew I'd probably regret that choice. This one wagged her tail and came to each one of us, but when we picked her up she just cuddled. We have loved her eversince!

    Good luck with your shopping!

  13. Roxie's Shipoo

    Roxie's Shipoo New Member

    I woud say a shipoo!!! I am a little biased because of my sweet Bella but I am so happy with my shi-poo. I have actually never heard of the mix before I saw her and when I saw her I knew I had to have her. She fits me and my lifestyle perfectly. She is great with kids and all people. She loves to lick and greet people. I would consider a shi-poo based on your earlier choices but I am a little biased. GOOD LUCK FINDING A BABY!!! :mrgreen:

  14. Trixiepoo

    Trixiepoo New Member

    I say SHIHPOO too but of course that would be because I too have one. Trixie is very smart (and stubborn) and friendly to every single dog and person!!!!!! :D
  15. puppyinfogathering

    puppyinfogathering New Member

    I certainly appreciate all of your help. I have really given this a lot of thought and serious consideration. I decided to specifically focus on Shihpoos (thanks to all of your wonderful input) and Cockapoos. As of now, it looks like I'll be going with a cockapoo. I've found a breeder who seems to be excellent, and is somewhat local. I haven't been able to find any Shihpoo breeders that I feel I can say the same thing about. In this case, I am almost 100% sold on the breeder, which makes me confident in my choice. I just wouldn't feel right getting a puppy from a breeder who I wasn't completely comfortable with. I'm still looking, and I have plenty of time. But that's the update for now! Thank you all again for your wonderful help. I'll keep you posted!!! =0)
  16. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    Cockapoo's are very nice dogs too. My cousin used to have one until it got stolen and he was the sweetest thing and so cute. Good Luck!
  17. Sara

    Sara New Member

    My Cockapoo was one of the best dogs I had... She was a doll and easy to handle and train and didn't mind other dogs much... I think you made a great choice but both breeds were definately good choices...

    I'm not an advocate for mixed breed pets however... You can get a mixed breed pet from the pound in no time and will be saving a life... But either way you go good luck and happy times with your new pooch.
  18. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    Good luck on your search... and congrats on your decision to research the two mixes! (Or at least in being able to at least narrow it down) hehe ....
  19. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Hi and welcome. I have had experiences with the cockerpoo. We owned a couple when I was a kid. We started out with the(brothers) one ended up getting hit by a car while we were up at the mountains. He had gotten out. But his brother, the original Rufus(I named my current dog after him) was such a loyal boy. Everyone in the family thought that they were his choice for a buddy. Followed us everywhere, protected us from other evil dogs, even protected my sisters rabbit from my grandmas lab mix. He was just an excellent dog. I got my first taste at grooming so to speak thru him, not great jobs, more chop jobs. I currently own a miniature poodle and my terrier mix Rufus. In appox. 2 and 1/2 weeks we are getting a toy poodle also. But after Rufus 1 died we ended up getting a cockerpoo that looked just like the first one. Not as bright but still very sweet. It takes a good few years to mold your dog to get he-she to be the dog you want him to be. First few years will be more than apt silly, not listen perfectly, just need to teach them. But your will be great.
  20. Shedevil677

    Shedevil677 New Member


    I would like to look into getting a Shih Poo. Does anyone know of any sites that would help me find a breeder in Queensland, Australia?

    Thanks in advance


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