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Which One?

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by Kassandra, Aug 25, 2004.


Which One?

  1. Guinea Pig

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  2. Ferret

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  1. Kassandra

    Kassandra New Member

    Which one should I get?

    Please vote wisely, I NEED your help :D


    Kassandra :y_the_best:
  2. Kassandra

    Kassandra New Member

    Anyone gonna vote...?
  3. kem

    kem New Member

    i voted for you! i haven't had a ferret but my cousin did and i've babysitted it. but i have had a guinnea pig and it was great. but i guess i'd want a ferret more. have you had either? i was just exploring here. i'm usually in the bird section. i have a lovebird a dog a rabbit and 4 turtles. but my bird is the one who needs the most help! (he's on my head right now, chewing on my hair lol!) so thats where am most of the time! but i thought that i would check this out. :lol:
  4. Nameless

    Nameless New Member

    It's not always a fact of what everyone else thinks is good for you or what they think they like best, its really what is best for you and which one according to your lifestyle and taste would best suit you and allow you to maintain it the best. Both pets are great but have to think which one is best suitted for you.
  5. Kassandra

    Kassandra New Member

    Thanks people! but I need more vots lol...

    I havent had any, my mom said they're bwd for allergies...but I dotn know...

  6. kem

    kem New Member

    well umm... good luck with your search to see which pet to get! (thats why you asked this question right?)
  7. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    i would have to vote for a guinea pig.. i have owned ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, rabbits etc. the whole nine yards..and i would have to say between a ferrets and a guinea pig the guinea pig would get my vote. ferrets need ALOT of time and play and need to get alot of affetction.. so if u have the time then go for it. the are somewhat like a dog or cat in my opinion.
  8. cosmicpixie

    cosmicpixie New Member

    I don't know how late my response is... but as a four time ferret owner. Please be advised that ferrets are a high matience animal. You need to be able to devote enough time to handle them, let them have play time each day outside of the cage (at least two hours a day) and clean thier cage and litter box. My youngest ferret will stop pooping in her litter box if she feels its too dirty. Also they need vaccinations every year and more extensive medical care as they get older. My oldest ferret who is four and a half and has cancer. She needs more medical care including shots every three months and ultra sounds and blood work. I'm not saying that ferrets are not good pets. They're awesome and I would never... never trade my babies for anything in the world. Just for those who are considering fuzzies as a potential family member, be aware that they require a lot of time and work. They need to be trained and loved.
    That's my two cents :)

  9. CockatielCrazy87

    CockatielCrazy87 New Member

    I have owned both Ferrets and Guinea Pigs in my time. I can give you some pros and cons i found owning both. Remember this is what i have encountered it does not mean that goes for every ferret or guinea pig you will see.

    Ferrets my pro's would be once their tamed and trained their super sweet things who love and need alot of attention. Their very cute and very fun to have around alot more up in your face then a guinea pig. Con's they NEED ALOT of attention on so many levels. Depending on what your wanting to raise your ferret. Mine gets the run of the house and is treated just like it was a cat, dog, of Chinchilla. Theyr need alot of handling and alot of training they have to be taught it is not ok to nip cause god knows they love too. You pretty much teach your ferret that any No's you say to it are also said to your dogs or cat. Their hyper and it is hard to have a ferret who can run around and not get lost in the home hence more training and bonding. If your thinking thats ok mines gonna be in its cage most of the time. Think again they need they excersise. But if you heck bent on not wanting a free roaming Ferret then buy a harness and leash and put your time into harness training him and taking him outside to run around. Um usually things they needs their cages cleaned (I do it every other day most people do it weekly), they need toys, special food, little grooming, and vet checks also they having a funny musk smell to them in you find you hate the smell and don't think you can handle it ( I personally love the smell but others think it stinks) then I would'nt get one.

    Pro's Guinea pigs are super sweet if raised right. Not known for biting or running away they are a nice little animals who is more content with sitting in your lap and being loved on rather then scrabbling away in need of a adventure.their wonderful little animals and are a pack animal so are best to get one at first and then eventualy if you have a demanding job and you can spend the time you need with your pig it needs then by him or her a friend. If you do get a friend unless you want babies get a same sex friend ( and don't follow that stupid rumor that guinea pigs have tons of babies) their first litter will range from 1-4 babies ( personally only got two) now their second litter they will have 8 but I looked down on second litters it too much for the mom. Females get along well with other female guinea pigs and so do males but its best to get a younger male vs your older male so your already there male won't have a problem excepting him. But if you do want a male and female together but no babies get them fixed that simple. Um major con's upper resportory is not uncommon for guinea pigs and kills quickly. They spend a good amont of time intheir cages (more then a ferret) so their cages get stinky and gross alot quicker and need more cleaning. Short haired guinea pigs should have a bath once every other month ( sinc they keep themselves farely clean) with special soup amd warm water. Now long haired guinea pigs should have a bath almost every other week! These kind also require losts groom which doesent only require a brush but scissers as well. They require little training. But not all guinea pigs can run around the hosue because unlike ferrets they can not be trained not to go under the couch or behind the fridge and so when the guinea pigs get (their play time) when they get free roam of the house make shift guinea pig gates go up in every small place they can fit themselves. They unlike ferrets can not hold in their stool as well so you will find surprises of all kinds when theyr running around but its not that bad. Like ferrets guinea pigs can be leash and harness trained and can be taken outside if you don't want surprises in your home. When even built a ground level guinea pig run for summer with a shelter they spend their summers out there and go through a tough flea bath before they come back in in the fall. The do squeak now it depends on the guinea pig itself wether you get a constant loud squeak or you might get a guinea pig you bare ever squeaks I have both kinds. Yes it gets annoying but I don't mind it.

    Truly its up to you both need attention ferrets alittle more then guinea pigs. Both are awsome and I love them equally. You need to chose though which will be best for you.

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