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While the dogs are mating

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by German_shepherd, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. German_shepherd

    German_shepherd New Member

    I want to ask your oppinion on something during mating. When the dogs have been mounting and flirting and mating but as soon as the dog is about to tie the dam runs like chicken away and stand again and it seems like he is about to finish his work but she prevents them to tie by this behaviour. He has thrusted few times but no tie.
    Would it be cruel holding her collar so she will not run. She has been flagging for about a week now.
    Hopefully for reasonable answer.
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Ok firstly do not take this the wrong way, But if you had done all your research you would know the answer to this...

    I breed german shepherds, Have both dogs been health checked, Hips, Eyes, Heart stuff like that?
    Are both upto date on there shots and wormers?
    How old are they both and is this her first heat cycle?
    Has she had a litter before or been mated before but missed?
    Are both dogs of show standard with no faults?

    How long has she been in heat?

    Most dams will egg on the male allow him to mate but once he goes to tie she runs this is due to her not feeling comftable around him plus she may not be fully ready for him...

    Did you just put them both together and let them get on with it or were u there at all times?

    Sorry to have gone on but before anyone will answer these questions really should be answered and thats just some of them as you should be aware you will be asked alot more from how to tell if she is pregnant upto whelping.

    So please dont take it personally

  3. German_shepherd

    German_shepherd New Member

    Yes they have both been health check Hips, Eyes, Heart, elbows, ( sorry my english) They have had their worming shots and pavro and everything that my country require's We dont have rapies here. They are both europion line german import behind them, they came out as quality for breeding by the judge. She has SchH1 and he SchH3. She is in her third heat and 2 years old he is 6 years old and both never been bred. Her heat started 5th or 6 more like it and I started to bring the male here the 15th, she had started to flag more like 3 days before he came, he has been here every other day since and mounting and getting to know her, with me by their side all the time and spend most of the day with me and the female. I have not done anything but watch them and made them comforteble and he is very easy even if I should be in his surroundings. He has many times gone on her and humping untill it is like he is going faster as by the book, and in the last time he was able to enjaculate but like slip matings, I didnt want to get closer because I dont want to upset them, She was during this period very interested and has been all the time trying to teach him how to do it by humping him and playing and flirting but light color of the blood coming thinner color. so now since she started flagging is today 10 days, She was getting smoother down there and not so much swollen like they do in the late state of heat. Hopefully this answers everything you asked.
  4. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Ok, She can still become pregnant from a slip mating as no tie is needed, Most breeders hold the dam to keep her calm and quiet during the mating process, So it is ok to hold her, Chances are she is coming to the end of her cycle but not all Dams are the same.

    If you plan on letting them mate again i would let this be the last mating for this cycle and see what happens when her cycle ends.

    Since this is her 3 heat but first mating she is a maiden Bitch and will sometimes allow the stud to mount and start to mate but once it comes to the part where he thrusts to cause a tie she wont allow it this is normal in first time bitches, So this is when hold her head gently talking to her all the time to reassure her helps.

  5. German_shepherd

    German_shepherd New Member

    Thank you very much for a good answer. We will see what will happen I just did as you advised and she was very easy when the tie was done and then I just talk to her and hold her gently and keapt her steady because if they were moving she complained, and I keapt her more steady and she was very easy. Maybe it is to late in the cycle now but we will see.
  6. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Just to add something it is still wise for a week after her cycle ends to keep her away from male dogs as she could still be mated by another dog...

    Some bitches ovulate early some in the middle and some near the end of there cycle, Healthy sperm couldnt think of a clean word to use haha can last upto 7days so even if she has not ovulated yet all is not lost..

    Hope all goes well and if you need anymore help or advise please just ask away even if you think it maybe something silly its always best to ask..

    I would rather ask lots of questions and be prepared rather than not asking anything and been caught out with a problem.

  7. German_shepherd

    German_shepherd New Member

    Oh I would never take the risk to have some mutt come into this, and I take her with me everywhere I go and as I have another female with me too , older who is a spayed german shepherd mix she protects us if some strange dog is walking by with his owner when we are entering the car, she is really agressive this moment because she senses something I want to keap away. And I have her and both of them on leash all the time. I have done very much research uppon everything and rather want to be prepared then surprised.
  8. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    NOw you do sound like someone that is will to do research and ask questions which i think is great there has been people come onto these forums before just expecting to put 2dogs together let them breed and hope for a lovely litter that they have no idea how to cope with and never done no testing or anything.

    Good job and i hope to hear some good news about an expectant litter soon...

  9. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member


    Yes, please keep us updated on this if you can.
  10. German_shepherd

    German_shepherd New Member

    I will I promise and as soon as I see any signs I will tell you. She is very active dog and she cries if I go out without her to the store, so we are very close. I had her tested temper and they told me she has very relaxed temper and she is very easy to go with others, if they are more fun then me, and she loves children and they can pince her nose if they are small, but ofcourse under my guidens ofcourse :D
  11. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    I suggest you still take her for her walks once her heat has finished completely but not as far as you would normally, Restrict her from jumping up onto things like sofa's or beds, Do not let her play rough with other dogs but other than that treat her the same...

    If she does concieve there is no need to increase her food yet, What i can say and i have done with mine is you can give her 5mg of folic acid everyday the same stuff pregnant women take this will help reduce any chance of cleft palate, hare lip things like that...

    If you need any more help or advice please feel free to ask away

  12. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    :D Thats great, I know of some people who go through all the time and expense of having all the testing/screening done for health issues but dont worry/bother about the temperament.

    BTW, where are you? what country?
  13. German_shepherd

    German_shepherd New Member

    I am from Iceland :eek:
  14. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    Hello Iceland, :eek:

    I was thinking either Iceland or Hawaii...the rabies thing gave a big clue :lol:
  15. German_shepherd

    German_shepherd New Member

  16. hermann muenster

    hermann muenster New Member

    Hello to Iceland!

    Wow! What a magnificent horse!!!
    Is it yours?
  17. German_shepherd

    German_shepherd New Member

    No but I have the half sister of his father :D Yes he is 3 time winning the tolt wich is one of the walk in Icelandic horse, they have five gaits some of them specially the good ones.
  18. DMikeM

    DMikeM New Member

    All I could think of when I looked at that horse was RAW POWER.
    If Horspower was mesured by the standard of that horse, cars would move at light speed if they ran @ 300HP.
  19. German_shepherd

    German_shepherd New Member

    Tölt can be fast and smooth like a jaguar. But you should see the pace in these horses that are the fastest.
  20. German_shepherd

    German_shepherd New Member

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